To see your wealth from facial features and mouth shape

People with big mouth would have good wealth generally. But whether to have wealth luck depends on the adaptability between mouth and other facial features. But if people with only big mouth are not rich necessarily.

1, The wide mouth

If the mouth is wide enough to put a fist, which represents the person is rich and honorable. But only a fine figure of a man can have such fortune. In contrast, a small stature of a man, even if he has a big mouth, which is not a lucky physiognomy. 

2、The mouth is big in proper size

The mouth is big in proper size, the mouth is positive, lips are thick and positive, teeth are white and complete, all these indicate that the people are bold and brave with full of energy, full of strength and decisiveness of action, they are mostly leaders.

3, The small mouth and big ears

The small mouth and big ears indicate that the people would encounter blocks in career and rush about, it is difficult to have achievement, lack of riches and honor. However, people with small and thick and clear ears is small but rich people would have different fortune.

4, The big nose small mouth

People with big nose small mouth would court disaster due to verbal behavior, they might get lawsuit disaster, especially in real estate. They might buy house with problems frequently, it is difficult to achieve success.

5, The small mouth and small eyes

People with small mouth and small eyes speak one way and think another, deeds can not accord with words. They are unsuitable to seek official or become boss. If the mouth is too big, eyes are small without corners, which means the people can not control the desire, causing bodily corrupt, easily premature death.

6, The mouth is big without edges and corners

The mouth is big without edges and corners, which means that althought the people are good at making money, but it is difficult to accumulate wealth, they are unsuitable for a proper job. If there are flesh around the mouth, which is called edge and corner.