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What constellations have a sharp tongue but a soft heart?

There has always been some conflict between people in love. You need to experience the run-in period after hard hit and could not avoid the quarrel. You might break up or you could get lasting love through this period. Some constellations have a sharp tongue but a soft heart. Then what constellations have a sharp tongue but a soft heart? Let's have a look!

First: Gemini

Gemini people's mouth is the most powerful and no one could defeat Gemini in fighting, because they are too sophistical and like to stand in their position for everything. But Gemini people are easiest to coax. They just want to beat you in word, and still love you in heart, and they will not put in mind. So as long as you admit a little, they will forgive you at once.

Second: Leo

Leo people have a sharp tongue but a soft heart. No matter what a difficult time is between you, as long as you speak soft words, Leo would become all right. When Leo lovers get angry, they must spend some money to punish you, or else they must go out to let you know their importance. So even if Leo people leave away from home, they only want to scare you. Do not be afraid you will break up, and they have also long been forgiven you.

Third: Capricorn

Capricorn people always give a grim appearance, and it is difficult to coax them, and an apology could not solve the problem. They would not forgive you apparently even if you groveled. But these actions prove that they've forgiven you. They would help you and share the grief with you If you experienced any difficulties. It is the sense of responsibility that make them forgive you.

Fourth place: Pisces

Pisces people have a sharp tongue but a soft heart, they could not stand lovers to cry. They would forgive you if you cried, sometimes there is no principle, but this is the reason to have a lasting love relationship with Pisces Love. But be careful, they would keep chatting about the matter, which might cause the outbreak of the contradictions.

Fifth: Aries

Aries people would speak if they were dissatisfied, and they would put you convinced, and you would immediately apologize immediately with Aries. They would always forgive you except the question of principle. They have a sharp tongue but a soft heart.