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The matching index of Scorpio with 12 constellation lovers


I'm a Scorpio I and Aries are a pair

Will the two of you are so strong, trying to become dominant in the main event of you get along. This may be in terms of trading partners is good, but not necessarily for a relationship. Y'all corpuscles down, Kabuki itching for a new challenge, and two people can each given a different meaning this relationship, which is why when I first saw you in the line of sight can not move away.

For Scorpio, you Aries partner is always full of heart qi child, a head full of new ideas and dreams they can come true. Do you sometimes feel that this is too unrealistic point, indeed, Aries does not even pragmatic and meticulous, they play in the universe inspire others role. They do not want to be buried in the crowd, but by constantly challenge themselves to test their emotional and rational life limit. You and your sheep sharing the same ruler - Mars, but Scorpio has two rulers - the other one is Pluto. Mars is called "Action Star", the spokesman for the soldiers, can be fought even though you are all skilled, expression is very different, because your partner is the first house on the ecliptic - is the only leader, but you've got rich emotional, intuitive, and sometimes even a little telepathic aqueous phase.

You might as Aries without deep emotion you feel so crazy. They live at the surface, unlike the others, you are so good at digging deep emotion and motivation. Always in full flight, without interruption from one meeting to another cocktail party to kill - you would think Aries is too mediocre rushing it. You need to regularly enjoy absolute solitude of battery life for themselves, and they, you need to get along with others in the glow of self.

In love, you crave commitment and long-term relationships, while Aries whether in love or in life are focused on the moment, once found boring they will choose to leave. Scorpio require absolute frankness, but Aries more this as a terrible constraint. Your carefully restrained in your partner seems somewhat mysterious. When you get into emotional quagmire, the Aries Cancer did not have the patience like pulling you from the inside out, grabbed the clothes they could just walk away. Because of you two constellations Mars relations of domination, and you can not small temper, although emotions may not be very long term imaging outbreak, however, the event should be careful. Preferably between you have a little patience, to know your horoscope unless there is plenty of water phase or earth sign, otherwise it will not be a relaxing relationship.

You have a strong physical desires, when in OOXX, indeed Trick fire. But I think you are more eager to a more obedient, good fit companion. Your sheep can give you an unforgettable experience, but later you will begin to yearn for a true spirit with the fit between partners. Aries do not understand why you can not match the depth of your emotional world, in fact, you feel that they have been some of the minds between the desire of the race handcuffed prison, rather than seductive embrace. In a sense, Scorpio is the case, you need to control others, and Aries need to resist.

As mentioned above, this is a bit like the challenge of Everest. But you can do it - if you love your sheep, must pass Astrologers know your partner's entire astrolabe, due tune up or moon can greatly improve the unfavorable situation. Your greatest asset is the talent of intuition, it will help you destroy Jian daily obstacles, to explore how to better love.


I'm a Scorpio, Taurus is my lover

If Scorpio is chili, Taurus is pepper; And if Scorpio is a cup, saucer that is Taurus. You are Correspondingly, so you are very match! Scorpio is for your lovers is to phase constellation Taurus, while you are a water sign, which is the combination of how good it! Ye not like Aries also Libra did not love socializing, the two of you like to stay home and listen to music, or watching a thriller (Scorpio's proposal), and sipped on a good red wine, and some fruits, then that is having sex things ...

Taurus both you and have a good sex, healthy attitude. Every weekend, for both of you, is to be tired of time in bed. You respond with each other sexy each other's needs, and then you feel a combination of body and soul. Taurus is full of stamina and pace according to their likes sex, it makes you full of joy. Taurus never hurry, they treat love like a treat meal - to nostalgia, reverie, and then threw himself playing experience. And you - Scorpio Taurus lovers want to explore your body depths of the soul. Even if your Taurus Speranskia like you to know you think so, but as an open person, Taurus will tell you want to know about him / her everything. This is very good, because of your curiosity for the Taurus, you do not like the outset expose yourself too much.

You two are possessive and tend to mistrust, but fortunately you know each other well each other. Your temper will not interfere with an outbreak under the rule of the lover of Venus, Taurus will face your anger shrugged, knowing it will soon become ephemeral. You both like the law of life, not like change much really a life - that would make you feel tired or is a waste of life.

