People with mole on the corner of eye have prosperous love luck


One day, a girlfriend called me to introduce a manager's wife to me. She wanted to have some advice fo her fortune. 

When I saw her, the first impression is the attitude of elegance and grace, she is a middle-aged woman who has very gracious temperament, she must be born from a good family, lives an affluent life, pays attention to the cultivation of knowledge, she can make people respect her.

Later, she took her husband's photo to me. I found that her husband has a very obvious black mole on the left corner of eye, so I said he likes the romantic affairs. She told me this is just the reason for her to ask for advice.

Mole on the left tail of eye is a "peach mole." Because corners of the eyes are wives Palace, this mole will make him have distracted mood forever, he can not control him when he meets a beautiful woman. I suggested her to persuade her husband to make surgery to get rid of the mole, and advice her husband not to keep beard before the ears, in order to reduce his sexual impulses, while strengthening the rational control.

In fact, the most important thing is to get along with each other, care and respect for each other and strive to maintain a marriage. She'd better put in time and energy.