What girls can have happy marriage by blood type and constellation?

Blood type A  Cancer girls

This blood type constellation girls have gentle personality, traditional intellectual and nostalgia, and emotionally also very easy to be deceived. They have poor ability to know people, as long as they like someone, they will put their true hearts, rarely consider whether the other is suitable or like themselves. And when they get married, they will blindly tolerate and obey for love, although the lovers have any questions or faults, they will repeatedly indulge and make compromises until the lovers become increasingly lawless, they may wake up that they married the wrong people. How can this kind of marriage make them happy?

Blood type A Virgo girls

This blood type constellation girls are introverted and aslo very simple emotionally, they usually will not take the initiative to pursue love, and mostly will start to love by blind date. But love or marriage created by this way is more realistic, mostly on the basic of material, both sides are lack of sincere feelings, the marriage life is likely to be boring. Although this kind of girls are gentle, yet are very eager to romantic love, if the husbands can not meet their romantic desire, they may feel that the marriage is a failure, they entrusted the wrong person.

B-type blood Sagittarius girls

This blood type constellation girls will have strange taste to appreciate the opposite sex, that kind of playboys who are difficult to grasp can gain their favor, they believe that they are fully able to conquer and tame them. However, there is a classic sentence: "A woman should never vainly attempt to change man". This kind of girls will find the truth of this sentence only after marrige, but it is too late to regret at that time.

Blood type A Taurus girls

This blood type constellation girls are very persistent about feelings, they belong to the "single-minded" type, as long as they love, they will think all the weakness of these people are advantages. They will turn a blind eye to the obvious shortcomings, even they will find a very good reason for the others. Until after the wedding, love temperature gradually cooled down, they would find the original drawback was the shortcoming. They have to afford the results.

Blood type O Leo girls

This blood type constellation girls are very face-saving and vain, they like to become the center of the collective and the limelight of everyone. They like to listen to other people's flattery and good things, but honest men are usually less rhetoric, only those experienced men are good at praising. When Blood type O Leo girls fall in love with these people, they may be very happy before marriage, once entered into the marriage, the other party will be too lazy to flatter her and gradually show the true colors, at that time they would realize that they chose the wrong lovers.