Constellation: the sun of the ten planets

The sun is the ruler of the zodiac, symbolizing all positive energy and representing everyone's vision. It symbolizes spirit, will, consciousness, a person's reputation and image, etc. Its role is extremely important in the astrolabe. It is the largest planet affecting the earth, and its operation on the ecliptic also has a certain influence.

The essence of the sun is shining, precious and valuable. Its nature is positive, hot and dry, indicating the performance of power drive and personality. In terms of characters, it represents masculine characters, such as father, husband and male.

The totem of the sun (symbol symbol) is a circle outside, and there is a dot in the center. The circle is the shield of hero Hercules, and the dot in the center is the central relief or prominent decoration of the shield.

The radiant sun guards Leo, which is prosperous in Aries, loses power in Aquarius, and falls in Libra. Its influences include: the main way of self-expression, leadership and success, affecting personal life principles, inspiration will, confidence enrichment, ruling will, etc.

The strong and energetic sun governs our health and life principles, and is in charge of power, superiors, classes, positions, senior positions, honor, energy, sense of identity, and the ability to absorb experience. The position of the sun in the astrolabe indicates the soul of the astrolabe and the fields that dominate and hope to be prominent.

The sun also has relatively sensitive parts of the body, such as the heart, upper back, spleen, circulatory system, semen, male right eye and female left eye. The diseases represented include: heart and arteries, spine in the back area, heatstroke, eye disorders, fainting, fever, disturbance of bile, spleen.

The positive characteristics of the sun are: personal charm; Positive spiritual development; Peace loving, smart, maternal, like to travel.

Negative characteristics include: fantasy, frivolous, psychic, fickle, conformist, boring, lazy, congenial, addicted to bad habits, egocentric, self indulgent, spontaneous, proud, self praising, domineering, dictatorial, overbearing, intimidating, flattering, exaggerated, gambling.

The formula of the sun is “ Inner self ”.

The constellation guarded by the sun: Leo.

Sun and 12 constellations

1、 Aries

From March 21 to April 19, the dominant Planet: Mars attribute: masculine, standard, fire sign

Personality traits: impulsive, optimistic, positive, impatient. Energetic, strong in action, often delayed by impulse and impatient.

People with the sun in Aries are energetic, courageous and strong in action. But sometimes it seems too impulsive, with the disadvantage of taking care of the past and ignoring the future. You are optimistic by nature, and you are a fighter who gets braver and braver with more setbacks.

Aries is the first constellation of the zodiac. This special status makes people who fall into Aries have an innate desire for leadership and strong ambition. Unlike Leo, who wants to dominate everything, most of the goat people's desire for leadership is rooted in strong vanity and a natural sense of superiority. Aries belongs to the constellation of spring. Born in this vigorous season, Aries people have strong energy and adventurous character. These characteristics make you show obvious enthusiasm and aggressiveness for things you are interested in, which is “ It is better to sit and think than to rise and walk ” A faithful believer of.

Under the leadership of Mars, the sheep people are energetic and have considerable competitiveness and ambition. You are active and have super action power. But inevitably, they have the shortcomings of being too impulsive and thoughtless, which makes the sheep people often in a dilemma. And the fiery character of one gut leading to the end makes you often offend your friends unconsciously& ldquo; Think twice before you act ” And learning to respect others' views are the life topics that the children of the Yang nationality should seriously consider. Confident sheep people have strong willpower and are optimistic by nature. You don't easily admit your failure and will actively seek different stages to show your abilities.

2、 Taurus

April 20 ~ May 20 dominant Planet: Mars attribute: negative, fixed, earth sign

Personality traits: stability, sense of security, heavy material. Act calmly and steadfastly, desire the sense of security brought by stability, and prefer material enjoyment.

People with the sun in Taurus are steady and down-to-earth, and don't like changes. No matter in career, life and emotion, we all need stability and a sense of security. In addition, you are also eager for good material enjoyment.

