Neptune, the constellation of ten planets

Neptune was discovered in 1846, and it also belongs to “ Superhuman planet ”. About 164 years around the zodiac for a week, about 14 years around a house, twice as much as Uranus. Neptune is a female, feminine star. Represents spiritual drive or escape drive. Its essence is mysterious and unidentifiable. Its nature is negative, moist, but mysterious burning, born negative. In terms of characters, they represent: religious people, spiritual noble people, practitioners, drug addicts, criminals, etc.

Neptune's totem symbol is Poseidon's trident, which represents a trident harpoon, which Neptune uses to rule his empire. Neptune, a symbol of vision or fantasy, is the most powerful of the three planets that have influenced the times. Therefore, when Neptune falls in various constellations, it will have a special impact on a certain era and a group of people, and the impact on individuals is not obvious. Neptune's constellation position shows that people born in different ages share the same spiritual spiritual life. It is also a spiritual force that affects the subconscious most, and produces involuntary and deep-rooted ideas and thoughts. Neptune's house on the astrolabe shows the realm where individuals pursue their ideals, and it is also the realm where individuals tend to deceive themselves or others.

Neptune also has relatively responsive parts of the body, such as the spine, nerve tissue, feet, pineal gland, electrocardiographic sensing function, white blood cells, muscle motion perception function. The diseases represented tend to be difficult to solve, such as sleepiness, systemic stiffness, obsessive-compulsive concepts, abstinence, sleepwalking, dream disease, fuzziness, poisoning, and drug taking habits.

Neptune's positive characteristics are: charming, smart, aesthetic, predictive, perspective, inspiring, like an elf.

And negative characteristics such as: confused, psychic, morbid, deceptive, ironic, psychotic, moody, pornographic, psychotic, untrustworthy.

Neptune's ruling constellation is: Pisces, the prosperous star has not been determined, Virgo is losing power, and the falling star has not been determined.

Neptune's word is definitely: “ Intuition ”.

Neptune vs12 constellation

Neptune moves through the zodiac once every 164 years, so people born in each specific 14 years will have Neptune in the same house. So rather than having any significant impact on individuals, Neptune dominated the thoughts and thoughts of people in an era. Neptune's influence on the personal level also needs to refer to the position of its twelfth house of the day after tomorrow, and make a cross reference conclusion.

1、 Aries

From March 21 to April 19, the dominant Planet: Mars attribute: masculine, standard, fire sign

Personality traits: creativity, self-determination and arbitrariness. A groundbreaking generation in the field of art and mystics, strong intuition, too self assertive.

When Neptune appears in Aries, this generation will have an outstanding performance in creating mysterious religious ideas. These people have strong intuition and desire to innovate and transform spiritual things. However, their weakness is that they will show self greatness and egoism.

2、 Taurus

April 20 ~ May 20 dominant Planet: Mars attribute: negative, fixed, earth sign

Personality traits: material desire, reality, stability. In the era of materialistic desires, we should pay attention to material enjoyment and focus on the economy.

When Neptune appears in Taurus, there will be many idealists who are crazy about making the best use of money and resources. This generation will try their best to show the world outlined in their hearts by practical means. Their weakness is that they take the value of money and material too seriously.

3、 Gemini

From May 21 to June 21, the dominant Planet: Mercury attribute: positive, changing, wind sign

Personality traits: expressive ability, creativity, imagination. An era full of creativity, excellent expression ability. Strong curiosity leads to sloppy behavior.

When Neptune appears in Gemini, this generation will make continuous efforts to develop the imagination and sensibility of the soul through the creation of literature and poetry. These people have lively and rich imagination, and can pass on the deepest unknowable information in consciousness through the construction ability of images in the brain. Their disadvantage is that they are easily blinded by the dream world and its surface value, and their thinking and communication in reality will cause many problems.

4、 Cancer

June 22 ~ July 22 dominant Planet: Moon attribute: Yin, standard, water sign

Personality traits: compassion, love home and hometown, emotional. In the era of attaching importance to family, they are irritable, emotional and tend to escape from reality.

