Palms - hand shape


Looking at hand shape is the simplest and most correct application method in all palm analysis. Hand shape not only determines a person's basic character and values, but also determines a person's method and attitude. If the results of other palm analysis and hand shape analysis are different, please take the hand shape as the standard.

There are six kinds of hand shapes: gold hand, wood hand, water hand, fire hand, earth hand and concurrent hand.

Golden hand (square hand, practical hand, capable hand)

It belongs to the hand shape of rationality, strong working ability and leadership. It is characterized by palm square and finger square. The upper, lower, left and right sides of the palm are almost equal in length, like a four square. The palm color is snow-white, transparent, beautiful and bright. The fingertips and nails are also square. The palm flesh is thick and elastic, the thumb is strong and powerful, and the thumb ball (Venus Hill) is quite developed.

Men and women with this hand shape advocate reality rather than flashiness, abide by order, have a firm will, have strong endurance, keep themselves as jade, and can frugally run a family without delaying comfort. They are pragmatic. They can achieve great cause and live a long life, but they are not smooth, stubborn, and tend to be too stingy without being arrogant and cool.

Personality: people with golden hands are very talented and capable of leadership, have a sense of fairness and justice, like to protect the weak, don't like bullying, receive favors from others, must return, don't want to live up to others, don't want to take advantage of others, eat soft rather than hard, are dissatisfied with the current situation, have the courage to break through, resist pressure, change the environment and grasp their own destiny, But sometimes it will be too positive, causing too much pressure on the people around you.

Feelings: people with golden hands are very persistent and do not belong to the romantic type. They can't accept feelings being cheated and don't like casual and sweet talking objects. Gold hand people like to be aggressive and have strong working ability. People who want to pursue gold hand should prove their feelings with practical actions.

  • The more executive people like to seek truth from facts, but others will think you are serious, so you will be lonely in the workplace.
  • The more executive people are, they can easily rush forward. However, they often try to go in the wrong direction without careful thinking.
  • Once a person with executive power enters the leadership, if there is a mistake in the overall strategy, because the executive power is faster than the reaction power, it is not easy to save the mistake at the first time, which easily leads to the failure of the chain reaction company.

Therefore, creative and innovative work, cultural and artistic work, freelance work, or manual work are all types of work that you are not suitable for. You will find it boring, unwilling to do it, and will not do it for a long time.

Occupation: fair and meticulous. It is a serious and progressive type. It is suitable for accountants, politicians, engineers, architects, lawyers, scholars, soldiers, doctors, etc.

Water hand (conical hand, artistic hand, beauty loving hand, emotional hand)

It belongs to the hand shape with sensibility, talent and strategic ability. It is characterized by thick and soft palm meat, soft skin, elastic muscles, short and wide hands, wide finger base and pointed finger ends, long nails, dense separation between fingers, small thumb fingers, white palm color, hidden but not exposed green tendons on the back of the palm, and light and shallow finger back lines.

People with this hand shape are intelligent, gifted in art, meticulous, good at dealing with the environment, optimistic and compassionate, but they are impatient, smooth in fantasy, fickle in cold and hot feelings, vain and comfortable. Success or failure lies in the thumb. If the male thumb grows up hard and straight, it must be full of genius, eloquent and very popular. For example, women are talented, but they will love luxury, indulge in leisure, do things from beginning to end, and their love ethics are not firm. If Mu refers to short or weak, both men and women will indulge in debauchery and idleness, and do everything for pleasure. This kind of hand type people will have weakness of spleen and stomach, and are prone to rheumatism and arthralgia in middle and old age.

Personality: water hand people are smart, talented, strong learning ability, keen observation, like to explore the truth behind things, clear thinking, unique judgment and analysis ability, but lack of execution and action. If you want to do this and that, you have rich imagination, but lack sustainability. It's easy to say nothing. Water hand people can adapt to the surrounding environment with different roles. No matter how bad it is, you can adapt slowly and change the environment. Water hand people have a strong adaptability to changes in the environment, so it is easy to give people a different impression, but it is not easy for ordinary people to imagine your thinking mode. Water hand people have strong thinking ability, but weak execution ability. They have a lot of dissatisfaction and expectations for the life around them, and also have the ability to improve, but they are not easy to take action.

Feelings: people with water shaped hands easily fall in love with people from different backgrounds. They belong to different worlds in mind, life, or environment. This novel and different feeling makes you attract each other. However, the cognitive gap between the two sides will be the gap you want to overcome together. Water hand people are more likely to encounter complementary love, that is, there are few similarities between the two sides, but there are great differences.

  • Most smart people have jumping thinking, so that people next to them can't keep up.
  • Smart people are full of creativity, but lack executive power. They are easy to say more and do less.
  • Smart people don't like communication and like to speak frankly, so they don't get promoted by their boss easily.


