There are two things in life that most damage luck and blessing


Now most people's lives are basically centered on making money and enjoying themselves. We should know that suffering is suffering, and enjoying happiness is eliminating happiness. A person's welfare is like a bank deposit. If you only withdraw but don't deposit, you will have an overdraft. If you don't cultivate blessings, you only know pleasure. When the blessings are exhausted, all the troubles will appear.

A warlock came to a place a few years ago. He was asked to test a man. He asked if he was an official? People ask what officials say? What about not being an official? He said: if he is not an official, he is still alive. If he is an official, he is dead. Sure enough, this man is the stationmaster of a small power station and has just died. Because his blessings are small, when he is a small official, he will lose all his blessings.

Some people try their best to be famous. In fact, being famous is not necessarily a good thing without practical merit and blessing. Those who are famous for their poor merits and blessings are not only easy to provoke disasters, but also go to the evil way to eliminate karma if disasters can not equal their reputation.

The two most damaging things in the world are good luck and good fortune:

1. Unfilial parents 2 licentiousness

What is adultery? All relationships between men and women that are not recognized by national laws or social morality are called adultery. Such as stealing forbidden fruits, unmarried cohabitation, one night stand, extramarital affairs, homosexuality, etc. even if couples are having sex, there should be restrictions on time, place, karma and so on, which should not be indulged.

Lust is the disrespect and trampling of oneself, and the disgust of all blessings. Nature will also give its disrespect in return according to its own intention. Therefore, the consequences of adultery are extremely tragic. In this world, people feel unlucky, have bad luck, consume money, be bullied, humble, family discord, bad marriage, bad work, trance, low self-esteem, fear, even bad disease, death and other bitter and evil fate. People who commit adultery, extramarital love and unmarried cohabitation should be cautious!

People who commit adultery will become worse and worse. They often have colds, tinnitus, blurred eyes, sore mouth and tongue, backache, leg pain, stuffy nose, poor energy, dizziness, always have to sleep during the day and can't sleep at night, so it's difficult to live a normal life. The image of * * * * people will become worse and worse, grow uglier and uglier, lack masculine youth and vitality, and have a look of fatigue and obscenity; Serious damage to brain function will lead to a sharp decline in memory and loss of learning ability; Being uncomfortable and shy with girls, it is difficult to communicate with the opposite sex, and it is difficult to be satisfied when falling in love**** People with bad reputation are the fastest, and it is difficult to get into their ideal school, promotion and salary increase. Generally, they will not go well; Will greatly damage their own blessings and eventually become mediocre and poor people; People who commit adultery commit suicide in a chronic way, which is a great unfilial act; An evil person is like a big funnel. He will quickly lose his accumulated merits and virtues and will not achieve anything in life......

True karma of adultery: I am 34 years old. I am a national civil servant. I have an enviable job in our small city. I have a beautiful and dignified wife and a lovely son. It is said that I should live carefree, but I can't feel the happiness of life at all. All these are the karma of adultery. I began to work at the age of 11, Basically once a day, more than twice. Originally, I was a blessed person. My academic performance ranked among the top 30 in the local provincial key middle schools. I was also good at playing table tennis, football and other sports activities. I was an enviable student in my class. Because of thinking about adultery all day, I got a serious mental illness in the third year of junior high school & mdash& mdash; Since then, OCD has fallen into boundless pain. Sometimes I can't sleep for three or four days, and my academic performance has plummeted. I didn't even get into the high school of my school, or my parents paid a high price to let me go to the high school, but I still don't know how to repent. My physical condition has plummeted for three years in high school. I live powerlessly every day and can't even straighten up my waist. The academic performance is lower than that of the class. Every day, in addition to prostitution, I wash my face with tears. After the college entrance examination, I was extremely depressed. I ran away from home for a year, which broke my parents' heart for me. Later, I reluctantly entered the ranks of civil servants. I was not happy at all. I felt that I was living a life without people and ghosts.

The long-term evil sex has led to my poor physical condition, mainly including frequent colds, kidney deficiency and premature diarrhea. However, I found it twice in the bath center when my body got better XJ, which is really inferior to animals. The mental illness caused by adultery makes me live in delusion and regret every day. I have few friends in my life. Many people look down on me in the work unit for no reason. For a period of time, I didn't even want to go to work. Now I know it's the karma of my adultery. Now I am studying the Dharma intensively every day, hoping that I can practice the precepts and blessings and achieve a perfect life. I hope the latecomers can learn a lesson from me, believe in cause and effect and change themselves.

Adultery does make people unlucky and have frequent accidents

I used to have the habit of prostitution. I like to watch bad websites. I find that every time I commit adultery, I have to pay meaningless money (lose money) in two days. Moreover, the whole person will be in a bad mood and will not be respected by others. If I work hard at ordinary times, I will not be recognized by others. Here, I would like to advise those who read bad websites and hands y to be careful not to commit adultery, which will indeed affect your luck, wealth and career. I hope friends who still have a fluke mentality can correct it quickly, and don't let themselves sink again and again, waste their blessings again and again, low career and difficult life.

I repent of all my previous bad behavior. I think all my experiences are the result of my adultery. I hope the world won't do it again. This is extremely detrimental to good fortune. Not at all.