As a member of the earth constellation, people with the sun in Taurus seem to be born with a strong desire to dominate matter. High quality things and comfortable living environment have irresistible attraction for you. Niu people are often classified as full money worshippers. In fact, rather than saying that you love money, it's better to say that Niu people are willing to pursue their spending power after having money, so as to meet your strong desire for beautiful things. For Niu people, stability and security are the only criteria to measure things, and they are also the biggest expectations in your heart. Whether in career or love, as long as there is any trace of uncertainty, you will not easily invest energy and feelings. But as long as they decide to pay, the Niu clan is absolutely committed step by step, and will never stop until they reach their goals.

Under the influence of the earth element, the Niu people are absolutely loyal to their friends and lovers, but you also demand each other with the same loyalty standard. As a result, the Niu people show a strong desire for possession, which often makes your friends and lovers feel pressure. In fact, this unjust desire for possession comes from your feelings “ Materialization ” And the maintenance of their own security in the depths of their hearts. Due to the protection of Venus, the ox people have a high appreciation of beautiful things. You like high quality clothes and famous cars and houses, and sometimes you also tend to judge people by their appearance.

3、 Gemini

From May 21 to June 21, the dominant Planet: Mercury attribute: positive, changing, wind sign

Personality traits: good at communicating with people, flexible thinking, good expression ability. Good at communicating with people, flexible thinking, good expression ability; He has a dual character, is not attentive, and has no way to persevere.

People with the sun in Gemini have quick thinking, good eloquence and good communication skills. Gemini people have a dual personality, changeable emotions, three minutes of enthusiasm, erudite but not proficient, and have the shortcomings of inattention and impatience.

How easy is it to control two souls that may be completely opposite with one body? So when the sun falls into Gemini, you are born with a dual character, and you will inevitably face your internal conflicts and contradictions again and again. This makes you often have some unexpected thoughts and actions, and even your mood is often depressed for no reason. These can be said to be the fate of the Gemini family. Under the protection of mercury, which is in charge of communication, people with the sun in Gemini have good communication and social skills, sensitive thinking and fast response; Funny and witty words make you the most popular group of friends forever.

Gemini people have a strong curiosity about everything, which drives you to absorb new knowledge without interruption, and you are also willing to let everyone know these new things through your excellent expression ability. This is close to “ Message center ” The status of Gemini can often make the Gemini family obtain a considerable sense of achievement. Gemini people have strong learning ability, flexible thinking and rich imagination. They are excellent candidates for research or creative work. Gemini you like to be different, and have a tendency to resist etiquette and challenge authority.

4、 Cancer

June 22 ~ July 22 dominant Planet: Moon attribute: Yin, standard, water sign

Personality traits: delicate, family friendly, sensitive and weak. Careful, good at housekeeping, filial piety, pay attention to family; Delicate and changeable feelings, escapism.

People with the sun in cancer are good at housekeeping and have a close mind, which is more maternal. You pay attention to your family and are quite filial. You are an ideal object for marriage. But there are also moody and escapist tendencies.

As a member of the water sign, people with the sun in cancer are very thin and sensitive emotionally, and their emotions are also relatively changeable. In the fateful conflict between reason and sensibility, the emotional side always wins in the heart of the crab people. Under the protection of the moon, the crab people have more maternal characteristics. He is good at housekeeping and has a close mind, and the moon's surplus and deficiency also reflect your uncertain emotional state. Crab people attach importance to family, are willing to engage in various family activities, and always put the harmony and perfection of the family in the first place. Therefore, the people of cancer are very filial, which can be said to be the model of brotherhood in the 12 constellations.

People with the sun in cancer are good at protecting themselves, and they are like ostriches unwilling to face reality. As long as the crab people encounter setbacks, or even just think that they are emotionally hurt, they immediately show a strong defensive nature and arm themselves. In fact, this kind of armed is just a way for the crab people to hide their fragile hearts. Your heart is very sensitive and afraid of facing failure, so you often protect yourself by avoiding, which is the biggest weakness of cancer personality. You of the crab clan have a complex personality, which is not easy to understand. You are often very excited one minute, but suddenly fall into a melancholy state the next minute.

5、 Leo

July 23 ~ August 22 dominant Planet: Sun attribute: positive, fixed, fire constellation

Personality traits: strong desire for leadership, King's style, self-confidence, arbitrariness. Extraordinary temperament, eye-catching, leadership; Proud, headstrong.