When Neptune appears in cancer, this generation will have a strong dependence on family, family and land. They are very compassionate, sensitive and emotional. They have religious tendencies, but they believe in religion in an emotional way. If Neptune's influence is very strong and its phase is excellent, it will have special spiritual power and the tendency to communicate with the spiritual world. Many psychics were born when Neptune was in cancer. Their weakness is that they are too sensitive and vulnerable; There is an exclusive and emotional tendency to rely on family and country. The ability of channeling may produce misleading phenomena, making the influence of astrology overflow and become worthless.

5、 Leo

July 23 ~ August 22 dominant Planet: Sun attribute: positive, fixed, fire constellation

Personality traits: originality, romance and good performance. He has rich creativity in film and theater art, and pays attention to his external performance in the face of extreme romance in love.

When Neptune appears in Leo, this generation will have superior musical and artistic talents. They are particularly interested in drama and other performing arts, and most of their creativity comes from noble spiritual inspiration. Neptune in Leo will make people full of romance and idealism in the pursuit of love. Their weakness is that they will cheat and delusion when they are in love and courtship. In order to pursue pleasure, spend without restraint; When disciplining children, they lack practical and correct practices.

Famous in history “ The great storm of the '20s ” It was when Neptune appeared in Leo that people bought and sold stocks without thinking, resulting in economic collapse and recession.

6、 Virgo

August 23 ~ September 22 dominant Planet: Mercury attribute: negative, variable, earth sign

Personality traits: organization, pickiness, eating disorders. In an era of unstable material life, mental illness may occur. Strong organizational ability, paying too much attention to details.

When Neptune appears in Virgo, there will be inevitable damage. The creativity and sensibility of this generation will be damaged by the adverse material environment. Neptune's time in Virgo coincided with the economic depression of the 1930s, and this generation grew up in this harsh environment. The chaotic economic order is manifested in the high unemployment rate, which seriously affects people's livelihood, and this aspect is precisely controlled by Virgo.

The negative effects of Neptune's presence in Virgo also include: susceptibility to mental illness caused by psychological emotions: the mood is frequently troubled by sporadic trivial things, resulting in emotional instability. In addition, because they doubt or deny the feelings and influence of intuition, they will evolve into worship materialism. Neptune's typical problem in Virgo is suffering from bad eating habits; Chemical additives first appeared in food and also began during this period.


7、 Libra

From September 23 to October 22, the dominant Planet: Venus attribute: masculine, standard, wind sign

Personality traits: evasion, excessive indulgence, elegance. Blindly following the trend of the times, against the traditional marriage, alternative art development opportunities.

Neptune appeared in Libra just after the war. The marriage relationship was destroyed due to the war, which led to the improvement of divorce rate. Because of too many broken families, young children born after the war lost confidence in the relationship between people, and their values were therefore mixed. They instinctively tend to identify with the value and vitality of the whole society. On the negative side, they become blindly following the social trend, resulting in the prevalence of rock music, drugs and fantasy filled cultural phenomena throughout the era.

From a positive point of view, Neptune is located in Libra, which makes the young generation have sensitive intuition to various social phenomena. Their understanding of social responsibility is based on the spirit of the rule of law, and is less measured from an emotional perspective. The position of this constellation will bring opportunities for the development of new art forms.

8、 Scorpio

From October 23 to November 21, the dominant Planet: Mars, Pluto attribute: negative, fixed, water sign

Personality traits: desire, indulgence, sense of justice. In the age of desire, we are not afraid of power.

When Neptune appeared in Scorpio, human beings were in a period conducive to the development of their essential desires. Few people can really experience rebirth on the spiritual level and begin to explore the mystery of life. Most people will only use sex as a means to achieve trade purposes. Scorpio is a symbol “ Sex ” Neptune is related to drug use. During this period, sexual morality awareness was very open, leading to the rapid spread of sexually transmitted diseases. On the other hand, the pursuit of spiritual liberation by taking drugs has also become a fad. People in this period are full of strong emotions and confusion in their hearts. Subconscious confusion and anxiety are manifested in art, which is confused and strong rock music.

9、 Sagittarius

From November 22 to December 21, the ruling planet: Jupiter attributes: positive, changing, fire sign

Personality traits: intuition, emphasis on spiritual level, communication. The generation of spiritual promotion, religious and ideological exchanges, outstanding mental ability.

Neptune represents the subconscious, the hint of dreams, and the power of the spirit to ascend or descend. Neptune's move to Sagittarius suggests an era of emphasis on religion and spiritual ascension. In this era, religious and ideological development and exchanges tend to flourish, and people are more interested in spiritual affairs.

