Which constellations are most likely to have no backbone?


Recently, I often hear someone mention a word, which is: & ldquo; Personal value & rdquo;. So, what is & ldquo; Personal value & rdquo; And? It's just what you can do to others & ldquo; Function, help & rdquo;. When this & ldquo; Function, help & rdquo; The older you are, the more likely you are to be respected and valued in the eyes of others. It represents your & ldquo; Personal value & rdquo; The higher.

So, what kind of person is easy to treat others & ldquo; Role and help & rdquo; More? It must be & ldquo; Assertive & rdquo; Because if many people encounter problems that cannot be solved, she can put forward her own views and opinions and solve them perfectly; Meet others & ldquo; Ambiguous and difficult to choose & rdquo; When she is young, she can clearly provide ideas and make others enlightened! And the more & ldquo; Assertive & rdquo; The easier people are to influence others, the more they can bring certain & ldquo; Sense of security & rdquo;.

Well, naturally, many people like to talk to & ldquo; Assertive & rdquo; Together. That's why many gentle boys don't like girls; Instead, there are many & ldquo; More overbearing & rdquo; Boys are favored by many girls instead. The reason is: if you say & ldquo; Personal value & rdquo=& ldquo; Assertive & rdquo=& ldquo; Personal charm & rdquo; Naturally = your attraction to others.

So, gentle boys, naturally, are too delicate in character, and everything they do seems & ldquo; Not happy, not simply & rdquo;, If you think too much, it will lead to & ldquo; Tie hands and feet & rdquo;. These are the embodiment of girls' character; Therefore, girls naturally have a kind of & ldquo; Same sex repels each other & rdquo; Psychological. And & ldquo; Compare horizontal & rdquo; The boys, who are more decisive in character, are informal, naturally have a loud voice, do things crisp and neat, and have their own ideas.

This is what girls like & ldquo; Male hormones & rdquo; Highlight of. Therefore, & ldquo; Personal value & rdquo; It not only means whether you are respected by others, but also your ability to accumulate wealth; Heterosexual edge & rdquo;. So, which constellations have the most & ldquo; Opinions & rdquo; What about thinking?

The first is & ldquo; Scorpio, Virgo: These two constellations have the temperament of staying calm in the face of danger. In many cases, they are in & ldquo; In a tight state, I dare not relax at all;, And will think about everything around you & ldquo; Everything & rdquo;. Therefore, they are basically in a small group and belong to & ldquo; Thinking core & rdquo;; In the circle of friends, others will come to her for advice when they have problems.

The second is & ldquo; Capricorn & rdquo;, One characteristic of this constellation is: & ldquo; Always think more than others, and always be calmer than others & rdquo;. Therefore, when encountering problems, she is the most stable and able to & ldquo; Calm down & rdquo; Come down and solve the problem. Therefore, these three constellations are basically what I think & ldquo; Most assertive & rdquo; The constellation of.

So, the opposite: which constellations have the least & ldquo; Opinions & rdquo; And? Today, let's talk and see if it's right!