A constellation with clear love and hate and no sand in its eyes

In the relationship, broken ties are the norm for many couples. On and off, let two people's feelings entangle endlessly. In such feelings, in fact, it is a consumption of energy and emotion for both sides. There is neither a chance to solve the problem, nor a chance to sort out the mentality to start a new relationship.

On the contrary, some people who make decisions and distinguish between love and hate can live better. They can't rub the sand in their eyes. Once they find any infidelity, they will never continue. They are the firm practitioners of this sentence. Once you miss them and hurt them, it's hard to have them.

Today, let's talk about those constellations that have clear love and hate and can't rub sand in their eyes.

Sun Aries Moon lion

The sun and moon fall in the fire sign at the same time, which will make them particularly hot and warm in their feelings. But at the same time, they are also intolerable types of betrayal and are easy to break out. Especially Aries, their temper is a little more. They are easy to be impulsive because of betrayal and injury.

And this is also because their love is really too pure. Once they really fall in love with someone, they will give it all. The moon lion will make them very domineering and strong in their feelings, which also makes them intolerable to betrayal. Once found, they will immediately clear you out of your world.

They love someone sincerely. If they don't like it, they can say it directly. It's no problem. They can quit without complaining. But if you disgust them in this way, they can't stand it. However, the configuration of sun Aries and moon lion will not retaliate even if they are angry.

They are warm and sincere people. Even if they lose their temper and teach each other a lesson, they are in the sun and will not do it secretly. They don't like that. They are open and aboveboard in love and life. I can't rub sand in my eyes because I never throw sand in the eyes of others.

But I have to admit that this type of people are very good to their loved ones and never hide them. But once you miss it, once you hurt him, you can't come back.

Sun Capricorn Moon virgin

It is sincere and warm for the sun and moon to set in the fire sign at the same time. The sun and the moon set in the earth sign, they are cautious, careful. People with the configuration of sun Capricorn and moon virgin attach great importance to feelings. For the other half, they have many selection criteria and requirements.

And I won't be with each other because I like it for a while or feel in place. With them, we need to go through their tests and careful consideration. When you are sure that you can be together, you will start a relationship. Their love was difficult from the beginning.

But the advantage is that once selected, it is difficult to change and change. However, the configuration of sun Capricorn with moon virgin actually requires high emotional requirements, not that the other party is white, rich and handsome, but they want more purity. You can't have any disloyalty. This is their principle and the bottom line.

Once the other party can't do it, their reason and soberness will immediately occupy their minds. They can always break when they make a decision, and never connect with each other. Because they know that such a person is not worth forgiving, and even forgiving can only be a repeat of the mistakes.

But such people are reliable and have a full sense of responsibility. They are very suitable for marriage. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to cherish.