People with Neptune in Sagittarius have special intuition and hobbies for religion and mystics. They believe that there is a dominant force in all things in the world and are willing to follow and explore it. Such people have high mental abilities and may become prophets.

10、 Capricorn

From December 22 to January 19, the dominant Planet: Saturn attributes: Yin, standard, earth sign

Personality traits: conflict, change, life rules. Represents a conflict era, traditional and conservative.

Neptune represents the subconscious, the hint of dreams, and the power of the spirit to ascend or descend. Neptune's movement to Capricorn suggests an era of uninterrupted running in and continuous conflict between ideal and reality, which has led to drastic changes and inevitable chaos in politics, economy and society during this period.

Neptune people in Capricorn are more traditional and conservative in thought, extremely regular in life, and more restrained in style. Such people are calm and low-key, and sometimes appear too deep and frightening.

11、 Aquarius

From January 20 to February 18, the dominant planets: Saturn and Uranus attribute: positive, fixed, wind sign

Personality traits: spiritual improvement, reconciliation, fraternity. The spiritual life tends to peak, the spirit is highly improved, and rationality is advocated.

About 2000 A.D., Neptune entered Aquarius, representing the real entry of mankind into Aquarius. During this period, a new civilization based on Humanistic re enlightenment will be born. In science, new forms of energy and technology will be discovered and applied. These civilized phenomena represent that mankind will enter the era of peace, and human intuition and perspective will be highly developed. In real life, they can also play the spirit of fraternity and help each other.

12、 Pisces

From February 19 to March 20, the dominant planets: Jupiter and Neptune attributes: negative, changing, water signs

Personality traits: spiritual civilization, fatalism, sentimentality. Spiritual civilization is highly developed and spiritual life is valued. Fatalism sometimes seems negative.

After Neptune enters Pisces, it will continue to maintain the long-term peace since Aquarius. During this period of time, human beings will have the opportunity to explore the unknown power of the soul, develop higher music and art forms, and take a big step forward in the ability of medical treatment. Aquarius' highest ideal of creative spirit will appear at this time, and many great artists and spiritual leaders will also be born at this time.


Neptune vs Zodiac

The first palace (Minggong)

Neptune in the first house has a keen and intuitive attention to self and environment. If Neptune is in perfect phase, they can effectively use their ability to analyze human nature, so that they can easily detect the real motivation behind people and things. When Neptune occupies the first house of some people, they will be strongly controlled and influenced by the subconscious. If Neptune has a good aspect with other planets, they will have an active and mysterious imagination; But if Neptune is in a bad phase, they may be in danger of being used by evil forces. In the most extreme case, they may also be controlled by evil spirits. They must avoid addiction to alcohol and drugs, which will open the door to evil for them.

Neptune in this position represents superior artistic and musical talents, which are inspired by their intuition. Their appearance looks mysterious, and their eyes are more charming. Neptune in the first house will attract some special people, many of whom have a lot to do with their past. Neptune's weakness is that it will make these people deceive themselves, unreliable, and hesitant about their personal goals. They may also be addicted to alcohol and drugs, live a loose life, and spend their whole life aimlessly.

Second Palace (Palace of wealth and wealth)

Neptune's appearance in the second house shows that these people have strong ideals for the use of money and materials. If Neptune has a good aspect with other planets, they are likely to give generously for their human attitude and noble spirit, and their use of resources is very flexible and flexible, so they will not be trapped in “ Things ”. If the chart shows that this is a cunning person, he will have a strong intuition about the shortcut to wealth. However, money will be lost under mysterious and unusual circumstances; Moreover, this aspect implies the character of extravagance, so it is difficult for these people to keep their property for a long time. If Neptune makes this problem very serious, you need to carefully distinguish the necessity of each cost.

When Neptune is in a bad phase, people will become ambitious, unrealistic, make a mess of the use of money, and don't bother to work to earn money for life. These people may be taken advantage of in money. Generally speaking, when Neptune is in this position and out of phase with other planets, these people have to rely on financial support from others, so they need to strengthen the concept of practical ideas.

