The matching index of Scorpio with 12 constellation lovers


I'm Scorpio. I'm a couple with Aries

Both of you are so strong willed that trying to dominate has become the highlight of your relationship. This may be good for trading partners, but not necessarily for a relationship. You can't stop and itch for new challenges, and two people can give different meanings to the relationship, which is why you can't look away when you first meet.

For Scorpio, your Aries partner is always full of new ideas and dreams that they will come true. You sometimes think this is too unrealistic. Indeed, Aries is not meticulous or even practical. They play a role in motivating others in the universe. They don't want to be buried in the crowd, but test the limits of their perceptual and rational life by constantly challenging themselves. You share the same ruler with your sheep & mdash& mdash; Mars, but Scorpio has two rulers & mdash& mdash; The other is Pluto. Mars is called & ldquo; Star of action;, Is the spokesman of soldiers, but although you are brave and good at fighting, your expressions are very different, because your partner is in the first house of the zodiac & mdash& mdash; You are a leader, but you are rich in sensibility, intuition, and sometimes even telepathic water.

You may be crazy that Aries doesn't have your deep feelings. They live on the surface and are not as good at digging into other people's deep emotions and motives as you are. Always gushing and uninterrupted from one meeting to another cocktail party & mdash& mdash; You'll think Aries is too busy and mediocre. You need to enjoy absolute solitude on a regular basis to keep your battery running, and they need to glow in their relationship with others.

In love, you are eager for commitment and long-term relationships, while Aries focuses on the present in both love and life. Once they find boredom, they will choose to leave. Scorpio demands absolute confession, but Aries sees it more as a terrible constraint. Your prudence and introversion are also somewhat mysterious to your partner. When you're in an emotional quagmire, Aries doesn't have the patience to pull you out like cancer. They may grab their clothes and walk away. Due to the ruling relationship between Mars and your two constellations, you have a lot of temper. Although your emotions may not explode for a long time, be careful once they happen. It's best to have patience between you, knowing that unless you have a lot of water or earth signs in your chart, it won't be a relaxing relationship.

You all have a strong physical desire. When you have sex, it can be said that the sky is thunder and the earth is fire. But I think you are more eager for a more obedient and cooperative partner. Your sheep can bring you unforgettable experiences, but then you will begin to yearn for a real spiritual fit with your partner. You don't understand why Aries can't match the depth of your emotional world. In fact, you feel shackled by the competition between some wishes in your mind rather than an attractive hug. In a sense, Scorpio is like this. You need to control others, and Aries needs to resist.

As mentioned above, it's a bit like challenging Everest. But you can do it & mdash& mdash; If you love your sheep, be sure to know your partner's whole chart through astrologers, because the rise of the beat or the moon can greatly improve the adverse situation. The greatest obstacle to your intuition of love is how to explore it better.



I am Scorpio and my lover is Taurus

If Scorpio is pepper, Taurus is pepper; If Scorpio is a teacup, Taurus is a saucer. You are corresponding, so you are a perfect match! For Scorpio, your Taurus lover is the earth sign, and you are the water sign. What a good combination! You're not as sociable as Aries or Libra. You both like to stay at home and listen to music, or watch a suspense movie (Scorpio's proposal), taste good wine and some fruit, and then have sex & hellip;

Both you and Taurus have a good and healthy attitude towards sex. Every weekend, for both of you, it's the time you should be tired of in bed. You both respond to each other's needs sexily, and then you feel the combination of spirit and flesh. Taurus is full of endurance and likes to have sex at their pace, which makes you full of joy. Taurus is never in a hurry. They treat love like a good meal & mdash& mdash; To aftertaste, daydream, play, and then experience it wholeheartedly. And you & mdash& mdash; Scorpio wants to explore the soul deep inside your Taurus lover's body. Even if your Taurus doesn't want to know you as much as you do, as an open person, Taurus will tell you everything you want to know about him / her. This is very good. Because you are curious about Taurus, you don't like to expose yourself too much in the beginning.

Both of you are possessive and tend to be suspicious, but fortunately you know each other very well. Your outburst of temper will not interfere with the love of this Venus ruled partner. In the face of your anger, Taurus will shrug and know that it will soon become a thing of the past. Both of you like a regular life rather than a variety of real life & mdash& mdash; That will make you feel tired or waste your life.