Loyalty is necessary, because the two of you do not like to pass their stories strangers to listen. You a good sex life will help you maintain years of emotional, sentimental attitude you will continue to enjoy each other to ensure that the charm of this combination multi boast Jiao!


I'm a scorpion my lover is Gemini

For you, this is not a Shenxianjuanlv combination, but marveled that he and she was able to have countless possibilities. Gemini lover's mind there is always a variety of interesting news clips, which awakens Scorpio lonely hearts iron. Scorpio is perhaps the most silent quiet sign, so little chatterbox who had twin combined with your attitude, change their way of communicating becomes tender and pure. Gemini will give you need quiet time studying meditation, he | she knows you are in dialogue with ourselves. Gemini will soon realize that the move is not a thousand li away scorpion, but self-trimming and charging.

Gemini lover's day lit up the scorpion eight seat Palace, which is being ruled by a scorpion palace, which is why wind phase with the aqueous phase Scorpion Gemini will attract each other. The combination of the two of you likened effervescent excitement is most fitting. Eight Palace governance of sexuality and others' property, Scorpio and Gemini in the investment and spending money to make money, there will be very many common point oh.

About sex, Gemini is very diverse, but scorpions prefer to have the feel of real feelings. So you may need to make some small constant, especially to make Gemini alive. Scorpion is the sexual world of the devil, so I think you would do well to grasp. Gemini will use his | her unique way of flirting, to relieve the pressure you receive in the outside world, bringing you to relax and enjoy nature. Gemini will take you out of the rut of the circle, (as there is little sign like scorpions in routine attitude towards sex) make you pleasure. And if scorpion willing, Gemini will take you to fly in wonderland lake, experience the magic, he | she will let you get real happiness.


I'm a Scorpio, my lover is Cancer

What you are in love with a crab? So your choice is your most suitable person among a. This pairing can get a "10 minutes!" Your feelings and passion and crabs like you deep. Meanwhile, other good pairing (apart from Pisces, Scorpio) you will build a fulfilling, intimate living conditions. Both sides are emotional, but your mutual tolerance, and observe each other like the same emotional landscape changes, it seems to increase the fun and charm of life. Crabs and the aqueous phase as much as you and your lover will need to understand and intuitive strongly linked together. Among the two of you, Scorpio tougher, however, have the ability to soften Cancer change things, which of you is a big advantage.

Your sex life will be outstanding, Cancer wants is a home, Scorpio dominate reproduction, so this will be a fruitful combination. Cancer also dominate cultivation, so this will create an atmosphere of living your dream home.

WARNINGS : Scorpio wants unmatched in their lifetime have a strong love, so if they due to stress and environmental and married the wrong person, the result will be tragic. For example, Scorpio and Cancer, Prince Charles married Princess Diana, but his true love is another Cancer - Camilla. So, now you see a Cancer, Scorpio is not persistent pairing. Scorpio is the belief in spirit and love to get married, and even the sun can not phase out the coordination of this rule.

A love of Cancer, lived together at the beginning or very many years, providing food is an expression of love. So, cook together, to love feeding, but also to the point of passion in the kitchen of spiritual nourishment. Scorpio, you will get a lot of things you'd expect. Do not let him run away, oh! ~


I'm a scorpion, my family who is a Leo

This is the twelve constellations of the most surprising combination of a pair, and of course, I always see this combination. If you sure you want to establish the relationship, then we must make an arduous journey of preparation. Scorpio is a water sign, while the lion is a fire, if you are together it can be really terrible combination. However, I have seen this combination of flies, especially harmonious, my grandfather grandmother is such a combination. Ha, you can imagine how that drama, tense, loud arguments, slamming doors bang doors, but there are also heartfelt laughter, warm and comfortable family life. They will also walk in the snow, his reading, but is thriving. We have a son sons spent many filled with music and food at night, scorpions and lions lived a rich life, it is clear that they are in love with each other.

As a scorpion, you are in need of attention and like to accept a life like grand opera. You want to be liked yourself from head to toe, is completely and thoroughly in love with, and the lion together and you will be able to achieve this wish. Lions have big mind and are willing to accept everything with open arms, they do things the atmosphere. But at the same scorpion like to control others, the lion also want the boss, so you have a power struggle between the. You have a very strong personality, and very stubborn, do not say I did not warn you that you are together is not easy!

