Dream of eyes

Dream of red eyes - indicates that the body is sick.

Dream of a woman's eyes shining - everything will be in vain.

Dream of their own eyes swollen but not painful - life will be happy, no pain.

Dreaming of a woman who is wearing black Eyeshadow or eye smoke -- the economy will suffer losses.

Dream of other people winking at themselves - means to get serious illness, or even incurable disease.

Dream of cleaning your eyes -- in love, luck rises. Within a month, you will receive a love letter from someone. And you always have a good feeling for that person Try and see.

Dream of blind eyes -- a little misunderstanding in making friends. Because you can get along well with anyone, it will cause resentment and be criticized as being too versatile. But this is obviously a misunderstanding, so don't mind, try to keep the same mood to treat people.

Dream of wearing glasses -- auspicious omen in material aspect. Maybe your father will give you a set of expensive audio equipment when he receives the red envelope; or your friends will give you gifts and so on, which will be a lot of fun. Maybe it's because you are a good person.