Loyalty is necessary because neither of you likes to pass on your stories to strangers. Your good sex life will help you maintain your emotions for many years, and your emotional attitude will ensure that you continue to taste each other's charm. What a beautiful combination!



I'm a scorpion. My lover is Gemini

For you, this is not a combination of immortals, but it is strange that he and she can have countless possibilities. Gemini lovers always have pieces of funny news in their minds, which will wake up Scorpio's lonely iron door. Scorpio may be the most silent sign, so Gemini chatterboxes have to cooperate with your attitude, change their way of communication and become warm and simple. Gemini will give you quiet time to read and meditate. He or she knows you are talking to yourself. Gemini will soon realize that Scorpio's actions are not to keep people away, but to repair and recharge themselves.

The sun sign of Gemini lovers lights up the eighth house of Scorpio, which is ruled by Scorpio. That's why wind Gemini and water Scorpio attract each other. It's most appropriate to compare your union to an exciting effervescent tablet. The eighth house governs sex and other people's property, so Scorpio and Gemini will have a lot in common in making money and spending money.

Gemini is very diverse about sex, but Scorpios prefer real feelings with touch. So you may need to make some small ones to keep Gemini alive. Scorpion is the devil of the sexual world, so I think you will have a good grasp. Gemini will use his or her unique way of flirting to reduce the pressure you receive in the outside world and bring you sexual relaxation and enjoyment. Gemini will take you out of the rut (few signs treat sex in a routine manner like Scorpio) and make you happy. If Scorpio wants to, Gemini will also take you to fly on the fairyland lake and experience this magic. He or she will make you truly happy.



I am Scorpio and my lover is cancer

Are you in love with a crab? Then you choose one of the most suitable people for you. This pair can get a & ldquo; 10 points& rdquo; Your crab's feelings and enthusiasm are as deep as yours. At the same time, through other good pairing (except Pisces and Scorpio), you will build a full and intimate life state. Both sides are emotional, but you tolerate each other and observe each other's emotional changes like landscape paintings, which seems to add interest and charm to life. Crabs are like you in the water phase, and your lover understands the need to connect strength with intuition. Of you two, Scorpio is harder, but cancer has the ability to soften things that change, which is a great benefit to you.

Your sex life will be outstanding. What cancer wants is a home. Scorpio dominates reproduction, so this will be a fruitful combination. Cancer also dominates cultivation, so this will achieve a life of your dream home.

Warning: Scorpio wants to have an incomparably strong love in their lifetime, so if they marry the wrong person due to pressure and environment, the result will be tragic. For example, Prince Charles of Scorpio married Princess Diana of cancer, but his true love is another cancer & mdash& mdash; Camilla. So now you see that a cancer Scorpio is not a lasting pairing. Scorpio spiritually believes in marrying true love, and even the coordination of the sun cannot deny this rule.

A cancer in love, after starting or living together for many years, providing food is an embodiment of love. Therefore, cook together, feed your lover, and have some spiritual food for lust in the kitchen. Scorpio, you will get a lot of what you expect. Don't let him run away~



I'm a scorpion and the one in my family is a lion

This is the most amazing pair in the twelve constellations, although I always see such a combination. If you are sure to establish a relationship, you should be prepared to go through a lot of hardships. Scorpio is a water sign and lion is a fire sign. If you're together, it's a terrible combination. However, I have also seen this kind of combination lead a particularly harmonious life. My grandparents are such a combination. Ha, you can imagine how dramatic it is. The atmosphere is tense, loud arguments, slamming the door, but there is also heartfelt laughter, warm and comfortable family life. They will also walk in the snow, read by themselves and live vividly. There was a large family of descendants who spent many nights full of music and delicious food. Scorpions and lions lived a rich life. It was obvious that they loved each other.

As a scorpion, you need to be noticed and accept life like a grand opera. You want to be liked by others from head to toe and loved completely and thoroughly, and you can realize this wish with the lion. Lions have a broad mind and are willing to accept everything with open arms. They do things with great atmosphere. But at the same time, Scorpio likes to control others, and lion also wants to be the boss, so there is a power struggle between you. You all have strong personalities and are stubborn. Don't say I didn't warn you. It's really not easy for you to be together!

