What girls can have happy marriage by blood type and constellation?

Type a blood cancer girl

The girl of this blood group constellation is gentle in character, traditional in thought, very nostalgic, and easily deceived emotionally. Their ability to know people is very poor. As long as they like people, they will pay real feelings for them, and rarely consider whether each other is really suitable or likes themselves. Moreover, when they enter the marriage, they will be tolerant and obedient to their lover. Even if the other party has any problems and faults, they will indulge and compromise again and again. Only when they get used to the other party more and more lawless will they wake up to the fact that they married the wrong person. How can such a marriage be happy?

Virgo girl with type a blood

Girls of this blood group constellation are introverted and simple in emotion. They usually don't take the initiative to pursue love, and most of them start a love through blind date. However, the love or marriage created in this way is more realistic, mostly based on material. There is a lack of sincere feelings between two people, and the married life is likely to be boring. Although type a Virgo girls have a mild temperament, they are very eager for romantic love. If their husband can't meet their desire for romance, they will feel that their marriage has failed and entrusted themselves to the wrong person.

Type B blood Sagittarius girl

The girls of this blood group constellation have a strange taste for the appreciation of the opposite sex. The more the men who are too old to grasp in their heart, the more they can win their favor and think they can conquer each other and tame the Mustang. However, there is a classic saying: & ldquo; Women should never dream of changing men;. It's not until after entering the marriage that Sagittarius girls with type B blood will find the truth of this sentence, but it's a little late to regret it.

Taurus girl with type a blood

Girls with this blood group constellation are very persistent in their feelings, belonging to & ldquo; One bar & rdquo; Type, as long as it is the person she likes, what she sees in her eyes is all his advantages, but she can turn a blind eye to those obvious shortcomings, and even find a very reasonable reason for each other. Until after marriage, when the temperature of love gradually cools down, it will be found that the original shortcomings are shortcomings. Even if there are reasonable reasons, it can not be regarded as non-existent. You have to drink your own wine no matter how it tastes.

Type O blood Leo girl

Girls of this blood group constellation are very face-saving and vain. They like to be the center of the collective and the focus of everyone. They all like to listen to other people's flattery and good words, but honest and honest men are usually not good at rhetoric, but those experienced lovers are good at it. When type O lioness falls in love with such people, she will feel very happy before marriage. Once she enters the marriage, the other party is too lazy to flatter her. When she gradually shows her true face, she will find that she has found the wrong person.