People with the sun in Leo are confident, have leadership and extraordinary temperament. Your natural aristocratic demeanor makes you the focus of everyone's attention wherever you go. You are keen to pursue fame and wealth, and have a tendency to be conceited and arbitrary.

Under the protection of the sun, Leo people are born with a noble temperament, graceful and very generous, and are born leaders. The lion people like to be the focus of attention. It seems that they are born into the spotlight. The generous and confident attitude makes Leo people full of admirable charm. The lion is the king of beasts, symbolizing power and noble status, so Leo people are born with a king's demeanor, and they are excellent talents who hold governance positions. But as long as you of the lion clan lose your power and position or are unable to occupy an important position, you will appear depressed, lazy, and even cause emotional instability. Lion people love their families and have a strong sense of responsibility for their families. Just like lions vow to defend their fields to the death, you will try your best to maintain the integrity of your home and children's relatives.

Leo people have strong self-esteem and a tendency to be proud. You will strive to pursue wealth, but what you want is not wealth itself. The power and status that come with wealth is the goal of the lion people. Although as a member of the fire sign, Leo, you don't have a rash personality. A calm mind and super action force are the powerful tools for the success of the lion people.

6、 Virgo

August 23 ~ September 22 dominant Planet: Mercury attribute: negative, variable, earth sign

Personality traits: careful, analytical, neat and picky. A meticulous and absolute perfectionist; Too much emphasis on small sections, lack of creativity.

People with the sun in Virgo are thoughtful, analytical and patient. They are very suitable for complicated and delicate work. You want perfection in everything, but sometimes you put too much pressure on yourself and others.

Under the protection of mercury, the sun in Virgo, you are very rational, clear-minded and good at analyzing things. You are keen to seek knowledge, but compared with Gemini's broad but not deep “ Dabble ” New knowledge, Virgo people are more careful and in-depth in seeking knowledge. Knowledge of your favorite fields is not just “ Know ” In order to be satisfied, I will study hard until I fully understand it. Virgo people are absolute perfectionists. Due to their high demands on themselves, Virgo people often suffer from too much psychological pressure, and demanding perfect results in everything often gives people the impression of being too picky. But Virgo's delicate thinking and cautious and patient attitude make you have the excellent conditions to become an excellent scholar.

People who have the sun in Virgo pay attention to details and are cautious in everything, but sometimes it is inevitable to overcorrect, giving the impression that the format is too small and groundbreaking. Virgins have the tendency of cleanliness, which is certainly related to their perfectionism. You need to be meticulous in your life. Everything should be positioned without any “ Chaos ” The element of. Virgo people are willing to serve the crowd. As long as it is meaningful and helpful to others, they will definitely work hard and devote themselves wholeheartedly.

7、 Libra

From September 23 to October 22, the dominant Planet: Venus attribute: masculine, standard, wind sign

Personality traits: elegant, appearance oriented, sociable and good at making friends. Elegant conversation and outstanding temperament; Pay attention to appearance, be good at communication, value friends, sometimes too wishful thinking.

People whose sun falls into Libra have elegant temperament, proper conversation and good social skills. They are excellent talents engaged in negotiation and business. You pay attention to your friends, but you have a tendency to deliberately please each other. It is also a group that pays great attention to appearance.

Under the protection of Venus, people whose sun falls into Libra are born with an elegant aristocratic smell. It has attractive charm and easily wins people's favor. Libra people pay attention to appearance and care about their image in front of others, which sometimes makes people feel too superficial. Like the feeling in the group, and can also interact well with others. Libra people don't like to fight alone and are enthusiastic supporters of team work. You can't stand loneliness and long for the company of friends, but sometimes you seem wishful thinking and lose your personality in order to maintain friendship.

As a member of the wind sign, Libra people are very smart, fast-moving and have a strong thirst for knowledge. He is good at dealing with problems between people and is a good mediator and negotiator. Under the influence of Venus, Libra people are quite elegant in behavior and conversation, and rarely have too intense emotional reactions. They are quite docile and graceful. Libra people pay attention to beauty and material enjoyment, and have a certain quality of food, clothing, housing and transportation, so sometimes they tend to be too extravagant.

