Mysterious Western Tarot Divination

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Tarot cards are considered to be the crystallization of Western wisdom, an ancient science to explore the changes of the universe and life, and full of Western art and culture.

  • It can predict your life, love and future;
  • It can also go deep into a person's heart and excavate the secret development direction of his psychology and spirit;
  • It can also uncover the mysterious spiritual level and open the door of the subconscious through the symbolic patterns of playing cards. Ordinary people can find their own strength, transcendence or limitation through its mysterious hints, guide their thoughts and actions towards a more positive and bright side, and make the inner and outer world full of harmony and balance.

“ Tarot ” The word "Tao" is derived from the Egyptian words "tar" and "ro", which contain “ Kingcraft ” The meaning of. Therefore, “ Tarot ” In itself, it refers to the correct determination that a king should have, which is the origin of this divination method. Tarot card is an ancient divination tool. Its origin is a mysterious legend. Many experts who study mystics try to find a clue. There are different opinions about it

  • Some people say it comes from Egypt, which means “ Sacred journey &rdquo& Ldquo; The God of intelligence and magic;.
  • It is said that it comes from ancient Rome, which means “ in Latin; The wheel of life;.
  • Some say it comes from Hebrew, which means “ Rule &rdquo.
  • Some people say it comes from Persia, and the gypsy means “ Playing cards ”, Set “ Tarot ” The word "Gypsies" was introduced into Europe.
  • It is said that it came from ancient India. In the hands of Indian gods, they held some symbolic things of tarot cards, such as cups, powers, swords and rings.
  • It is said that it came from China. Card games were printed on the notes of the Tang Dynasty. It is said that cards were used for entertainment by the wives and concubines of the court.

Either way, one thing is certain: tarot is a wise man who has painted the ancient wisdom Scriptures into patterns and handed them down.

It is said that the original "Tarot" did not do divination in the form of cards. It was just a "book of DaoTe", a mysterious book specially used to convey the will of God. Whenever the ancient Pharaohs had any doubts that needed to be solved, they would open the book of DaoTe, and all the problems would be solved. (Note: DaoTe is the God of culture and education.) later, when the Egyptian Dynasty was wiped out, in order to prevent this mysterious book from falling into the hands of foreign people, it was painted on cards in the form of pictures and delivered to the gods. Later, it was introduced into Europe by Alexander. Around the middle ages, tarot cards, which are now played by everyone, were formed.

Tarot was popular in the middle ages of the West. It can be found in many pictures and books at that time. Tarot is everywhere, whether it is the Royal Palace, the nobility or the common people. Until the rise of the church, tarot cards were regarded as the mysterious magic of paganism, and were suppressed from then on. Under the protection of people with intentions, the Tarot Card survived and showed its mysterious style in front of the public.

Tarot cards are composed of 22 picture cards (big Akana) and 56 digital cards (small Akana). There are 78 cards in total. Each exquisite card has its unique pattern and meaning. The method of divination is to arrange the cards in a certain form (here we call it "unfolding"), and then check the position of the cards to make a decision.

We can do divination according to different needs such as love, health, wealth, marriage, etc. no matter what it is, we can know it through the tarot card, especially when we don't know what action to take. It is a very good guide. In addition, as for the explanation of the card, only you can discover the message conveyed by the card and uncover the ancient mystery of Tarot.

We can take Tarot as a kind of map, which is drawn with symbolic patterns and symbols to indicate various road signs on the inner road. If we use it correctly, we can give us an internal and new perspective of any unknown situation.

The traditional tarot card divides seventy-eight cards into twenty-two major Akana cards (from 0 to 21), sixteen palace cards and forty minor Akana cards.

Major Arcana: the answer or message given to you is about the larger problem or main situation in your hand. At the same time, it provides high-level cosmic teachings for everyone. These teachings provide us with answers to the important problems at present.

Court cards: Generally speaking, these cards are related to some important people in our lives. It not only tells us what we must learn and want to understand, but also some special wisdom that we should have.

Minor Arcana: it belongs to those smaller answers and secondary questions in hand. It is usually related to more direct daily life. It is divided into four groups of fourteen cards, which are:

  • The scepter is governed by the fire element. These cards represent the universality of energy, especially the natural power (masculine or masculine side), which is related to perception, intuition, insight and action.
  • The sword is dominated by the water element. They reflect our inner emotional reality. Their fields include love, feelings, communication of relationships, and natural energy (feminine or feminine).
  • The Holy Grail is dominated by Qi elements. This group usually reflects our mental or spiritual state, including possible and meditative processes. Our level is the easiest to be felt by the outside world. This group also tells us what kind of energy can be used to shape our lives.
  • Star coins are dominated by earth elements. These cards point to our external, physical, and physical reality. These external reflections are internal. Related to soil elements include health, body, nutrition, clothing, property, poverty and wealth.

Each tarot card has a symbol that indicates your inner thoughts, subconscious motives, hidden fears and desires, as well as your personality, long-term destiny and weaknesses.

Each tarot card also represents a process, including joy, pain, hope, change and rebirth. It is the reproduction of people's lives, whether in body, mind or emotion.

Each tarot card represents a kind of character, including a warm and loving mother, traditional and decent religious leaders, indomitable warriors, and smart mountain people. They are both incarnations of real people and part of yourself.

Each tarot card has multiple meanings. For example, the lover not only represents romantic, but also represents the choice facing love; It not only represents substantive love, but also represents spiritual love. For example, the chariot represents not only victory and conquest, but also power and conflict.

At the same time, each tarot card also implies different meanings on the positive and negative sides, depending on whether the position of the card is positive or reverse. For example, the moon is positive for ideal, reverse for confusion, and the devil is positive for temptation, degeneration, and reverse for getting rid of bondage.

The twenty-two big Akana cards represent different stages of life and different situations. These stages include:

  • The fool: a journey to life full of innocence and innocence without fear.
  • The magician: learn the art of communication.
  • The high priestress: full of confidence and insight.
  • The empress: develop love and wisdom.
  • (the emperor): to exercise leadership and command others.
  • The hierophant: the pursuit of faith in life
  • (the lovers) lovers: developing different relationships
  • (the chariot): overcome difficulties and win.
  • Justice: treat people fairly and justly.
  • Hermit: self reflection and meditation.
  • (the wheel of fortune) the wheel of Destiny: change your destiny and strive to move up.
  • Strength: perseverance and strength.
  • The Hanged Man: self sacrifice and dedication.
  • Death: the end of a thing or an experience.
  • Temperance: to end the past and maintain balance.
  • (the devil): the dangerous side of things or the dark side of the heart.
  • (the tower): get rid of bondage and get laughter.
  • (the star): Ignite the fire.
  • The moon: pursue your dreams.
  • (the sun): achieve success.
  • Judgment: use wise judgment.
  • (the world): build a beautiful new world.