What kind of women are favored by men through the Moon sign of men



Moon in Aries man favorite Vanves girls also easy to find. This girl must be smart and capable, hall kitchen does not fall, can handle the most difficult law relationship, the joint efforts of the kind of esteem. Pungent the Vicious point it does not matter (and monthly Aries really recruit active pungent girls), moon sign, the pale blue Pan 'is a top three marriage reliable, high-yield long-term investment object and monthly Aries's a lot of dudes.


Moon fall into the Taurus man bones favorite girl virtuous to Shukutoku four have the standard wife and mother, family life is the dream of Alice feet waiting for his wife to wait, of course, his wife is still very good, but also a great chance to become reliable good husband.


Do not look at the twin sweet looking like a very responsive, and think that they like the feeling of equal skill, the opposite is the general mentality of the month Gemini men are all very poor. They say, but like the audience rather than the opponent, in fact, their bones like vases girls, beautiful girls style, the reaction is definitely slower, almost no contact with the outside world, so what new information is absolutely rely on May Gemini men released the first ... ... must be a bit silly Leng Leng feeling in brain damage temper from time to time playing right into their hands, and then the right to speak contributed their hands thoroughly, love how how paste paste, love how to cheat how to cheat, and my heart really really happy duck .


Moon falling into the Cancer man is hope and easy to find the male of the Vanves female Block, just Vanves form and Aries slightly different. May Cancer wife experimental law-abiding point, you do not need on the hall, a kitchen OK, of course, most want or hope to find to get around the family recognized standards of good daughter-in-law, coupled with their own private love small qualities, can be found in the body of his wife met, just fine.


Moon fall into Leo men generally like all conditions are superior girls, especially the so-called good girls, their vision, even if their vision is not high, behind a fussy think tank headed to my mom, ordered Road, like your conditions so well (even grow into as Mao Xia Xinyu), only the best of the girls was worthy of you. The precisely lion male partner edge okay to have the condition than they are good girls fought to Daozhui. Such luck, we do not envy the Lions Men looking object, to take advantage of the 25 before it, after this village, no shop.


Moon falling into the Virgo man find the object standards are slightly more complex, but no doubt a prerequisite must be appearance, then the family, if the appearance is extremely their appetite (they see is not necessarily a public vision of beauty , but for well-behaved, quiet and delicate girls basically no resistance), it is basically favorability will surge to the percentage of eighty, this thing can basically set. Say they are the first chair of the appearance in the December Block Association, seemingly a bit too, in fact, they may be somewhat through the appearance of the ability to see the essence, so that decisions to marry, to the appearance, for them, the loss but Min.

Generally speaking, the month virgin male like to and clever shock people girls interact, but may or may not really marry this, because they want to save energy too lazy to match wits, but attentive considerate in family life is very important requirements, found many powerful men last month Virgin are also fine wife, they are savvy enough to chase the female is extremely clever, and generally able to find a good family background, good looks, gentle sensible objects and their soulmate This is the perfect choice ...... even if the reality does not allow, they also established resources can make an optimal choice.


Moon sign is Libra man its superb Paoniu skills will stay young age was a student, do not overestimate their intelligence and luck for the future, although they will be on the aesthetic taste of rhetoric, but may actually find it is to not refuse, under the half-hearted month Tiancheng Nan wife who really is varied, the root cause or to rely on the personality traits of the individual to determine. The clear months Tiancheng Nan companion edge is quite good, can find the other half is very good and excellent, self-respect, it may be in a marriage, second marriage, N square wedding journey hovering objects are usually Tiancheng Nan ...... month decided at the family background, surrounded by people, parents, relatives, spouse level and intermediary really, in their own words, quite passive.


Generally speaking, Block months Scorpio man bones favorite is still very intelligent, thinking, independence and even little girls rebel cold its own way, then pretty sexy, that basic life no law obliterated. They will not rigidly adhere to the secular mediocre vision and standards to determine a girl, they believe that their own intuition and discernment, but also believe that a charm of the depths of human nature, depth and charisma girls can deeply stationed in their heart, Since this has become a unique image, wood method indelible ......

Month Scorpio man marriage may have N kinds of situations, and some luck can find in my mind the Muse to spend a lifetime, due to various reasons plus Mensao not good to tell the truth, the real problem with the miss, perhaps deep buried in the bottom of my heart, find yourself a well-behaved live quiet, silly, however, must be considerate simple small MM Jiang Zi married.