Third house (brothers Palace)

Neptune in the third house shows that these people can receive information from the supernatural or the universe through the ability to present mental images. Their ability to produce mental images is excellent, especially when there is a good aspect between Neptune and mercury. The ability of telepathy also appears frequently in them. At this time, Neptune's position makes people interested in mysterious and strange things; Many writers who write such books are Neptune in the third house, and they also frequently contact the mass media. These people like to share their knowledge with others and always play the role of transmitting information.

Neptune in the third house should pay more attention to practicality when thinking, and should also receive strict practice in the process of learning. If Neptune is in good phase and can bring good influence, the intuitive ability of these people can play a role in real life, especially when Neptune is in the image constellation (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). If Neptune's bad phase can bring bad effects, these people will have difficulties in learning, absentmindedness, fantasy, daydreaming and so on. Some misunderstandings or troubles may occur with siblings and neighbors. When things go wrong, these people must pay special attention when signing contracts and negotiating with others. When they communicate with others or travel, they will also experience some difficulties.

The fourth Palace (tianzhai Palace)

Neptune in the fourth house is very dependent on family and family in subconscious emotions, and usually one of their parents will have mental disorders or eccentric personalities. Usually these people will live by the water, or desire to live by the water. They can have intuitive feelings for the land and natural things. If Neptune is in this position, but it can bring bad effects due to its poor phase with other planets, these people will be in a chaotic family relationship; Because these people are eager to take care of everyone like mothers, they may take strangers home. Secrets about the family are frequent. The worst case is that these people will cause serious mental disorders due to their emotions at night. Before the end of their lives, they usually live in seclusion and meditation. The reason for their emotional tension is usually from their parents or family members.

Fifth house (children's Palace)

Neptune in the fifth house means that these people subconsciously desire love and personal self-expression to get strong response and affirmation. Artistic and musical talents will continue to generate inspiration through intuition. They are successful actors, so they perform very well in the performing arts; These people usually have a strong interest in drama. Their love and sex life will encounter strange experiences. If the negative effect is caused by poor phase, you will experience an unknown secret love, or suffer in love.

If Neptune brings positive influence, people will have intuitive judgment on the stock market, but these people must be particularly cautious in risky investment trading. Neptune in the fifth house also indicates that the children of these people will have sensitive and direct feelings. If Neptune's influence is negative, their children may have serious psychological disorders. These may seriously evolve into exclusion of biological children or single adoption, having children and becoming single parents. Sometimes, this situation is caused by broken marriages.

Sixth house (slave Palace)

Neptune in the sixth house attaches great importance to the spiritual significance of work and service. The sixth house is a disadvantageous position for Neptune, which will bring destructive power. It makes these people suffer greatly in both work and physical health. However, if Neptune has a good aspect with other planets, they can intuitively understand some efficient and effective skills. Neptune in this position makes people have the nature to care for pets and other animals, and sometimes even connect with small animals.

If Neptune is in good phase, these people will be interested in psychotherapy, medication, healthy food and other different forms of medical treatment. If the aspect is not good, they may have mental diseases or infectious diseases that are difficult to treat; At this time, we should especially avoid the use of drugs, alcohol and unnatural forms of medical treatment. When recuperating, we must focus on daily diet, and when sick, we must seek medical treatment and take natural drugs.

If Neptune is in the sixth house and the aspect is not good, in terms of work, there will be unemployment and anxiety about work. Unreliable tendency, not meeting the conditions of the working environment and interpersonal relationships. On the contrary, if Neptune has a good aspect, there will be a happy working environment and a close relationship with colleagues, superiors and subordinates. These people may work in hospitals or large institutions, and their work content will be related to mental health care.

Seventh house (couples' Palace)

Neptune's appearance in the seventh house shows that the relationship between an individual and his spouse or work partner is strong but restrained. Usually, they have strong spiritual dependence with their spouse and strong intuition about the hearts of others. Such people are easily influenced by others' emotions and feelings. If Neptune has a good aspect, these people will view the relationship between people with noble values and hold a selfless love and understanding of people. Their understanding of people is usually intuitive. Neptune, with a good aspect, shows a perfect marriage in spirit. Neptune in seventh place has artistic and musical talents, or at least always attaches great importance to art.

