The hollow interior of the earth shocked the world

Edmund Halley, a British astronomer, was the first to put forward the bold idea of the hollow Earth theory in 1692. He believes that the earth is not generally believed to be solid, but composed of multiple hollow spheres.

The gap between each sphere is actually an environment similar to our earth, where there are dense plants and pleasant climate. On the surface of the earth, there are some mysterious channels connecting the inner earth world. As long as you can find these channels, you can enter the mysterious inner earth world & hellip& hellip;

Ancient Indian books have recorded that there is a & ldquo; Agarta & rdquo; Underground corridor, which means & ldquo; in Sanskrit; The underground world & rdquo;. It is said that there are countless caves, tunnels and circuitous underground corridors in the underground world, where the secrets of ancient civilization and endless treasures are buried.

According to the exploration and literature records, agarta corridor is likely to be an underground corridor across the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and connecting Europe, Asia, the United States and Africa. For many years, it has attracted many scientists and explorers to explore and investigate.

In March 1942, David ram and his wife, who had just returned from archaeological research in Chiapas, Mexico, were received by then US President Roosevelt. The lamms told the president that they had found & ldquo; Agarta & rdquo; Guardian & mdash& mdash; A group of blue and white Indians.

According to the Ramses, when they crossed the Chiapas jungle in Mexico, they met blue and white Indians guarding the entrance of the underground corridor. The Indians immediately surrounded the expedition and sternly signaled that the expedition should leave immediately and not go any further.

Rahm's Indian guide immediately came forward to talk to them and learned that they were descendants of the Mayans, a branch of the Indian people, called the lacantons. La Canton people live in the dense forest and are isolated from the world. They have guarded the holy land deep in the forest for generations, and the entrance of the underground corridor is here.

It leads to the distance underground, where there are a lot of treasures and gold. The lacantons abide by their ancestral precepts and do not allow outsiders to enter their holy land. Although the lamms claimed that their team had found the entrance to the underground corridor, they failed to enter the underground tunnel guarded by the lacantons.

Thousands of miles underground corridor of Andes

In July 1960, a Peruvian expedition found an underground corridor in the Andes 600 kilometers east of Lima.

The underground corridor is 1000 kilometers long and leads to Chile and Colombia. In order to better protect this ancient civilization site, considering that the current level of science and technology has not been able to develop and protect it, the Peruvian government re closed the tunnel entrances found. It is also listed as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Mysterious man of Shasta crater

In April 1972, three students from Berkeley University climbed the 4318 meter high Shasta peak. This is an extinct volcano that has been extinguished for many years. Three students saw some flying saucers flying in and out near the crater.

More surprisingly, they also saw five & ldquo; Tall white & rdquo; In the crater. These & ldquo; Tall white & rdquo; He only stayed in the crater for a short time, and then disappeared behind a rock in the crater.

During World War II, American soldier Hebrew was separated from his comrades in arms during the battle with the Japanese invading Myanmar and left in the forests of Myanmar. One day, he accidentally found a cave hidden by boulders.

Hebrew ventured into the cave and found that it was illuminated by artificial light as bright as day, just like a huge underground city. Hebrew was fascinated when he was suddenly caught. One level was four years. Later, he tried his best to escape.

According to him, there are seven tunnels leading to the ground in this underground kingdom, with secret entrances and exits in some other parts of the world.

Altai Mountain underground corridor

In 1916, a report released by the geographer berosinov pointed out that some underground corridors were found in the Altay Mountains, extending from southern Mongolia to the desert Gobi.

After carefully analyzing the trend of the underground corridor, berosinov believes that Dunhuang in China may be a & ldquo; Underground kingdom & rdquo; The entrance to the. There are still many guesses about the entrance of the underground kingdom, including the strong magnetic field in the South Pole and the North Pole & ldquo; Black hole area & rdquo; And the Bermuda delta could be a gateway to another world.

Major general of the United States tells secrets from the heart of the earth

An adventure of underground civilization. They oppose the militarization of nuclear technology by terrestrial civilization, because they have personally experienced the terrorist consequences of the destruction of the world.

Baird wrote in his diary that in 1947, he led an expedition from the north pole into the interior of the earth. It is incredible that Baird saw a valley full of green trees and streams flowing in the valley.

This is the Arctic. It should be a world of ice and snow! Baird also found a huge flying saucer base and extinct animals and plants on the ground. In the flying saucer base, high-tech & ldquo; Superman & rdquo;.

These mysterious people told him that the underground world was called & ldquo; Ariani & rdquo;. Originally, they were unwilling to contact people from the outside world, but since the US military dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima, Japan, they realized that the weapons held by people from the outside world were very likely to destroy the whole world, so they sent aircraft to negotiate with the superpowers on the ground, but they did not get a positive response. Some aircraft were also attacked by fighter planes.

Those mysterious people predicted that if people use atomic weapons, the earth world is likely to embark on the road of self destruction, and mankind will enter the dark era again.

After returning to the United States, Baird immediately reported the adventure to the supreme authorities. He continued to record the magical discovery in his diary: & ldquo; That land is in the Arctic, and that base is a huge mystery& rdquo;

The first person to put forward the theory that the two poles of the earth have access is an American thinker William reed. He is the author of the nominal two poles, which was published in 1906.

This book presents the first pile of scientific evidence to support the theory that the earth is hollow and both poles have openings, according to the report of Arctic explorers. Reed estimates that the earth's hard surface is 800 miles thick and the inner hollow is 6400 miles in diameter.

Li De's revolutionary theory, the conclusion is as follows: & ldquo; The earth is hollow. The two poles are nominal. In the northernmost and southernmost, there is a port. In its center, there are vast lands, oceans, mountains and rivers.

In that new world, plants and animals are very eye-catching, and may live on the surface of our earth people do not know human beings& rdquo;

Russian physicist Fedor nivorin believes that the earth was just a huge cold mass floating in the universe at the beginning of its formation. Under the influence of the sun and cosmic energy, it began to heat and turn into lava state, and then began to cool slowly. A hard rock layer was formed on the earth's surface, but the lava under the rock layer remained boiling, Magma expands continuously when heated, forming gas that diffuses to the outside of the earth. After hundreds of millions of years of this expansion and diffusion, the center of the earth has actually become a & ldquo; Huge empty shell & rdquo;. Nivorin believes that the main outlet of large-scale gas diffusion is at the north and south poles, where it can still be clearly seen & ldquo; Huge cave & rdquo; Is obvious geological evidence.

The theory of the hollow Earth

  • There is no evidence that the earth is solid. At present, no drilling machine can drill to the center of the earth, so everything can only be speculated. Scientists try to use seismic waves to prove that the earth is solid, but the seismic waves eventually spread to the side rather than to the center, so there is no basis for the earth to be solid.
  • The earth must be hollow. Now scientists speculate that the center of the earth is liquid iron and nickel, but both iron and nickel are objects with great density. Although the sum of the gravitational forces of various layers on it is zero, there are also the gravitational forces of the sun and the moon and the centrifugal force of the earth's rotation. These things are bound to leave the center of the earth. So the earth must be hollow.
  • There are entrances at the two poles. Among the evidence of the mystery of the earth's cavity, the most convincing is the four photos of the north pole from space. But it was not taken seriously for two years since the shooting, until it was discovered and published by a researcher. The photos of the Arctic are one of the important evidence of the earth's cavity.
  • UFOs appear frequently at both poles. In the distant prehistoric times, who built the grand tunnel in the center of the earth? Who left the treasure in the inner earth tunnel? Perhaps we should continue to wait for human exploration & hellip& hellip;