Is there a twisted channel near the mystery of the disappearance of the Bermuda Triangle?

An earthman's alien journey (1)

Bermuda Triangle, also known as & ldquo; Devil triangle & rdquo; Or & ldquo; Death Hell & rdquo;, Sargasso Sea, located in the North Atlantic, is a triangular area formed by British Bermuda, American Puerto Rico and the southern tip of Florida. In the past years, a large number of aircraft and ships have disappeared in this sea area. What's more unimaginable is that some missing people have reappeared decades after they were found and can tell their experiences. What the hell is going on? An earthman invited by aliens to the planet haiowa revealed the clue in his book.

This earth man with magical experience is named Michael desmarquet. He was born in Normandy, France, in 1931. After graduating from high school, he joined the French army and served in French Equatorial Africa for the next eight years. After his retirement, he became a gardener in a plantation in Africa, and then returned to France to do various sales jobs.

In 1972, Michelle, 41, moved from France to Cairns, Australia, where he owned his own property and wealth and spent more than ten years in peace until a mysterious alien visited.

It was an ordinary night in 1987. Somehow, Michelle woke up at 12:30 in the middle of the night and put on her clothes. Then she walked uncontrollably to the desk and wrote & ldquo; Honey, I'm leaving for ten days. Don't worry about me & rdquo; Your message. Then he went out of the house and was soon shrouded in a strange blue light.

Michelle felt something was wrong and wanted to go home, but her body was completely out of control, and gradually left the ground and climbed up quickly. He thought he was dreaming, but a tall man with no difference in appearance from the earth and wearing a spacesuit and helmet appeared in front of him and told him it was not a dream, & ldquo; We just selected you and invited you to experience a special trip & rdquo;, And let him relax. That man can speak Michelle's mother tongue French.

The comer told Michelle that he would use all human languages, and that he came from the planet haiowa outside the earth and was a bisexual. Michelle could call him & ldquo; Tao & rdquo;.

Tao explained the current situation to Michelle: & ldquo; The darkness you and I are currently in is actually a parallel time and space. The time of our trip is 20 to 50 years on earth. But you don't have to worry. I've locked your time and space with a time lock. After the trip, it's only ten days on earth. The trip won't cause any damage or change to your body& rdquo;

Michelle followed Tao to a spaceship. It looked like a gray sphere without doors and windows, about 70 meters in diameter. When the two approached, the ship automatically opened a door. They boarded the ship together and began this mysterious and special journey. There are also Tao's companions on the spacecraft. Tao introduced Michelle one by one. Tao told Michelle that the speed of the spacecraft is several times the speed of light.

In this way, Michelle followed Tao to haiaohua star in a spaceship and stayed there for ten days. During her journey and stay on haiowa, Michelle learned a lot about earth civilization, human mysteries and other truths. After returning to earth, he wrote a book entitled "Thiaoouba prophecy". After the book was published, it was translated into 15 languages and sold well all over the world.

The secret of Bermuda Triangle

The book describes that when Michelle was in parallel time and space after taking off, he saw some people dressed like the 20th century, asked Tao what was going on, and Tao told Michelle what was going on in Bermuda.

Tao said that it was an accident for those people to come to this parallel space-time. In the Bermuda Triangle on earth, there are other places that are not completely known. This layer of parallel world is mixed with the earth's space-time world, forming a natural distorted channel between them. When people, animals and objects approach this twisted channel, they will be sucked in& ldquo; For example, a fleet can disappear in a few seconds for this reason. Sometimes someone or someone will return to your world in a few hours, days or years, but more often, they will never return& rdquo; Obviously, there is a mysterious, powerful and invisible force here.

“ When a person really returns and mentions his experience to people, most people will not believe it. If he insists on his statement, others will think he is crazy. In most cases, after realizing his image in the eyes of his peers, he will never mention the experience. Sometimes, the returnee will lose his memory, and even if he recovers some memory, it is not about the parallel world and is useless to reveal the truth& rdquo;

Tao also told Michelle that the mortality rate of these people entering parallel time and space is very low. They will only die by accident or suicide. Time is frozen for them. Some of the men, women and animals here are 30000 to 50000 Earth years old or more.

Tao also cited an example of earth people entering parallel time and space. He said that in North America, a young man completely disappeared when he went to a well hundreds of meters away from home to draw water. About an hour later, his family and friends began to look for him. However, in the middle of the bare field, his footprints disappeared without any other abnormalities. Some people think he was taken away by aliens, but in fact he was sucked into another layer of space.

Wikipedia shows that between 1880 and 1976, there were about 158 disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, where at least 2000 people were killed or missing. For example, in August 1840, a French sailboat & ldquo; Rochelli & rdquo; The was sailing quietly in the sea of Bermuda. Curious people boarded the ship and found that there was no one above, but the goods such as silk and satin in the cargo hold were intact, and the fruit was still fresh and untouched. Where are the sailors on the ship? No one knows.

In addition, on December 27, 1948, a DC-3 large civil aviation flight disappeared here. In 1963, American tanker & ldquo; Marlin Keith & rdquo; The number is missing here. On June 1, 2009, Air France's flight carrying 231 people disappeared.

According to Tao, these people, planes and ships have been sucked into another time and space, but we don't know who is on earth, and there are many examples of the missing.

In August 1981, a British cruise ship named Haifeng was at & ldquo; Devil triangle & rdquo; The Bermuda sea area suddenly disappeared, when the six people on board disappeared. Eight years later, the ship miraculously appeared in the original sea area of Bermuda, and the six people on board were safe and sound. The common characteristic of these six people is that they are unaware of the eight years that have passed and think that it is just a moment.

In addition, in the Caribbean in 1954, Charley Logan and dale Norton suddenly disappeared while flying balloons. In 1990, the balloon disappeared for many years and suddenly appeared on the sea surface of Cuba and North America. The two missing people did not know that 36 years had passed and thought they were still participating in the competition. They just feel a slight tingling sensation all over their body, as if a weak current flows through their body.

In addition, 25 US soldiers who sank into the sea with the US Navy cruiser Indianapolis in the South Pacific in 1945 due to Japanese submarine attack were rescued by Philippine fishermen in 1989. They were as young as when the cruiser sank 45 years ago and thought they had drifted for only nine days.

There are many similar examples. According to Tao's explanation, time is solidified for people who accidentally enter parallel space-time, and the reason why they return to the earth after disappearing should be that they accidentally enter the twisted channel and return to the space-time of the earth.

Perhaps the secret of Bermuda Triangle is to tell people on earth that there is not only one time and space in the world, and there are many secrets in the universe that people cannot know. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the awe of heaven.