If people are lucky, they will have strange dreams, but seemingly unlucky dreams have great luck!

There was once a story about a young scholar who went to Beijing to take the exam. While resting in a hotel on his way, he dreamed that he met a group of mourners burning coffins on the mountain road. When he saw the dark coffins, he couldn't help shivering.

In the funeral procession, an old man came out briskly and patted him on the shoulder to comfort him: & ldquo; Young man, don't be afraid. The coffin contains not people, but wealth& rdquo; Then the scholar woke up and couldn't understand his dream. Later, in the exam, the scholar was full of literary thoughts and finally won the title.

In fact, there are many dreams like the dream of this scholar. They seem unlucky, but they are actually full of good luck. If you dream of the following dreams, don't be afraid, maybe good luck will come!

Dream of coffin

As we all know, coffins are used to place the dead. In reality, coffins always give people a gloomy and lifeless feeling. In life, we don't want to see it, so many people dream that the first reaction to the coffin is that they have a nightmare.

But the seemingly unlucky coffin in the dream actually contains two good signs, namely & ldquo; Promotion & rdquo; And & ldquo; Get rich & rdquo;, Because & ldquo; Coffin & rdquo; And & ldquo; Official wealth & rdquo; Homonym, so I dreamed that the coffin meant that my career was booming and the money was rolling.

Dream of climbing a mountain

I dreamed that I was climbing a mountain with no end in sight. It seemed full of ups and downs, the road ahead was slim, and my body was still tired, but there was no need to worry too much. Because although the mountain represents a bumpy future, the endless road ahead can symbolize a bright future, which is invaluable. Moreover, the mountain can not only represent difficulties, but also a symbol of one's great achievements and further progress.

Dream of the dead

There is no need to be too frightened to dream about the dead relatives, because they come to your dream to convey some useful information, so that you can better face the problems in the future and solve them for you.

Therefore, most of the dead dream, just want to see if their loved ones are well, and will not speak rashly. Once they speak, it is often an important point for the dreamer. The ordinary people who dream of answering the dead like a stream must be subconscious dreams and have no special meaning.