The complete collection of tarot card array -- divine triangle conjecture

The holy triangle conjecture method is the simplest and easiest to learn among all tarot cards. It is suitable for right and wrong questions. When faced with ambiguous problems, for example, can it be … Will &hellip Do you want to &hellip Wait, using the holy triangle divination method will help you make a clear and definite analysis. But if you want to ask for more detailed information, you should choose other card array methods to use.

The holy triangle conjecture is a typical card array of time flow, that is, it only gives the direct answer to the problem through the back and forth mobility of time. This card array has no suggestion card or indicator card. It only uses three cards to point out the answers to the questions that are not very complicated.

1、 Pendulum method

  • Take up the 22 large Akana cards, count them from the top one to the seventh one, take them out, and put them at the position of 1 as shown in the figure above;
  • The counted cards are put aside, and they are no longer needed. Then, count the remaining cards again, and then take out the seventh card and put it in the position of 2;
  • Similarly, the counted cards are put aside. Count again and put the seventh sheet in position 3 of. At this point, you should have only one card left in your hand, and this card will be put into the stack that you have counted.
  • Turn the three cards arranged on the table from left to right in the order just now and begin to interpret.

2、 Memorial tablet implication

  • Represents past experience.
  • Represent the current situation of my problem.
  • Represents the predicted result of the problem in the future.

Example of divination

Question: can I pass every subject in this final exam?


  • Past: positive world position
  • Now: power positive
  • Future: upright position of upside down crane

Board interpretation:

  • In “ Past ” Getting the positive position in the world means that you are comfortable with studying and have no problem dealing with your schoolwork.
  • And “ Now ” If you get the positive position of strength, it means that you have really made efforts for this exam and used your firm willpower to study and review.
  • Last “ Future ” If you get the upside down position, your pay and sacrifice will have a price, so you can pass the exam. But this card also reminds you that you must not relax. You must make continuous efforts to get the desired results.