8、 Scorpio

From October 23 to November 21, the dominant Planet: Mars, Pluto attribute: negative, fixed, water sign

Personality traits: calm, mysterious, willpower, possessiveness. Calm and rational, not impatient when things happen; I'm lonely, I don't like to communicate with others, and I'm emotionally possessive.

People with the sun in Scorpio are calm, rational, think twice before acting, and have a cautious style. Have a tendency to be lonely, regard loneliness as a kind of enjoyment, and don't like to communicate with others. Have the disadvantage of being possessive emotionally.

Under the protection of Pluto, which symbolizes the ability of death and rebirth, people whose sun falls into Scorpio naturally have a frightening mysterious temperament, and they are also the most powerful of the 12 constellations. Scorpio's people are calm and rational, and the city is quite deep. You will never be impatient when things happen. You will always think carefully before taking action. But this deep character will give friends around you a sense of insecurity and make people afraid of you. Scorpio family, you are always desperate to invest in love and have strong feelings. But if this warm love relationship is slightly careless, it will often be burned by your strong possessiveness and jealousy.

Scorpio people tend to be lonely, like to be alone, do not like to communicate with others. In career, I am absolutely confident in myself, do everything personally, and have great mistrust of others' abilities. It's hard to get along with people, and it's extremely disgusting for others to pry into your privacy. It always keeps a kind of aloof attitude with the crowd. Due to the influence of Pluto, Scorpio people have amazing willpower. They will not be easily knocked down by failure. Instead, they will stand up again and again from the desperate situation. This powerful power of death and afterbirth is monopolized by Scorpio people.

9、 Sagittarius

From November 22 to December 21, the ruling planet: Jupiter attributes: positive, changing, fire sign

Personality traits: cheerful, righteous, adventurous, careless. Cheerful and optimistic personality, attach importance to friends; Shanghai style, adventurous.

The sun falls into Sagittarius, and his life style is Shanghai style and heroic. He is quite a loyal friend. You are cheerful and optimistic, popular, and curious about new things.

People with the sun in Sagittarius have a quite cheerful personality, frank, optimistic, and straight forward in everything. There is no pressure to get along with you, and you are often attracted by your easygoing and bright personality, so Sagittarius people are quite popular. Under the protection of Jupiter, Sagittarius' style is Shanghai style, and everything is informal, which is the standard “ All men are brothers ” A great Xia figure. Also, because of your friendly and righteous behavior style, Sagittarius people can be said to meet dignitaries everywhere in society, and everyone is willing to help you when you need help.

Sagittarius people are energetic and adventurous. Have a strong desire for new things, and the more challenging things can arouse your hobbies. So Sagittarius people love to travel and are willing to try thrilling activities. This novel and adventurous life is what you dream of. Sagittarius' adventurous nature is often manifested in thinking and spirit, which makes you rich in creativity and often some wild ideas appear. Sagittarius people like freedom and strong action, which often gives people a feeling of carelessness.

10、 Capricorn

From December 22 to January 19, the dominant Planet: Saturn attributes: Yin, standard, earth sign

When the sun falls into Capricorn, you have been a little mature since childhood, very mature and conservative, and deeply understand the truth of self-restraint. Therefore, adults will think you are very sensible and willing to put some responsibilities on you. When you grow up, you will naturally become an industrious and capable person, and you will find that you have a strong ambition to climb higher, and you want to surpass your peers and have your own career and status as soon as possible. But you are a little skeptical about whether your ambition can be completed on schedule, so you will use your hard-working toughness and cautious self-control ability to reduce your leisure time for self enjoyment, so as to achieve success as soon as possible.

You are also interested in mastering power and like to coach others. You want to make others feel that you are a very important person, but you also feel that you have some sense of separation from others. Therefore, you sometimes use your self mocking sense of humor to disguise and highlight your wisdom with a lot of life experience. In fact, your ability to adapt to reality is indeed very strong, and you are very familiar with Saturn's sense of destiny, and can calmly accept any tests and difficulties. However, you may also be used to being strict, depressed and silent.

11、 Aquarius

From January 20 to February 18, the dominant planets: Saturn and Uranus attribute: positive, fixed, wind sign

Personality traits: breaking away from tradition, advocating humanism and emphasizing spiritual life. Independent, with different ideas; Be full of love and pay attention to the spiritual level.