However, if you want to try, it will find true love, your lion will make your every day full of happiness, full of strong dramatic and satisfy your cravings, so this pair is feasible!


I'm a scorpion, I love Virgo

Scorpions, lovers everywhere can have your blessing. Everywhere both patience and kind diligent, you will not be asking too much hype. You have control freak, they will obediently lets you control, as long as you excited. Your lovers everywhere are self-sustaining, you use your powerful and gentle affection touched her. You will fall in love with them to give you a sense of security, especially water flooding as the mood when mischief. Your lover will help you heal the heart of the ocean, wild bosom appease your mind, as you point out in front of the practical way. Everywhere will not squandering your money, it will not matter to you than income, everywhere you will be satisfied with you all.

Everywhere very regular, and work hard - you too, so you can win your lover highly respected. Everywhere words very much, for too quiet sometimes a scorpion (scorpion critics everywhere will not talk back), but good, you always have one person among active communication, and sometimes we are and who they want to become married.

About sex life, always very aware of their body, sex also enjoyed your initiative. Everywhere is holy, so many times before you go to bed you can not be too wild, your lover will think you are dirty - Take it easy! The natural instinct is to believe that everywhere enough to satisfy your senses and lust. No, not that kind of forever Haikushilan everywhere only love, your love is more extreme few. But, everywhere closer to life and love itself, and later you will understand.


I'm a Scorpio, Libra the fancy

Scorpio is synonymous with emotions and feelings, and your Libra lover, it was a good analysis and thoughtful guy. Libra sociable, and scorpions prefer to be alone. Libra from where you find true love it? Maybe, but still full of tension.

Libra will torment scorpion hobby communicative nerves, you do not understand why Libra always wants to go out or praise telephone porridge. Worse, your family want to put you Shaoshang Libra, in his / her side accompanied with communication. Libra Zodiac is acquired marriage house, so they always like a double into the right, once partner is not around will Liushenwuzhu. Sometimes of course you people stay in Libra side, but their hearts are iQue days, then your home will be hard put you back Libra drag. Moreover, Libra favorite chat and exchange will be a problem. Some nights you just do not want to say a word, turn the scales do not understand you. For highly intimate Scorpio family, these trouble fast you have claustrophobia was referred to it.

Libra is fond of a particular relationship among the areas of the final say. If you just want to control this area, there will be conflict arising. Libra likes absolutely fair, always come and go, it makes you very happy. Let's face it: Sometimes your heart wants something, but do not want a high-profile announcement. To be honest, you do not want for their own actions and thoughts for any explanation. You will ask yourself: why not I implied it was not clear enough? Of course, you have to really imply unclear. You do not understand your home then why Libra head residues - your own mind clear very clear very powerful, and your house is still there Libra silly waiting for you, to give more information to TA TA know delivery point how to do.

Farce to further escalation of the bed, and of course, make the most of your bed first Libra ecstasy lies. Libra elegance and cultivation of your home, what you want TA are willing to cooperate. Libra's main star is Venus, Mars, you are, so in astrology, you two really great misfortune. Venus and Mars is a pair of Madden universe famous couple, so both of you will feel if fabulous understanding. You two are truly something to experience the joy of bed and Libra women were particularly fun, because they like to grovel extremely powerful and domineering in the deadly scorpion male temptation. But Scorpio women to remember that if you stay with men and scales, you have to seduce him, hugging him, teasing him, fascinated him, as men and women like to be seduced.

Finally end of the day, you have to deal with both of you have to concentrate on the differences between the basic lifestyle. Libra love you feel yourself getting lonely, so more and more frequently go out alone. Libras do not feel happy when you are not loyal to you, if you feel lonely and helpless while Libra home pillow on the shoulders of others, you're in trouble slightly. Scorpions still have changed their way of love, of course, if you love someone, everything can be don


I'm a Scorpio, the scorpion is evil to another

Wow oh ~ ~ In some astrological textbooks, when two scorpions fall in love, it may be that with the fire ah Trick! Hey, you guys have not left the bed ah, nuclear reactions much better than it! This relationship is caught in a fire firewood, really strong enough! Dual Fangdu Fu sensual, passionate, good expression, strong and deep emotion, together, as if creating a circle of love surrounds you, completely cut off from the outside world, is not affected.