However, if you want to try, you will find true love. Your lion will make your every day full of happiness, strong drama and satisfy your desire, so this pair is feasible!



I'm a scorpion. I love everywhere

Scorpio, you are lucky to have a lover everywhere. Everywhere is patient, kind and diligent, and will not ask too much of you. If you have control, they will obediently let you control, as long as you are excited. Your lover is very self-contained. You move her with your strong and gentle love. You will fall in love with the sense of security they give you, especially when the mood of water elephants is rampant. Your lover will help you calm your inner ocean, calm your wild mind and point out the feasible way ahead for you. You will not spend your money indiscriminately or compare your material income with you. You will be satisfied with everything you have together.

Everywhere is very regular and works hard & mdash& mdash; You too, so your lover can win your high respect. Everywhere talks a lot. Sometimes it's too much for quiet scorpions (Scorpions don't answer back to everywhere's Criticism), but it's good. One of you must take the initiative to communicate. Sometimes we marry the person we want to be.

About sex life, you know your body very well everywhere, and enjoy your initiative when making love. It's holy everywhere, so don't be too wild a few times before you go to bed. Your lover will think you're dirty & mdash& mdash; take it easy! Believe that the natural instinct of everywhere is enough to satisfy your senses and lust. No, there is no such love everywhere. Your love is more extreme. However, everywhere is closer to life and love itself, you will understand in the future.



I'm Scorpio. I'm interested in Libra

Scorpio is synonymous with emotions and feelings, while your Libra lover is an analytical and intelligent guy. Libra is sociable, while Scorpio likes to be alone. Can you find true love from Libra? Maybe, but it will still be full of tension.

Libra's love of communication will torture Scorpio's nerves. You don't understand why Libra always goes out or praises the phone porridge. What's worse, your Libra wants to take you with him / her and socialize with him / her. Libra is the marriage house of the twelfth house of the day after tomorrow, so they always like to go out and get in pairs. Once their partner is not around, they will have no control. Sometimes, although your people stay with Libra, your heart is wandering outside the sky. At this time, your Libra will try to drag you back. Moreover, Libra's favorite chat and communication will also be a problem. Some nights you just don't want to say a word, and the Libra doesn't understand you. For highly private Scorpios, these troubles are making you claustrophobic.

Libra love to has the final say in a particular area of love relationship. If you also happen to want to control this field, there will be conflict. Libra likes absolute fairness. Everything comes and goes, which makes you very unhappy. Face it: sometimes you want something in your heart, but you don't want to make it public. To be honest, you don't want to explain your actions and thoughts at all. You will ask yourself: isn't my hint not clear enough? Of course, your hint is really unclear. You don't understand why your Libra's head is so crippled & mdash& mdash; Your own mind is clear and strong, and your Libra is still waiting for you. Send more information to ta so that TA knows what to do.

The farce will further escalate when it comes to bed, although the bed is where you can most enchant Libra. Your Libra is elegant and cultured. He is willing to cooperate with whatever you want. Libra's ruler is Venus and you are Mars, so you two really have a bad relationship in astrology. Venus and Mars are famous hot couples in the universe, so you two will feel the tacit understanding of God's help. Both of you will really experience the joy of bed, and Libra women are particularly happy about it, because they like to bow down to the deadly temptation of the powerful and domineering Scorpio man. But Scorpio woman should remember that if you stay with Libra man, you should seduce him, hug him, tease him and seduce him. Men like to be seduced as much as women.

At the end of the day, you have to concentrate on dealing with the basic lifestyle differences between you two. Libra who is in love with you feels more and more lonely, so she goes out alone more and more often. Libras will not be loyal to you when they feel unhappy. If your Libra feels lonely and helpless and sleeps on someone else's shoulder, you will be in trouble. Scorpio still has to change his way of love. Of course, as long as you love someone, everything can be done.



I'm a Scorpio. I was killed by another scorpion

Wow ~ ~ in some astrology textbooks, when two scorpions fall in love, it's thunder and earth fire! Hey, hey, have you two ever left bed? Nuclear reaction is nothing more than that! This relationship is that dry wood meets fire. It's really strong! Both sides are sensual, affectionate and good at expression. Their emotions are strong and profound. When they are together, they seem to create a circle of love around you and completely isolate the outside world from its influence.

