Do you have all the typical characters of 12 constellations?

Different constellation people have different personality traits. Do you know the typical characters of 12 constellations? Do you know your own constellation personality traits? Let's have a look!


  1. They are stubborn. It's better to endure hardship than to ask help to the other.
  2. They are simpleminded and frankly, hate to be deceived.
  3. They are indifferent and hide their attributes. They express obviously to people who irritated and badgered them.
  4. They are not politic, knowing and resentful. They are hesitated and difficult to choose.
  5. They are not patient and easy to give up.
  6. They are good-natured and helpful. They will try best to complete even if you do not like.
  7. They are soft-hearted. They are hurt very much, but they will forgive the others if they make an apology.
  8. They are very quiet and slow heat-up in front of strangers.  But they will create a disturbance after knowing well.
  9. They have a little temper, but can forbear. They do not reveal their own temperament and heart easily.


  1. They are open to persuasion but not to coercion, they are janus-faced.
  2. They are optimistic and pessimistic with little sense of security and a little perceptual.
  3. They are unable to say no to seekers of help and easy to be deceived.
  4. Fear of being injured. They are cold to strangers, and will be aughing and joking after knowing well.
  5. They pretend to be strong, in fact they are very weak. They do not want to explain even they are misunderstood. They are sentimental, always be tangled by trivials.
  6. They have strong self-esteem but a little self-confidence. Hate dealing with people, often stay home.
  7. They are super lazy, like to sleep and daze. They are good at playing the fool.
  8. They like money but do not care about money. Hate to do useless things.
  9. they like to deliberately make you go crazy. Are most afraid of being left out.


  1. Forgetful. They are easy to forget important things. Do not hold a grudge.
  2. Pessimistic, paranoid pursuit of perfection, slightly obsessive-compulsive disorder and obsessive.
  3. Love to fall in love with someone secretly, a little silent.
  4. Easily be moved. Attentive, and are unwilling to care about.
  5. They are in black and white. Like the recognition and trust. Hate playing jokes.
  6. Like to play. Love freedom and hate to be tied and oppressed. Like the challenge.
  7. Dual personality, character is more extreme. They are slightly autistic.
  8. Desire to be understood, but not expect too much understanding. Be able to see through the designing people and go by.
  9. Attach great importance to the first impression. Almost see life and death.


  1. I like to pretend to be strong and cold. They are unpredictable.
  2. Hide sadness. But want others to comfort and give a sense of security.
  3. Love fantasy. Some people could understand and love theym and give what they want.
  4. Romantic and considerate. Attentive care for their loved ones.
  5. Look childish, the heart is very mature.
  6. The fear of being ignored, care about the others but will not show.
  7. The countless secrets are hidden deep in heart, only share with the closest people.
  8. Slow heat-up. They are very quiet in front of strangers. Like to talk and talk when meeting the happy things, and will hide to cry when they are unhappy.
  9. Emotional. Love to coquetry, super sticky. They are too lazy to get out of bed.


  1. Overbearing and have heavy desire to control. In fact, they are short of sense of security. Like to occupy an leading position and being praised.
  2. Like to be neat.
  3. They are cranky with extreme character.
  4. Like to sleep naked.
  5. The lacrimal gland is developed, easily moved. Like body contact with the lover.
  6. Some pessimistic. Have a strong sense of dependence.
  7. They are paranoid and demanding perfection. They have a dual personality, dislike others to draw near.
  8. They often show they are not care. In fact, the heart is very awkward.
  9. They often show they are strong. In fact, the heart is fragile and lonely.


  1. They are sensitive, suspicious and cranky, like to get into a dead end.
  2. They are cool. They are very calm and rational even if having ups and downs in the heart.
  3. Fear of losing. The total performance is not hot nor cold. It is hard to close to.
  4. They like to flaunt their superiority. They will express very strong even in sadness. 
  5. Lack of patience and with a little selfish. Hate to wait but are always late.
  6. Love the others and do a lot of things for the others even though the people do not love them.
  7. The pursuit of perfection. Hope for the best for everything.
  8. They are serious. They will not muddle through their work at critical moment. 
  9. They are gentle and kind, they are loyal to friends and lovers.


  1. For the sake of others. Often trying to change themselves to meet the other.
  2. They look warm, and pursue of a comfortable environment in the heart.
  3. They are easy to make temper to the dearest lovers but have very temper to strangers. 
  4. They like to sleep. They do not care much about most people and things. They are too self-centered.
  5. They are super slouching. Hold the happy-go-lucky attitude to everything.
  6. They are timid and fear of failure, but always express very powerful.
  7. They cherish the friendship. You need to take a long time and go through a lot of things to become their sworn brothers0.
  8. They are very patient and can bear everything themselves.
  9. Do not like to fight for.


  1. They are attractive. 
  2. Hold a grudge. Do not easily offend scorpion, they may remember forever.
  3. Angry crazy scorpion people are not terrible, silent scorpion are most terrible.
  4. They are mysterious. They always want others to understand their own hearts.
  5. They have exquisite intuition. Do not play tricks in front of the scorpion.
  6. They are persistent. They know clearly what to love and what to hate. They would llke to put true heart but easy to have grief and indignation.
  7. They are passive because they can not meet the admiring opposite sex. 
  8. They are rational and cold when they lose lose interest. They act impetuously to lovers.
  9. They have strong possession. Like to monopolize but hate to share.


  1. They have obsession and nervous disposition. 
  2. They are loyal. They know precisely whom or what to love or hate.
  3. They are a little withdrawn and haughty. They could not endure many things.
  4. They remember past times or old acquaintances.
  5. Fear of loneliness. They are always laughing and joking in front of people.
  6. They are illiberal and care about their lovers, they have neurotic tendencies. Not easily let go.
  7. They are overbearing. They express strong when quarrelling with someone. Afterwards they will lend a hand to coax people.
  8. They pretend to be strong, which make people love dearly and have pity for
  9. Feel good about themselves, in fact, a little bold.


  1. They are open to persuasion but not to coercion.
  2. They are often janus-faced.
  3. They are very optimistic and also very pessimistic.
  4. They have little sense of security. They are a little emotional. They are not brave enough to express the true hearts.
  5. They tend to be cheated. They are a little softhearted, sensitive and squeamish.
  6. Fear of injury. They always say they are not alone. In fact they are very lonely.
  7. They are very cold in front of strangers, but are naughty in front of acquaintances.
  8. The total performance of a very strong, in fact they are very weak.
  9. They are often misunderstood, but do not want to explain.


  1. They like simple things, do not like trouble and tired feeling.
  2. They are forgetful and do not hold a grudge. As long as you did not touch the bottom line, everything is as transient as fleeting clouds.
  3. They have will to fight and hard work.
  4. They return doubly to people who treat them good. 
  5. They are natural co-ordination of planning experts, good at planning.
  6. They are stubborn. Never come back even there is a dead end.
  7. Hate to make a decision. 
  8. Love to laugh. They express their the gamut of human feeling easily.
  9. They know precisely whom or what to love or hate.


  1. Like to eat super.
  2. They are overbearing with strong possession.
  3. They are lazy and fear trouble.
  4. They like to make fun of people, and are often self-satisfied subsequently.
  5. They are narcissistic, like to show off shamelessly.
  6. They are shy.
  7. They are cold outside and hot inside.
  8. They are stubborn, and not flexible.
  9. Too gentle, often spoiled the lovers.