But the trouble is that you both some possessive too strong, so in the beginning, you will always be closely monitoring each other's every move to go, want to understand each other more things, on the contrary do not like to expose themselves equally. But this time you will not be so lucky, and Buthus martensii Karsch pairing is precisely equal skill, you know that your soul mate all the same nature and behavior patterns. You both have strong intuition and compassion, which is a good thing, because you have a strong emotional foundation. In this relationship, you need two words, empathy, nothing at all. Only ogle, you can exchange messages with each other.

Go on, this will be the love of your life, Scorpio lover can undoubtedly give you seek intense emotions.


I'm a Scorpio, and the other half is the Sagittarius

Sometimes, different poles attract love is probably the most interesting - Scorpio, sensitive, clever, speaking in a measured, you can see things hidden under the mask of the people inside; shooter, carelessly, reflex arc surprisingly long, moody. Such a pair of eyes can see on the very difficult, because an aqueous phase, a phase of fire, it is impossible compatibility. If romance Initially, Scorpio Sagittarius can not frequent to pour cold water on, then want to sustain success is still relatively Me.

First, the spiritual level, the shooter is neither understand a person's ability and inner feelings, nor intuition. Their only contact with the surface, but Scorpio is focus on the heart. Shooter unconditionally trust their instincts, but he did not want to judge this decision alone intuition is correct.

Sagittarius is very talkative, is simply a chatterbox. They like to discuss a variety of topics, but these topics are mostly Scorpio is not a cold. Scorpio want to talk with each other when they were in the adverse environment or that the other party on helping yourself when extracting, you will find that she / he is keen on watching Discovery Channel, poor Scorpio! What a pleasant way to get along? When you go to Africa fantasy shooter big desert hiking, you want a big hammock at home raging; when Scorpio find themselves staged comedy, murder mystery and the Playboy channel, the only hope Hurry to escape, but these seemingly low-energy fantasy is the shooter's love ~ ~ ~ that time, just enough to grab you by the remote control up!

Even more distressing is that Scorpio is a water sign miserable, but your shooter is honest number one fan. When Scorpio want to lie, the explosive shooter that criticism like a tank rumbling in your mind; when the Scorpion to defend themselves when, oh, the day that, unfortunately, you hit the donkey hoof up! If Scorpio wants to get married, the shooter may not be ready! They will try to go back on the grounds that they have more important prior treatment. Sexual life, the shooter does not seem like the fierce passion like opera staged drama.

Okay, okay, I continue to give some, but as a Scorpio you may have been disappointed, and I can almost hear you protest against shooter lovers! Perhaps there is still much to change your character's space, so there may be some effect. My advice is: do you have more contact again before a final decision about the different types of living together for several years. When you are sure their loved ones are his / her, making a final choice. Do not fret, go look would break other constellations at different points to amuse it.


I'm a Scorpio, my lover is Capricorn

This child is indeed his thumbs combination of passion! You play so ambitious Capricorn, and you can be a good response to him. Scorpio is a sign of having a devil, so if someone does not have a passion for anything it will make you feel incredible. You will be full of enthusiasm to support the goal of love, to provide financial investment from politics to the workplace and other aspects of wise advice. Sense of security is very important for both of you, so there is no conflict in this regard. You have negotiated exceptionally talented, Capricorn lover can be very easygoing benefit from your good karma, in his / her pursuit of success on the way, your instincts are always a good grasp of the situation. Capricorn realism and down to earth to make you quite appreciate it just right and in your emotional and impulsive.

As we all know, Capricorn is a workaholic, but sometimes it can be very grateful to you force attention shifted away from the work effort. For sexy scorpion do apparently without difficulty! The two of you when you are doing those things regardless of the amplitude of oscillation frequency Hao Hao have to be extremely fit perfectly, so that you can get from the physical to the emotional great satisfaction. The earth signs sensual delight of joy itself, so more than a few "elves fight" overemphasized fun.

