What constellation men would be very likely to have an affair?

Every girl wants to marry a man loving him forever, then what kind of husband would be most loyal? What kind of husband would be most unreliable? Do you want to know whether there will be a third party between you and him? The following constellation men would be very likely to have an affair!

First: Sagittarius man 

Sagittarius man loves to have many affairs, you have empathy with him, he must be able to admire you, he hopes you to make progress every day.  But this kind of things are too hard. He would deduct mark to you if you did wrong. And sometimes he would give up on himself to say that he would be ready to risk everything.

Second: Aquarius man 

Aquarius man does everything entirely upon his own conscience, you can not tie him by marriage, he will voluntarily tell the world that he is willing to be tied together with you. But if he has no real heart to you, he would be likely to have an affair. 

Third: Aries man

Aries man is impulsive, he is often driven by his impulse. He will never be cheated when he is sensible, and he will also take into account the happiness of marriage. But in case the impulse came, he could not control himself and would be likely to have an affair. 

Fourth: Leo man

Maybe he can not get the dignity from his wife, but he can get from other person. His wife with good conditions may give Leo pressure, so he would feel bored and would be likely to get dignity from other woman.  

Fifth: Scorpio man

Sometimes, no matter how good his wife did, Scorpio man can not be satisfied with his wife. The more important is that whether he is satisfied with his wife. He may have good job or income and have good popularity with opposite sex. He can not help testing his popularity and sexy extent, so he is willing to attract the opposite sex.