But the trouble is that both of you are somewhat possessive, so at first, you always closely monitor each other's every move and where to go. Each of you wants to know more about each other, but on the contrary, you don't like to expose yourself. But this time you're not so lucky. Scorpio Scorpio pairing is a perfect match. Your soul mate also knows all your nature and behavior patterns. Both of you are intuitive and compassionate, which is a good thing because you have a strong emotional foundation. In this relationship, you two don't need words. You are connected. Everything is in silence. You can exchange messages with each other by winking.

Go ahead, this will be the love of your life, and Scorpio lover can undoubtedly give you the passionate emotion you seek.



I'm a Scorpio and the other half is a Sagittarius

Sometimes, heteropolar love may be the most interesting & mdash& mdash; Scorpio, sensitive, smart and measured in speaking, can see through all the hearts hidden under people's masks; Sagittarius, careless, unusually long reflex arc and moody. It is very difficult for such a pair to see the right eye. Because an aqueous phase and a fire phase cannot be dissolved. If Scorpio doesn't often pour cold water on the Sagittarius at the beginning of the relationship, it's more likely to succeed.

First of all, on the spiritual level, the shooter has neither the ability to deeply understand a person's feelings and heart, nor keen intuition. Their contact is limited to the surface, but Scorpio pays attention to the heart. The shooter believes in intuition unconditionally, but he is unwilling to judge whether the decision made only by intuition is correct.

The shooter is very talkative and is just a chatterbox. They like to discuss all kinds of topics, but most of these topics are not common to Scorpio. When Scorpio wants to talk to each other about his unfavorable environment or wants the other party to help him decompress, you will find that she / he is keen to watch the discovery channel, poor Scorpio! Is it nice to get along like this? When your shooter fantasizes about hiking in the great desert of Africa, you just want to wreak havoc on the hammock at home; When Scorpio finds himself in the comedy, mysterious murder and Playboy Channel, he just hopes to escape quickly, but these seemingly incompetent fantasies are the love of Sagittarius ~ ~ ~ at that time, just grab the remote control will be enough for you!

More sadly, Scorpio is a poor water sign, but your Sagittarius is an honest number one fan. When Scorpio wants to lie, the shooter's explosive criticism rumbles in your brain like a tank; When Scorpio defends himself, oh, my God, unfortunately, you hit a donkey's hoof! If Scorpio wants to get married, Sagittarius is not ready! They will retreat as far as possible because they have more important pre-treatment. In terms of sex life, Sagittarius also doesn't like the passionate drama like opera.

OK, OK, I'll continue to list some, but as a Scorpio, you may have been disappointed. I can almost hear your protest against the Sagittarius lover! Maybe there's still a lot of room for your character to change, which may have some effect. My suggestion is: before you make a final decision, you can get in touch with different types and live together for a few years. When you are sure that the person you love is him / her, make the final choice. Don't worry. Go and see the differences that will tear apart other constellations. Have fun.



I'm Scorpio and my order is Capricorn

This pair is a thumbs up combination! Your Capricorn is ambitious, and you can respond well to him. Scorpio is a magical sign, so if someone doesn't have passion for anything, it will make you feel incredible. You will enthusiastically support your lover's goals and provide him with wise advice on everything from workplace politics to financial investment. A sense of security is so important to both of you that there is no conflict in this regard. You are especially.webpted at negotiation. Capricorn lover can greatly benefit from your easygoing and good popularity. Your intuition can always grasp the situation in his / her pursuit of success. Your capricornism and realism can neutralize your impulses.

As we all know, Capricorn is a workaholic, but you can thank you for your efforts to divert his attention from his work. For the sexy Scorpio, there is obviously no difficulty in doing this! When you two do those things, no matter the frequency or oscillation amplitude, you cooperate perfectly, so that you can get great satisfaction from body to emotion. The earth sign itself also likes the joy of lust, so come a few more times & ldquo; Goblins fight & rdquo; Naturally, I enjoy it.