Wooden hand (Philosophical hand, nodular hand, intellectual hand)

It belongs to perceptual, aestheticism and creative hand shape. It is characterized by flat and long palm, medium thickness, solid and elastic, deep skin color, palmar back muscles and blood vessels, high bone joints, obvious finger back lines, long fingers and nails, thin and jointed, finger ends between square and sharp, strong and rigid thumb fingers, not easy to flex, and green and bright palm color.

People with this type of hand are smart, eager to learn and think deeply, calm, good at analyzing things, independent thinking, strong endurance, can withstand a heavy blow, will not be depressed in case of frustration, good at organization, generous, and will not be stingy with money, but will pay attention to trifles, care about small sections, arrogant, and more superstitious about religion. This kind of hand type is mostly worried about the spleen, and even the lungs and kidneys are involved.

Personality: people with wooden hands are stubborn, independent and want to climb up. They don't like to be buried. They don't rely on others, but they are exclusive. They don't easily let others know you. They don't like small groups. They are used to a fixed lifestyle, don't easily adapt to the changing environment, have their own ideas, have the courage to be themselves, have strong subjectivity and dare to express themselves, Can take responsibility and take care of the weak. People with wooden hands are very soft hearted, compassionate and easily moved. In addition, wooden hands are also curious and want to find out the bottom, especially in the fields of religion, art, philosophy, soul and so on.

Feelings: people with wooden hands are more romantic and belong to Platonic love. Wooden hands have high vision, so unless the object is perfect, both inside and outside the United States, outstanding temperament and appearance, and depth, wooden hands will move.

  • People who like to think easily indulge in their own world. Ordinary people don't easily enter your heart, so they will be lonely.
  • People who like to think lack executive power and are easy to say more and do less.
  • People who like to think don't like to strive for fame and wealth. They don't succeed easily through competition, but they can succeed through waiting.


Earth shaped hand (grate shaped hand, egg shaped hand, entrepreneurial hand, sensitive hand)

It belongs to a rational, down-to-earth and executive hand. It is characterized by extremely wide hand neck connection, long fingers, flat and wide fingertips, and there seems to be meat on the left and right. The palm shape is not neat, the palm muscles are especially thick and tough, and the flesh color is yellow.

People with this skill are energetic, sensitive and hardworking, pay attention to reality, do not admire vanity, have deep human feelings, strong self-confidence, dare to act, and rich in creativity. They like reading reconnaissance, adventure, war, history and other books, but they are stubborn, emotional, do not abide by conventional customs, and are good at expressing their opinions.

Personality: people with earth shaped hands are more willing to sacrifice themselves and protect others. Their personality is comfortable with the situation and can accept others. They belong to the type of smart, but not small smart. The native hand is easy-going, but a little dull. Although he has many valuable opinions, he doesn't express his opinions casually. People with earthy hands don't like to ask for credit, so most people easily ignore your contribution. Once you leave your original post, people will realize your importance. The people's defense of earth shaped hands is also very strong. Ordinary people don't easily enter your inner world. They don't easily give up on the things that have always been implemented. They are a little stubborn in choosing the good.

Feelings: people with earth shaped hands easily move towards the opposite sex they like, but they don't succeed easily. They often die without illness. It's really a little difficult for both of them to fall in love at first sight. Generally speaking, people with earth shaped hands need to go through the stage of communication before the opposite sex can find your advantages and inner beauty.

Fire hand (spiritual hand, spiritual hand, ideal hand)

It is a perceptual, charming and professional hand. Features such as water shaped hand, but the hand is thin and thin, the palm is long, soft and thin, and slightly curved, the skin color is white, the green tendons are obvious, the upper tip of the palm shape is wide, the knuckles are not exposed, the nails are long, round and red, the thumb finger configuration is symmetrical, and the palm color is white.

The facultative hand (primitive hand, mixed hand) has the characteristics of different five shapes

It is characterized by ordinary fingers, fat, short, thick and hard hands, thick and clumsy fingers, short and curved hands, dark skin color, exposed green tendons on the back of the palm, thick and hard knuckles like tree roots, short nails and rough skin, difficult to bend back fingers, deep and messy finger back lines, and very simple palm lines.

The primitive hand is very small, or unintentionally. It is irrational, violent and irritable, but timid and crafty. It doesn't know what emotion is and has a strong labor force. This kind of hand type mostly belongs to hyperactivity of liver fire, and has a higher chance of vertigo and respiratory diseases.

People with concurrent shape hands have different five shape characteristics, which can be discussed according to their most obvious five shape characteristics and with reference to the analysis of the above five shape hands. As for the less obvious five shape characteristics, they belong to recessive personality, which is not easy to appear at ordinary times, but they still exist.