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Dreaming about eyes

  • To dream of red eyes indicates that you are sick.
  • To dream of a woman's sparkling eyes indicates that everything will be cast to the wind.
  • To dream of your eyes being swollen but painless indicates that you will live a happy life.
  • To dream of a woman painting eye shadow indicates that you will suffer economic loss.
  • To dream of someone winding at you indicates that you will get ill, or even an incurable disease.
  • To dream of cleaning eyes indicates that you will have good luck for love. You will receive a love letter from sb within a month. And you have a good impression of that person...... Let's see what happens.
  • To dream of becoming blind indicates that you have a little misunderstanding with your friend. You can get along well with everyone, which will cause resentment, you will be criticized for over smooth and tactful. But this is certainly a misunderstanding, so, never mind, just be yourself.
  • To dream of putting on your glasses indicates that you will have good luck for material.