Do you know where the three "gates of hell" on earth are?

On earth, there are three places called & ldquo; Hell gate & rdquo;. These three are called & ldquo; Hell gate & rdquo; What do you think of the place?

Turkmenistan's & ldquo; Hell gate & rdquo;

The first is called & ldquo; Hell gate & rdquo; Is a hole in Turkmenistan.

The fire in the pit has been burning for more than 50 years, so how did the pit form? It is understood that in 1971, Soviet geologists discovered that there was a large amount of natural gas underground, so they led the team to mine it. Unexpectedly, a large area of the mine collapsed, resulting in a large amount of natural gas gushing out of the ground. In order to facilitate the survey to continue, scientists prepared a fire to ignite the natural gas. Unexpectedly, it didn't matter, It's been burning for 50 years and has never been extinguished.

Kunlun Mountains & ldquo; Hell gate & rdquo;

The second & ldquo; Hell gate & rdquo; It comes from a canyon near Kunlun Mountain in China.

It is said that the shepherds living in Kunlun mountain would rather starve their cattle and sheep to death in the Gobi desert because there is no fat grass to eat than dare not enter the ancient and silent valley with lush grass in Kunlun mountain. This valley is the valley of death, known as the & ldquo; Hell gate & rdquo;.

The valley is full of wolf fur, bear bones, Hunter steel guns and barren hills and solitary graves, rendering a gloomy and frightening smell of death to the world. It is reported that a real incident occurred here in 1983, which was witnessed by a geological team of Xinjiang Bureau of Geology and mineral resources.

That year, a group of horses in Alar pasture, Qinghai Province, greedily ate fresh grass and entered the valley of death. A herdsman had to venture into the valley to find a horse. A few days later, the horses came back, but the herdsman didn't come back. Later, when people saw his body on a hill, they couldn't bear to gamble. Their clothes were broken, their feet were bare, their eyes were wide open, their mouth was wide open, and they still held the shotgun in their hands. They looked like they were dying in peace. But strangely, there were no scars or signs of attack on his body.

Shortly after the incident, the geological team working nearby was also attacked by death valley. It was July and the summer was hot, but there was a sudden snowstorm. After the snowstorm, there was a sudden thunder roar, and the cook of the geological team fainted on the spot. Colleagues rushed to the rescue after hearing the news, and the cook slowly woke up.

He recalled that at that time, he only heard a thunder sound in the back, and suddenly felt numb, his eyes blackened, and he didn't know anything. When the team members began to work the next day, they found that the whole hillside had changed, the Loess had turned scorched black, like ashes, all animals and plants had disappeared, and the bones of fallen cattle and other animals were everywhere. It was desolate.

The geological team immediately inspected the valley and found that there were obvious magnetic anomalies in the area, which were widely distributed. The deeper the valley was, the higher the magnetic anomaly value was. Geologists believe that under the action of electromagnetic effect, the air discharge generated by the magnetic field in the valley and the charge in the clouds makes it a thundery area, and the object of lightning is often running animals. This seems to explain the frequent tragedies in death valley.

In addition, geologists also found that there is an underground river under the swamp at the bottom of death valley. If people step on the swamp, they will immediately fall into the river and be pulled into the abyss by the great attraction of the underground river. This also cast a terrible shadow on the valley of death.

Many people want to explore decryption & ldquo; Hell gate & rdquo;, But it didn't reveal his mystery after all.

& ldquo; Hell gate & rdquo;

The last one is & ldquo; Sol's well & rdquo;, Also known as & ldquo; Hell gate & rdquo;. This huge hole is big enough to swallow a big ship. It looks unfathomable, as if it is sucking the Pacific Ocean dry. At high tide, the scene of sea water gushing out is more spectacular, attracting many tourists every year.

However, the Pacific sea level is actually very safe because of this & ldquo; Sol's well & rdquo; Only about 20 feet (6 meters) deep.

According to the Oregon travel network traveloregon COM, & ldquo; Sol's well & rdquo; Cape perpetua scenic area, located near yachats, may have been a sea erosion cave. After a long time, the top of the cave collapsed and the tide below spewed out of the cave dramatically.