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Perspective of the inner world of the moon Pisces

No matter what kind of appearance the Moon Pisces people would have, they would add a quiet and gentle feeling than other moon constellations. Gentle and graceful characters are the unique charm to impress people, the moon Pisces could play this role vividly and incisively. Moon Pisces women might be short of bright redolence, but full of Lily-like well-mannered refine. Perhaps their appearance would not be amazing, but they would give birth to a little charming smile when looking back, they would always speak gently and express leisurely. The gentle character is more than a temperament, but more because they would give birth to the kind of subdued atmosphere. Moon Pisces men might be lack of rash and strong, but full of delicate and romantic fine. Maybe their facial lines would not be so angular, but the breath of fresh quiet gentleman would make people memorable. They would not speak much, but would always note of the needs of the people around at the first time. On the moon Pisces men, delicate is not just a habit, it is more the warm gas field to bring others.

You could not see their tears, moon Pisces people would hide all tears in the heart. They would be tolerant and understanding, you could always feel that you are holding in their hands to live with them, they would make your favorite foods, buy your favorite CD, wear clothes you praise for, and strive to become what you hope for. In fact, it is all because that they love you, and let their preferences in the second row, and put your desire in the first row. In the course of time, you would not be surprised at what they did, for they've given you too much surprise. You've regard all this for granted. They do not mind paying for you all along, they would only hope to make you happy and let you understand their heart. When you ignored them time and time again, did you find that their eyes showed a little disappointment? They would be afraid to make you feel weary, so they would hide all grievances into the heart. Thus what you see would be always soft and gentle look.

Like all Pisces people, moon Pisces people would hide independent determination behind the gentle tolerance. You'd better not cherish because they have been trying to play the role to pay for. You'd better not think that they would be dependent and tied by the mood of lover and would always remain In their own lives. The moon Pisces people I knew in emotions would play a role to take care of others, but they would be independent in the individual life. They would not be so inherently dependent and immature like the sun Pisces, but they would have their own ideals and career besides the feelings, and even many of them would have good performance in the other field. So, when you shouted at the moon Pisces every time, they would always respond with silence to your gaffe. But when you repeatedly made them disappointed, they would express understanding with embarrassed smile. But, have you found that when you are getting careless of them, you might think that they would always forgive you, and would finally betray them with impunity, they would throw off your hands like the cold Antarctic iceberg, the ruthless figure would never be familiar with the gentle appearance.

If you had a moon Pisces lover, you'd better cherish all the person did, not be self-indulgent because of your lover's tolerance. You'd better understand the person's tolerance and adhere. Do not let your lover have tears in heart, because the person is the wizard from the sea, when the heart had too many tears, your lover would leave this land of sorrow and return to the ocean without leaving a trace!