Sometimes you may want your lover to have the emotional ability to go deep into your soul, but to be honest, few constellations can meet the requirements if you don't try hard. The spectrum of your feelings is so deep and broad, far beyond most constellations & mdash& mdash; Deeper than anyone, and louder than anyone. However, even if Capricorn is not of the same type as you, their love for you and unreserved love feedback are respectful. The deeper you sink, the more you demand the purity and loyalty of love, which Capricorn can easily do.

Capricorn is an earth sign and Scorpio is a water sign. The combination of the two can obviously create a new and beautiful beginning in both lives. Put it now!



Passion volcano & amp; Rational iceman

In the early stage, Scorpio will be deeply attracted by the elegant temperament on the bottle, superhuman wisdom and cultivation, and the view of breakthrough and enterprising in the future. This pair is still a famous Epiphyllum combination & mdash& mdash; Aquarius likes loose emotional maintenance, while Scorpio does the opposite. Scorpions are ice wrapped fire, cold on the surface, hot and rolling in the heart, and meticulous to their partners. However, the lover bottle doesn't know how to deal with the mixed surround of your passion, heat and infatuation. Aquarius is always proud of its cold objectivity, & ldquo; Why can't the bottle feel more& rdquo; The scorpion asked confusedly. And the bottle doesn't understand. Why don't you believe the facts in front of you? But you have to believe your ghost intuition and explain that you often make you angry.

Scorpions are possessive, but Aquarius is an advocate of independence. They will resist any shackles imposed on the body. The erratic ruler of the heavenly king Aquarius, their desire not to take the ordinary road is as strong as a tiger taking off its cage. However, you like your own programs and rules, because in this way, you can live without thinking about going step by step. Living with Aquarius challenges your nerves every day. He / she will never follow your given tune. When differences arise, they will not give in to each other. Each end, relative wrestling. When this happens, scorpions and bottles can't help thinking about what we're doing, how it came to be like this, and why we started at the beginning.

In this combination, Scorpio provides emotion and bottle contributes wisdom. For some time, the mystery and ambiguity of your lover will make you excited and desperate to find out. However, this hobby will soon lose, because the emotional fit is what Scorpio craves most. If you are a scorpion who loves the bottle, don't lose heart when you happen to see this article, because it is likely that one of you, or two of your planets, can get along well. You'd better consult an astrologer & mdash& mdash; This article is only about the sun star. I believe you two will work together to complete this arduous task. In view of the differences between scorpions, you will also gain a lot from your feelings.


I am a Scorpio and my lover is a fish

This pair is a perfect match. As a water sign, you have an essential understanding with the same mercury fish. This relationship will deeply satisfy your heart and soul. Your fish sweetheart can deeply understand you, which few people can do.

Both of you are sensitive and romantic. Sometimes you can communicate directly and attentively with a poet like fish. The fish is so sharp that he or she can find the feelings hidden in your heart that you don't even notice. Fish know when to leave you alone and when to take you out of your world. Even if you are unhappy or uncomfortable, the fish will support you and understand you. Pisces is the representative of alleviating others' pain and will never hurt you. He or she will only take care of you and comfort you with his or her meticulous feelings.

Pisces are changeable, so they are also very flexible and adaptable, and you will become more rigid in the face of change. Your fish will gently encourage you and give you some imaginative advice to face difficulties. Relatively speaking, you & ldquo; Fixed & rdquo; The essence of will provide a solid foundation for fish who need structure to support their ideas. Your fish won't want to control you. Most of the time, they are willing to follow your way. Since Scorpio likes the feeling of control, fish can't be better for you.

For both of you, sex should be an experience that transcends the body and reaches a spiritual height. It will only exist in the most spiritual place. Physical ml is the most precious, real and important way for fish to exchange love with them. If the fish find that your feeling is not this, they will walk quietly without reason. In addition, if you love your fish deeply, he or she will return it to you with more than ten times of love, and will willingly sacrifice his or her dreams and wishes for you.

It's wrong to have a cold war with fish. Fish will tangle in a relationship for a long time to determine whether they have given everything they get for this relationship. But when they decide to leave, they will never look back. Although Scorpio doesn't want to reveal too much about their privacy at the beginning (privacy is always a big problem), fish can always understand their thoughts from their lover's words and behavior.

Hold your fish firmly and never open your arms. You will find without interruption that they have infinite love for you.