What constellation people would be the most ruthless when breaking up

First place: Scorpio

Scorpio people have a strong sense of self-protection. Because they are afraid of being hurt, they are easy to refuse to open their hearts to others, unless they meet the person they like. At that time, Scorpio will remove all their defenses and fully accept each other. Scorpio is meticulous in treating the people you love and will take good care of each other. Of course, Scorpio's pay is not unconditional. The premise is that lovers must be absolutely loyal to themselves and repay themselves with the same love. If lovers can't do this, Scorpio will be very sad, then disappointed and finally desperate. Scorpio, who is born with a strong sense of revenge, if he feels desperate for his lover and his heart is completely closed to him, his ruthless side will be fully displayed, and he will often make the other party live and die.

Second place: Aries

Aries people are enthusiastic, sunny, innocent, positive, impulsive and reckless. They always do things in three minutes. At the beginning, their enthusiasm is high. After the heat subsides, they often don't settle down. This & ldquo; Bad habits & rdquo; It is also very obvious in love. When they fall in love with a person, they will devote 100% enthusiasm to pursue it at the beginning and make the other person successful & ldquo; Capture & rdquo;, After entering love, love is not easy to maintain for a long time. Aries with a simple mind always looks too good at each other. When they find that their lovers are not as good as they look like for a long time, it is difficult to tolerate each other. They often choose to break up and look for the next goal. When Aries decides to break up with the other party, it is usually very straightforward, saying to go and never looking back.

Third place: Taurus

Taurus people are very serious about love, but also a very dedicated person. When he falls in love with someone, he is often 100% committed and willing to pay for each other. Even if it is something he doesn't like, he will do it in order to make his lover happy. However, the premise for Taurus to pay wholeheartedly is that the other party should also treat each other sincerely. When Taurus finds that the lover doesn't care too much about himself or does anything to hurt Taurus, Taurus who admits death is also very ruthless when breaking up, and will not give the other party any chance to recover.