If Neptune is out of phase, problems will occur in marriage, and most of the reasons come from emotional distress. These people are easily influenced by others and are misled or emotionally troubled, so they must pay attention to their friends around them and should not trust or rely on others too much. When they face various responsibilities of their working partners and society, they will show a tendency of unreliability or hesitation. In the worst case, these people will cheat people or their friends, partners or spouses arbitrarily. They are dishonest, untrustworthy or easily mentally abnormal. When Neptune is out of phase, it also means the emergence of public scandals or legal cases.

Eighth house (ji'e Palace)

Neptune in the eighth house has a spiritual tendency, usually manifested in a complete spiritual idea or a strong desire to communicate with the dead. Their money, insurance, property, etc. are often controlled by a mysterious and unusual force.

If Neptune is in good phase, they will be interested in strange things and can get information from the higher spiritual field through perspective. If Neptune is out of phase, these people may use these mysterious forces for their own benefit. In the most real case, it is possible to use witchcraft and witchcraft. Neptune's bad aspect will cause disputes between them and their friends who have money contacts, which may be caused by their own or the other party's fraudulent behavior. There may also be tax evasion, insurance fraud, and even death related incidents.

Ninth house (migration Palace)

When Neptune is in the ninth house, it will show a love for mysterious religion. These people may be addicted to mysterious rituals, yoga, psychotherapy, and mysterious exotic religions. If Neptune is in good phase, these people will have strong soul power and the ability to predict the future. Neptune in the ninth house has amazing intuition.

If Neptune is in good phase, many valuable information can be obtained through intuition. On the contrary, if Neptune's aspect is not good, they will follow some spiritual leaders or supernatural unknowable phenomena as if they are fascinated. They must spiritually distinguish the sages who really have noble spiritual power from those who are infatuated with themselves and exaggerate the differences between their divine sticks. People with bad aspects usually don't care about the practical oriented education and practice process; They may also not get along well with their spouse's family.

The tenth Palace (Guanlu Palace)

Neptune in the tenth house of people, their intuition has a great impact on the job. This is a helpful constellation location for clergy, psychologists, psychoanalysts, astronomers, and psychics. These people's work must be secret and safe. Without interference, they also have the potential to become spiritual leaders. One of their parents will be unusual; Neptune in the tenth house of people, their career is not unusual, but also from time to time shrouded in complex situations. Neptune occupies the tenth house of many actors, musicians and artists.

If Neptune's aspect is good, even if individuals achieve or fail alone, these people will give meaning with a frank and bright attitude. However, if the phase is not good, the consideration in this regard is not practical enough, and the result is usually that they are unable to complete the work or lose job opportunities. These people may be slandered because they are dishonest or untrustworthy at work. However, these people really should bear these misfortunes, because they will cheat others for their own ambitions and selfish motives.

The eleventh house (Ford Palace)

When Neptune is in the eleventh house, there will be a very unusual and lofty relationship of friends. If Neptune is in good phase, these people will be very generous to their friends. They will help people and encourage people to move towards their ideal goals, which is also because they have received such help in the past. They rely strongly on their friends in spirit. These people are very sensitive to the needs of human nature, and are also keen to intervene in various humanistic care work; At the same time, they are easily attracted by mysterious organizations.

If Neptune's phase is not good, there will be mutual distrust and deception in the relationship of friends, and friends will become mysterious enemies. This deceptive relationship between people will induce them to indulge in alcohol or drug abuse and lead them to self destruction. When choosing friends, these people need to calmly distinguish between good friends and bad friends. Neptune's bad aspect will also bring unrealistic or misleading ideal ideas, and may also appear uninhibited behavior.

The twelfth house (appearance Palace)

Neptune's position in the twelfth house shows that these people have a very strong intuition about the inner part of the subconscious. Have a strong interest in mysterious religion and pursue personal privacy and seclusion, because this is an indispensable tranquility in the pursuit of personal inner soul. Usually, these people have memories of previous lives, and their deep wisdom comes from previous lives.

If Neptune's aspect is good, it will have the ability of channeling, analyzing people's psychology and psychotherapy. They also have sensitivity and ability in poetry, music and art. If Neptune's aspect is not good, then they may be affected by previous lives and bear mental pressure. Because they expose themselves to various negative emotional pressures, they suffer from chaotic emotions, indulge in meditation and fantasy, and stay away from real life. These people are doomed to be trapped in subconscious fear.