People with the sun in Aquarius are innovative, unconventional, and tend to be anti authoritative and anti traditional. Advocating humanism and full of compassion, they are a group of people who do good deeds without falling behind.

Under the aegis of Uranus, a symbol of reform, innovation and humanism, people whose sun falls into Aquarius resist tradition, challenge authority, and hate stereotyped ways of doing things. You love reform, seek innovation and change in everything, and have a very humanistic spirit. We will never lag behind in giving back to society and taking care of the weak. Aquarius, you attach importance to friendship, are very eager for the comfort of friendship, are absolutely loyal to friends, and even regard friends as more important than lovers. You are a very interesting friend.

Aquarius people attach importance to spiritual satisfaction, but it does not mean that you hate material enjoyment. You will require a certain level of material life, but you must definitely pursue a rich spiritual life. For you, the fulfillment of spiritual life is the most important. In choosing friends, you also take the spiritual fit as the primary evaluation standard. External factors such as appearance and wealth are not worth mentioning to you. Aquarius you love people, like as a member of the group, enjoy the feeling of division of labor and cooperation. You are quite approachable, trickle down without airs, everyone likes to work with you, and you are also suitable for showing your talents in the group.

12、 Pisces

From February 19 to March 20, the dominant planets: Jupiter and Neptune attributes: negative, changing, water signs

Personality traits: sensitive, affectionate, idealistic, fatalistic, unrealistic. Emotional and artistic; Too idealistic, unrealistic, fatalist.

People with the sun in Pisces are romantic and often have some unrealistic ideas. He has excellent artistic creation talent, delicate and changeable feelings, but sometimes he has a lack of ambition and a tendency to be divorced from reality.

When the sun falls into Pisces, your feelings are rich and delicate, especially the thoughts and feelings of others. You are sentimental, compassionate, and have a tendency to be too emotional and unrealistic. But the rich feelings also make Pisces people have a talent for artistic creation. Whether it's music, drama or literature, this delicate interaction between you and everything in the world has become the source of creation. This typical artist smell also makes the fish people too idealistic, often struggling between ideal and reality, and even having a crisis in material life.

Pisces people are kind and docile, but they inevitably have the problem of lack of determination and willpower. This weakness in personality often makes you act under the influence of external factors, and they also lack the ability to respond to problems or setbacks. Pisces people have a dual personality, and emotional changes are very intense, this sensitive emotional state often makes friends around confused. Influenced by Neptune, the fish people have a compassionate mind, feel strongly about the suffering of others, and are willing to help them regardless of everything. Pisces people have a fatalism tendency, which makes you too negative about life and lack of positive creativity.

Sun and zodiac

The first palace (Minggong)

The person whose sun falls into the first house is a luminescent body. Even a very introverted person may become a public figure. Usually you will have a happy childhood and good physique, have leadership temperament, and be able to control others. Because the sun is a combination of energy, power and ability, you have a strong will and full of vitality. Exaggerate yourself in everything, be quite assertive about your own lifestyle, and are not easy to be shaken by others' opinions or desires. In others' eyes, you are a very personal person. It's very important to feel special about yourself. Because of this, you will work hard and strive to be recognized by others.

Second Palace (Palace of wealth and wealth)

People who fall into the second house of the sun are suitable for their own business. Because they like to be responsible for dealing with finance, they also have confidence and ability in dealing with finance. Usually, you want to be financially independent at an early age. You always want to make more money and use the money or resources you get to exert your influence, but you must learn how to make good use of your wealth, otherwise you may choose all means for money.

Third house (brothers Palace)

People who fall into the third house of the sun usually become experts in communicating, expressing or transferring knowledge, and may want to be teachers, researchers or writers. You are often an opinion leader. It is very important for you to say what you want to say clearly. In the field of knowledge, you have a strong ambition, and you will gain recognition from others in your mental achievements. Therefore, you like to get involved in community activities and travel to get familiar with new friends. On the other hand, siblings and neighbors often play a very important role in your life.