Maybe sometimes you will want to be able to have a lover of your soul into the depths of emotional competence, but to be honest if you do not work hard to try it yourself, almost no sign can meet the requirements. Your feelings are so profound and spectrum broad, far more than the vast majority of the constellation - deeply than anyone else, pitched off than anyone else. But even Capricorn and you do not belong to the same type, but they retained your love and love is no feedback yet worthy of admiration. The more you delve too deeply, the more pure love and loyalty required, while Capricorn can easily do that.


Passion Volcano & rational Iceman

Early on, bottle of refined temperament, superhuman wisdom and accomplishment as well as progressive breakthrough for the future perspectives will be deeply attracted to Scorpio. This still is a famous night-blooming cereus combination - bottle like a loose emotional bond, rather scorpion opposite. Scorpions are ice pack fire, icy surface, inner glow roll, right partner in every possible way, but do not know how to deal with the bottle lovers you passionate, fiery, obsessive confounding surrounded. Bottle with cold objectivity always proud "bottle why not many feelings point?" Scorpion confused she asked. The bottle is also puzzled why you do not believe the plain fact it? They have to trust your intuition ghosts and explain their frequent let you angry.

Scorpion possessive, but bottle is advocating independence Zhu Er, they will resist any imposed shackles of the body. Master of erratic Uranus Aquarius, they do not go the usual route of desire like the tiger off the cage generally strong. But, do you like your own program rules, because life can be so step by step on the line without much thought. And water bottles to live together, every day to challenge your nerves, he / she will never follow you to a given tune, when disagreements arise, both sides refused to give ground. At an end, the relative wrestling. When this happens, scorpion, bottles will be tempted to think everyone is doing it, how would this be, why did you want to start.

This combination, the scorpion provide emotional, bottle contribution is wisdom. There was a time, a mysterious lover, ambiguous makes you excited, desperate to find out. However, this hobby will soon be lost, because the emotional sense is the scorpion fit most eager delicious. If you are a scorpion love bottle, just read this article, do not be discouraged, because you are likely in an individual, or a planet that allows two people get along both sides. Best to consult astrologers - This article only Sunstar terms. I believe the two of you will work together to accomplish this difficult task, given the scorpion bottle is so different, hence the harvest from the feelings very much.


I'm a Scorpio, my love is fish

This is simply perfect for each pair. As a water sign, you are like a star with the same fish in the water is essentially figured place, this relationship will make your heart and soul deeply satisfied. Your fish can be in-depth understanding of your sweetheart, that very few people can do.

The two of you are very sensitive, while quite romantic. Sometimes, you can fish directly with the poet to concentrate on the general exchange. The fish was so keen that he (she) can be found even you are not aware of the feelings hidden in your heart. Know when the fish get yourself alone, and when they can take you out of your own world. Even if you are not happy or uncomfortable, the fish will support you, understand you. Pisces is to alleviate suffering on behalf of others, never hurt you, he (she) will use their own feelings meticulous care and comfort you.

Pisces is changing, so they are very flexible and adaptable in the face of change and you will become more rigid. Your fish will give you gentle encouragement, and give you some imaginative suggestions to face difficulties. Relatively speaking, you "fixed" nature, require structural support for the idea of ​​fish, providing a solid foundation. Your fish will not want to control you, most of the time it is willing to follow your way of doing things. Since Scorpio likes to feel in control, the fish could not be better for you.

sex for the two of you, it should be a detached body above, and can achieve a high degree of spiritual experience, it only exists in the most spiritual place. Body ml for fish, is the most valuable and most authentic, the most important one is the way of love with their communication. If the fish find that you did not feel this, they would have no reason, quietly walk. In addition, if you love your fish, he (she) will be more than ten times the love money back to you, and you will be very willing to sacrifice their own dreams and desires.

Cold War is wrong with the fish, the fish will be entangled in a relationship in a very long time to determine if he is not paid to this feeling they get everything. But when they decide to leave, they will never return. Although in the beginning, Scorpio not want to reveal too much about their privacy (privacy is always a big problem), the fish can always love the language and behavior to understand their thoughts.

Firmly hold your fish, never let your arms. You will find them for you without interruption, is with infinite love.