all sorts of strange things! Inventory of 9 mysterious islands in the world

1. Seber Island

On the east coast of Canada, there is a barren island called shibaier island. On the island, the grass does not grow, the birds do not rest, there are no and plants, bare, only hard green stones. Whenever the ship approaches the island, the needle on the ship will suddenly fail. The whole ship is attracted by the island like a demon, causing the ship to hit the reef and sink, as if death were manipulating it. Many navigators & ldquo; Wangdao is afraid & rdquo;, Call it & ldquo; Death Island & rdquo;.

2. Rotating Island

It is said that on a long voyage, a Greek cargo ship found a rotating behemoth on the sea 1000 meters away from the ship. At first, they thought they had met a super sea beast, which frightened the captain and sailors at a loss. Later, when I drove close, I saw clearly that it was an island. It is estimated that the island rotates very fast, rotating once every minute at the fastest and once every 12 minutes at the slowest. Why does an island in the ocean spin? Some researchers have visited many times, but so far they have not reached a satisfactory result.

3. An island that can be opened and closed

In the vast Pacific Ocean, there is a very strange island. Sometimes the island separates itself into two islands, and sometimes it automatically combines into one island. The time of separation and closure is irregular, ranging from 1 to 2 days to 3 to 4 days. When separated, the two parts are about 4 meters apart, and when combined, they become a whole.

4. A crying Island

In the Pacific Ocean, there is a desert island with a radius of only a few kilometers. No matter day or night, it will make a cry. Sometimes it sounds like people wailing, sometimes it sounds like birds and animals wailing, which is very sad. When passing by, all the ships felt strange, frightened and even sad.

There is a folklore about crying island. Some people say that hundreds of years ago, many crew members died here because of the storm. The soul of the crew members could not return to the land. After a long time of resentment, they were trapped on the island and cried every day. Some scientists conducted a field survey on the island and found that the cries on the island are diverse and have no rules to follow. Sometimes they cry like babies, sometimes they cry like women, and sometimes they cry like men. No one can explain why the island cries day and night.

5. Yes & ldquo; Travel & rdquo; Island of

In the Antarctic waters of the southern hemisphere, there is a meeting & ldquo; Travel & rdquo; The island is called Bouvet island. It will walk automatically without the influence of wind and waves.

In 1793, the French explorer Bouvier was the first to discover the island and determine its exact location. Who knows, after more than 100 years, when the Norwegian expedition landed on the island, the position of the 58 square kilometer Island shifted 2.5 kilometers to the West. What forces prompted it & ldquo; Leave home & rdquo; The of travel is still a mystery.

6. Ghost Island

On July 10, 1831, in the western waters of the kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific, an island suddenly appeared due to the eruption of submarine volcano. With the continuous eruption of volcano, it gradually formed an island with a height of more than 60 meters and a radius of nearly 5 kilometers. However, when people are still talking about it and have plans, it disappears on the ocean like a ghost. After a few years, when people had forgotten all about it, it emerged from the sea like a ghost.

According to records, in 1890, it was 49 meters above the sea surface, and in 1898, it sank 7 meters under the water. In December 1967, it rose out of the sea again, but in 1968, it disappeared without a trace. In this way, the island appeared and disappeared many times and was changeable.

In June 1979, the island grew out of the sea again. Scientists predict that if the volcano does not erupt in the future, the island may still sink and disappear. Because the island looms and appears on the sea like a ghost, people call it & ldquo; Ghost Island & rdquo;.

7. Natural beauty Island

There is an island of balkaro in southern Italy. Long ago, due to the volcanic eruption on the island, lava flowed to the foot of the mountain to form mud and accumulated in more than a dozen pools. These slurries can whiten and moisturize the skin, make it tender, smooth and snow-white, and also treat women's low back pain and have the effect of weight loss. Therefore, they are known as the natural beauty island.

8. Bird Island

Bird island is a small island with an area of 40 hectares in the Seychelles islands in the western Indian Ocean. There are few residents there, but it is a habitat for petrels, with about 1.75 million pairs at most. In the morning, pair by pair & ldquo; Lovers & rdquo; Prey on fish and shrimp on the nearby ocean, and return here in groups at night. After the female petrel lays eggs, the island is covered with petrel eggs, which can be picked up by local residents. Egg makers will process the purchased petrel eggs and sell them abroad, which can sell 4.2 to 5 million petrel eggs a year.

9. Geese Island

The Malvinas Islands, not far from Antarctica, are famous all over the world because of the dispute between Britain and Argentina. Many people may not know that this island is also a paradise for penguins. At most, tens of millions of penguins lived together. Of the 17 different species of penguins in the world, 5 species inhabit the island.