Uranus, the constellation of the ten planets


Uranus belongs to “ Superhuman planet ”, It was discovered in 1781. It circled the zodiac for a week in about eighty-four years and once every seven years. Uranus is a male, masculine star. Represents freedom drive, dissatisfaction with divinity. Tend to modernism, humanism, bohemian style, advocating weird, self-centered, utopian. Its essence is electric and magnetic. Its nature is masculine, airy, warm and somewhat moist. In terms of characters, it represents people who overturn the tradition.

The position of Uranus in the constellation clearly points out the differences of times, that is, the common destiny of mankind in the same period, and different times have a certain impact on individuals. Its constellation position has historical significance of the times, which is greater than the impact on personal character and thought. Although the position of Uranus can show a person's pursuit of himself and personality, and the hidden motivation behind personal hopes and goals, it is not as important as its house significance in the astrolabe. From Uranus' house, we can see how individuals express their intuitive abilities and what unusual things they prefer.

The symbol of the totem symbol of Uranus is Herschel's discovery of Uranus in 1781, taking its first letter as capital “ H” Letters make up this symbol. Its influence includes: affecting the soul of individuals, the essence of achievement and harvest, perceived energy, non personal feelings, personal creativity, originality, and insight into the laws of nature. It also affects science, electricity, magic, metaphysics, lighting, astrology, psychology, X-ray, aircraft, etc. The changeable and weird Uranus dominates revolutionaries, dictators, individualism, and geniuses.

Uranus also has relatively responsive parts of the body, such as the higher nervous system, the excitability of the body, and the condyle of the foot. The diseases represented include: convulsive diseases, acute neurological conditions, dejecta, stenosis, cramps, convulsions, nutritional disorders, mental anxiety, hallucinations.

The positive characteristics of Uranus are: reform advocates, humanist lovers, intuitive, prophetic, philosophical, scientific, enthusiastic and heroic.

Uranus' negative characteristics are: eccentric, unrestrained, fanatical, irresponsible, anarchic, egocentric, dissolute, chaotic, impossible, ironic.

Uranus' ruling constellation is Aquarius, Scorpio is prosperous, Leo is losing power, and Taurus is falling.

The word formula of Uranus is: “ Awakener ”.