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What home fengshui may make hostess unlucky

Mistress is the family soul, no hostess's home would hardly call it home because it lacks the unique warmth from the hostess.

Over time, the role of hostess also gradually evolved: the wife, housewife, mother, the title is changing, the warmth and happiness brought from her is also increasing.

Therefore, please pay attention to avoid those adverse fengshui taboos in order to keep the peace and happiness to the family as following:

First. Southwest corner depletion at home

The Southwest of home is Kun position, it is on behalf of the home hostess. If this position is missing, it is likely to cause the home hostess have no position, nobody listen to her; in interpersonal relationships will also appear poor interpersonal relationships, lack of confidence to do things; also lead hostess deteriorating health, particularly susceptible to gynecological diseases, resulting in their career, wealth, health would be greatly affected.

Therefore, it is best to avoid buying the house lacking the southwest position.

Second. The improper floor fengshui

Qian is for heavy, for men, for husbands, for fathers; Lun is for ground, for women, for wives, for mothers. Therefore, the floor of the home fengshui has the relatively heavy impact on the hostess.

Uneven, deliberately decorated layering floors might have the meaning that the hostess might have a rough fortune; The too polished floors might make you in a state of tension, likely to have mental illness produces.

The unlucky patterns on the floor or carpet will also have a bad induction on the hostess's fortune, it is best not to choose. If the five elements of the floor materials and colors are mutually overacing with the hostess's numerology, which also belongs to improper decoration.

Third. The bad kitchen fengshui

"To seize the heart of man, starting first from seizing the man's stomach." Many women regard it as a canon, and children's warm memories of the home also come from their mothers' busy working in the kitchen. Kitchen is so closely linked with the hostess. Naturally kitchen fengshui is also closely related with the hostess's fortune.

You'd better avoid the following scenario:

1, Door-to-door, that is the kitchen door cann't be facing to the entrance door, bedroom door, toilet door.

If the kitchen door is facing to the entrance door, which would affect the hostess's health, and it is hard to accumulate money, luck is unstable. If the kitchen door is facing to the bedroom door, which would lead to marital disharmony,family insecurity, but also affect the hostess's health. If the kitchen door is facing to the toilet door, fire and water is incompatible, fengshui is very negative.

2, Stove top is pressured by beam

Top beam pressure is a fengshui taboo, if the stove is located just under the beam, which would form a depression on the hostess's potential fortune, must be avoided.

3, Stove lacks backing

In fengshui the kitchen has a great impact on the family's health and marriage, so the back can not be empty, but back to the solid wall.

Fourth. The master bedroom has fengshui problems

The master bedroom fengshui is essential to the couple's feelings, pregnancy, and the couple's health, especially the health of the hostess.

Therefore, if the master bedroom location is inauspicious, the master bedroom area is too large or too small, the light is too bright or too dark, the master bedroom is poorly-shaped, the master bedroom door is facing to the toilet door and other circumstances, which would have adverse effect on the hostess.