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Dreaming about chestnuts

  • To dream of chestnuts indicates that you will have better luck, you will have make progress in career.
  • A student dreams of chestnuts indicates the general test results recently.
  • To dream of having chestnuts indicates that your parents may have misfortune.
  • A young woman dreams of having chestnuts or divining with chestnuts indicates that she will marry a rich man and live a rich life.
  • To dream of picking chestnuts indicates that your parents are very healthy.
  • To dream of peeling chestnuts indicates that you may solve a long-term unresolved problem.
  • To dream of frying or boiling chestnuts indicates that you'd better beware that people who you trust may deceive you.
  • To dream of processing chestnuts indicates that you may be disappointed in business, but you will find your true love.