People with big nose may not have good wealth luck


Many people think that a big nose leads to wealth. Is this really the problem? Today, I'll talk about this problem, because many people use this standard to judge many things? What's the in physiognomy?

1. If a person has a full nose, thick head and powerful nose wings, such a person has a greater chance of wealth. If the forehead is not broad and weak, it is generally the care of the God of wealth in middle age. In terms of making money, ditian Jushi suggested that such people should be more resilient, because although wealth has, it is mostly the type of suffering first and then sweet.

2. If the nose is thick and looks very tall and straight, but if there is no cooperation of cheekbones, it does not represent wealth. If a person has a large nose, but the cheekbones are relatively flat, and his mouth and eyes have no momentum, such a face is commensurate with the rise of isolated peaks. It will not be too smooth in financial luck, which does not mean financial luck.

3. If a person's cheekbones are also high and his nose looks good, his wealth is basically OK, but his forehead is relatively low and narrow, which is also bad luck in his early years. Such people generally have wealth in middle age, and they will get rich a little late in life.

4. People with unsightly noses or exposed nostrils may not be lucky. Usually, some articles often say that their nostrils are large and their nostrils are exposed. This is what we say about money leakage. They will encounter money loss and money consumption. In addition to their own desire to consume, their family or friends may also help them consume money and money. Although such people have this phenomenon, they are also partial to wealth, because such people are generous and pay back. Therefore, people with large nostrils and exposed nostrils only have a thick head. In addition, other facial features have good fortune.

5. The bridge of the nose is not strong or small. If such people have a good forehead and a full and wide heaven, they will also have good fortune, rather than simply looking at the size of the nose.

6. If a person's facial features are small, it is also a good face. If a person's eyes are small, his nose is small, his mouth is small and his ears are small, such a pattern together is a good pattern, which is easy to have wealth.

From the above, we can see that the size of the nose has a certain relationship with wealth, but it is not absolutely that a big nose must have wealth.