Month male shooter should be considered one of the good companion edge Block months, even more important reason from their high RP and the irresistible force of Luck. Month Sagittarius men like the atmospheric sensible chic style girls, do not care about, and my heart kind of holding a small abacus. Best has the type of chic and their great wisdom, you can explore the topic of others seem unrealistic and perhaps scoff, but this is what they think the most love. Very many months shooter male giving the impression idealism, slovenly, unrealistic, Hobby weird behavior out of line, but all do not think they are can easily be calculated fool. They kind of very deep shrewd, most people are not aware of, so do not want to go to calculating them what they do not say no to respond only because they do not put your thinking seriously, and so they have to respond to you is one of those Fudge lost large type would also like to thank him.

Most of the month Sagittarius men can be found in the very girls helping my husband, the cardinal principles generous sensible, smart and capable but not preoccupied, have a chance Achievement Shenxianjuanlv, the month male shooter career success depends largely on their wives .

Month male shooter is likely to become one of the best husband Block months, not from like Taurus Cancer is not the kind of voluntary ethics and family pressure, but their bones for a practice of morality, if married they will be willing to take steps to do the best husband and father.


Ordinary monthly Capricorn male companion piece mentality is slightly malformed, under the same circumstances, but they are willing to find the kind of conditions worse than they are, and sent a large portion of the girls, perhaps to other conditions from the appearance to the inherent very honorably's. In fact, their mental model is also very contemptible, look for the companion piece, month Capricorn men kind of unspeakable inferiority complex, even if their conditions better, fared well again, once implemented in the emotional aspects, they inner self large inferiority complex intertwining jerk. Depth control I want to hope that they can prevail partner in all aspects, the other firmly controlled by applause between, on the other hand, very low self-esteem, fear of doing a good job where the other party will not defected like ... ...

In fact, the month Capricorn male lust or jerk or just from outside, but really internal, then also a footman, and they prefer to look for the kind of outsider's view file woman to meet the needs of their small empire desire to control. Because of the poor condition of the partner can make them feel at ease, feel their own even after the weak, and then how not to each other on that stuff, can find himself so good, should not lead to defection! Then a cup of tea and go to sleep, but when such a cost-effective one-sided abacus failure cups of the month Capricorn men really thoroughly presented ...

But do not rule out the best monthly Capricorn men, they will pay more attention to the interaction of the intersection of the soul, once mingled fear that they need is your true soul mate, but are more pure than any month seat.


May Aquarius male is very luck group of people, because they can often find them very good, very sweet and very loyal wife. In fact, the monthly Aquarius male feeling for girls are a silly Leng Leng, a little off-line, slightly elegant, unintelligible group of people. No matter how he looks, there are kinds of unspeakable charisma and appeal, which seemed to get along, what machismo, it will not come out from time to time clamoring for the status of men need to focus on. If the Sun sign permits, they may also become a feminist advocates, far better than the sun Aquarius male fanaticism. So boiled water monthly Aquarius male, girls get along with them will feel very comfortable, plus they are very passive, in the companion piece, most likely are competent and girls will take the initiative to stick on them.

May Aquarius male bones will be like a whole more powerful girls, smart, quick, proactive way of doing things, it does not matter vulgar or rogue, they are like. Perhaps they are too passive, too lazy to repair life, simply to find such a girl, every day, watching her juggle heart is comfortable, anyway, I do not care about women's strong men weak, harmonious family atmosphere on OK.


Moon sign is Pisces man my heart will always kind of the poor state of mind, but also will find a few great stars of the filing woman one of the men. Different from the month Capricorn men that marriage with the political tug of war generally require the upper hand in the small empire state of mind, they really 'the poor.' The emotional piece, the month Pisces men means also very, different from the monthly virgin male kind and steady work calculating own reality an attempt on the inside, they are generally out of sincere love and obsession, before going to action in the interaction of active and passive interchangeably, until overwhelmed each other.

The month Pisces men usually go like some kind of birth defects (whether it is poverty or other), life is not very good (or grow a lot in life, miserable cc) of the girls, so miserable in their view cc the girls will arouse their strong dedication to want to. Another month Pisces men will be obsessed with Iron Maiden type may be derived from the image of Mom deep-rooted, but underneath it is because they see the Iron Lady struggle is not easy, cause they in disguise Lianxiangxiyu. They feel a girls independent hard struggle to endure hardship, the subtext is: how poor is not easy ah. Anyway, no matter by what specific ways, as long as the month Pisces men feel poor and the plight of you at the moment, and that is to capture him significant weight in the pursuit of desire.