What home fengshui may make hostess unlucky

The hostess is the soul of the family. A home without a hostess can hardly be called a home, because it lacks the unique warmth brought by the hostess to the family.

With the passage of time, the role of the hostess is also gradually evolving: wife, housewife, mother, mother, the title is changing, and the warmth and happiness brought by the hostess to the family are also increasing day by day.

Therefore, for the peace and happiness of the family, please pay attention to avoid these Feng Shui in the home that is not conducive to the hostess:

There is a lack of angle in the middle and south of China

The southwest of the home is Kun Fang, representing the hostess of the home. If there is a lack of this position, it is easy to cause the hostess at home to have no status and no one listens to her words; In interpersonal communication, there will also be poor interpersonal relationships and lack of confidence in doing things; It will also lead to the deterioration of the hostess's health, especially vulnerable to gynecological diseases, which will greatly affect her career, wealth and health.

Therefore, when choosing a house for shopping, it is best to avoid the house type that lacks an angle in the southwest of the home.

Improper Feng Shui on the floor

Dry as heaven, male, husband and father; Kun is the earth, the woman, the wife and the mother. Therefore, the floor Feng Shui at home has a heavy impact on the hostess.

Uneven and deliberately decorated floors with a sense of hierarchy will have the meaning of Feng Shui that the hostess's fortune is bumpy and not very smooth; If the floor is too smooth, people can't relax and are in a state of tension, which is easy to have mental diseases.

Unlucky patterns on the floor and carpet will also induce the hostess's bad luck. It's best not to choose. The five elements of the material and color of the floor also belong to improper decoration if they are matched with the five elements loved by the hostess's fate.

Kitchen Feng Shui is not good

“ To grasp a man's heart, first start by grasping a man's stomach& rdquo; It is regarded as a treasure book by many women; Children's warm memories of home are mostly the busy figure of their mother in the kitchen. Kitchen, so close contact with the hostess. Kitchen Feng Shui is naturally closely related to the fate of the hostess.

Wang Haohua gave a warm reminder that if you want to benefit the hostess, you'd better not have the following situations in the kitchen:

1. There is a door flush in the kitchen, that is, the kitchen door cannot face the entrance door, bedroom door and toilet door

The kitchen door is directly opposite to the entrance door, which is harmful to the hostess's health, and it is difficult to gather money at home, with repeated luck; The kitchen door is facing the bedroom door, which will lead to the disharmony between husband and wife, uneasy house and affect the health of the hostess; The kitchen door is facing the toilet door. Water and fire are incompatible, and Feng Shui is very unfavorable.

2. Stove cross beam coping

It is a taboo of Feng Shui to press the top of the cross beam. If the stove is just under the cross beam, it will suppress all aspects of the fortune of the hostess who often operates on the stove and must be avoided.

3. There is no backing behind the stove

The stove in Feng Shui has a great impact on the family's health and marriage, so you should not be empty behind it, but lean against the solid wall.

4. There is a problem with Feng Shui in the master bedroom

Feng Shui in the master bedroom is very important to the relationship between husband and wife, pregnancy, and the health of both husband and wife, especially the health of the hostess.

Therefore, the location of the master bedroom is not good, the area of the master bedroom is too large or too small, the light of the master bedroom is too bright or too dark, the shape of the master bedroom is not good, the master bedroom is directly opposite to the toilet door, and the door flush of the master bedroom will have an adverse impact on the hostess.