The fourth Palace (tianzhai Palace)

The behavior of people whose sun falls into the fourth house is greatly influenced by their families, and they may also be influential members of the family. You hope to build a safe and warm home, so when you interact with others, you attach great importance to each other's background, and have a high interest in land, housing, natural ecology. You often stand out in the sales of real estate and daily necessities.

Fifth house (children's Palace)

The person whose sun falls into the fifth house is a child king. He is born with a strong love for life and a strong gambling nature. Like to pursue happiness and romance with friends, have a high interest in music, drama, and artistic activities, and often give people a childish feeling in dealing with people, but they are quite heterosexual, and coquettish affairs do not stop. You have few children, but you have an excellent relationship with your children. You are very concerned about their growth and education.

Sixth house (slave Palace)

People who fall into the sixth house of the sun pay great attention to physical health care because of their natural weak physique. Due to poor physique, you must pay more attention to your eating habits. Once you get sick, the recovery time is longer than ordinary people. On the other hand, you like to express yourself through work and service. You are often a workaholic. You like to find yourself at work, so you can show your ability to work. You can often quickly become a leader in the field of work, as a supervisor, foreman and foreman. If you are a company boss, you may establish authority over your employees, and you often have an imperative tone. If you are just an employee, you will especially seek performance in your work and desire to be appreciated by your boss.

Seventh house (couples' Palace)

People with the sun in the seventh house attach great importance to marriage and partners. Because of your characteristics, it is easy to have close emotional exchanges with others and get loyal friendship and help from noble people. If the aspect of the sun is good, you and your partner will continue to develop well, and you can have a happy life after marriage or communication. But if the sun is in a bad phase, you can easily become controlled by others or by your partner. Be careful that you will force others to accept your opinions or ideas. Sun in this position, you are also very suitable for the development of public relations or sales, because you have the characteristics and eloquence to attract others to believe you.

Eighth house (ji'e Palace)

People who fall into the eighth house of the sun are afraid of feeling lonely, and cooperating with others has become your life policy. Because you like to share or cooperate with friends, you often give the impression of easygoing, so your popularity is usually very good, which is very suitable for public relations work, and you are a good propagandist. Anyway, sex, power, money games, metaphysics and religion are the most important topics in your life, whether you want it or not. It also means that you can play a high degree of ability in mysticism, metaphysics and religion. You have excellent understanding and exploration of human deep desires. At the turning point of life, you must choose to pursue money and power, become a businessman or intervene in politics; Or choose metaphysics and religion, transcend the worldly disturbance, transform your internal desire, and become a religious teacher or metaphysics expert.

Ninth house (migration Palace)

People who fall into the ninth house of the sun pay special attention to the spirit and pursue spiritual refuge, which may be religious beliefs or philosophical ideological values. If your instincts and intuition can be highly developed, you will have excellent predictive ability. You pursue high moral standards and look forward to distant countries, so you have a high degree of self-confidence and ability to learn foreign languages or feel foreign cultures and lifestyles. Short term travel abroad or long-term living abroad will help you develop your life.

The tenth Palace (Guanlu Palace)

People who fall into the tenth house of the sun like to pursue social status, fame and reputation, and are eager to be recognized by the public. You have a life goal since very early, and you want to have your own sky. He is good at business management and has the ability to be a boss. He likes to be a boss and has the appearance of being a boss. But if he is too enterprising, he may ignore his family.

The eleventh house (Ford Palace)

People with the sun in the eleventh house are keen on social life, like to invest in large groups and pursue others' recognition of you. You attend various parties and interact with different people to add color to your life. Although you have a lot of social diversity and friends, you are often just casual friends, and you will not deliberately establish a closer relationship from them. Expanding your contacts is your best ability, which can often bring many opportunities for your career or work, but you must also be particularly careful about the many troubles brought to you by your friends.

The twelfth house (appearance Palace)

People who fall into the twelfth house of the sun like loneliness and are naturally a little lonely. Secular life often brings you a lot of oppression, which is quite related to your habits in previous lives. From a certain point of view, you have considerable talent and karma with religion, spirituality and magic in your life. You must experience it in real life “ The world is impermanent ” Can you be free from the world, otherwise you may only know to retire or not fight with others. If you only want to experience peace or self relaxation in retirement, you will make the same mistakes in the world and have no way to change.