The children's house of the twelve constellations (the fifth house)

The fifth house of the horoscope is the children's house, the house of life, which represents a person's children, love, romance, entertainment, holidays, games, gambling, hobbies and sidelines. It represents your creativity and artistic talent. It also shows the expression of emotion. It also represents leadership, politics, pure art, socializing, pregnancy and the education of children. The following is the information that each planet shows when it falls into the children's house.


People who have the sun in their children's house love life, can fully enjoy the fun of life, and have strong vitality. Exaggerate the free will of creativity and self-expression, be good at seeking happiness, and hope to attract attention and appreciation. You are highly competitive. You are interested in sports, music, drama and other artistic activities. You are an expert in pursuing happiness and romance. Your bright and cheerful personality will attract many friends. However, sometimes, you will also show a simple childish and self-centered tendency. You may be exaggerating, like a first lady. You take risks because of overconfidence. You love children and care about their growth and education. However, if the sun is in the fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), your children may be few or may not be at all. You are a passionate lover. When you fall in love, you will be fully engaged, but if the sun is in Taurus or Scorpio, you may have a tendency to envy.Due to the natural tendency to take risks, there should be a family fund with annual savings for a rainy day. The child who has the sun in this house is energetic, optimistic and enterprising. However, he should try to correct his shortcomings of great achievements, boasting and conceit. This house is very suitable for becoming an artist.


People with the moon in the children's palace will be affected by their emotions. Because of their creativity and artistic hobbies, they can quickly achieve educational results with children, and are suitable for kindergarten teachers. Your emotions are quite changeable, you have an unstable soul, and you are emotionally dependent and eager for a romantic partner for life. But on the negative side, you may have an affair. If you are a water sign (Scorpio, cancer, Pisces), that means you will have many children. If the moon is out of phase, the emotional impulse will often make you take some very risky means when gambling and playing stocks. He also has a deep love for sports. If he develops his talent for sports, he may enjoy a high reputation.


People who have mercury in their children's house are quite interested in art and creation. Because of this, many famous screenwriters, art critics and writers have emerged among them. All kinds of art, whether classical art, modern art or literary and artistic creation, can attract your attention. You can express yourself in a unique and powerful way through speech and writing, and hope that others will worship you. Some mental competition games, such as chess and playing Park cards, can attract your hobbies, so you are especially suitable for stock analysis and investment.You will be very concerned about the achievements of your children and will be proud of them. Because you are quite interested in education, you may also serve as an educator. Your love object must be an intelligent person who can inspire and stimulate your mind.

If your Mercury aspect is not good, then you may have unwise agreement or intelligent deception. Mercury in the children's house will also look at their romantic affairs with a calm attitude.


People with Venus in the children's house have a strong happiness orientation and romantic nature. They will face life with a cheerful attitude, and coquettish affairs emerge in endlessly, because romance is often important to your length. If the aspect is good, you will get happiness and happiness through romantic love. You have many opportunities to develop a relationship. You are usually very popular, amiable, artistic and talented, especially in the art of expression. Your social and academic activities are frequently related to drama and music performance. People in this Venus position have deep love for their children and will become the most loving parents, teachers and child psychologists. Your child may become an artistic and outgoing girl.


Mars in the children's house represents those who are eager to pursue love and happiness. They are aggressive and emotional about sex and love. Your positive sexual drive will be eager to find a sexual partner; Because of impatience, sexual passion can lead to unmarried pregnancy. Artists who use tools, such as sculptors, are usually people with Mars in their children's house. You are very interested in outdoor competitive sports. You can usually find examples in the athlete's star chart.You usually prefer to work with children and young people, so you have leadership. Coaches and PE teachers belong to this kind of people. If Mars is well matched, they will be good teachers and can arouse students' hobbies. However, if Mars is not well matched, you have an authoritarian and authoritarian attitude towards your subordinates.


People who fall into the children's house of Jupiter have creativity in art, education and sports. Because you especially like children, you become a preschool educator. Your children and grandchildren are usually very successful and different. You usually devote yourself to trade and investment, education, art or entertainment. You can bring people romantic happiness, but don't be too complacent and cause money loss.


People who have Saturn in their children's house say they have a great responsibility for their children or encounter difficulties in having children. You are well organized, a good investor, or an old-fashioned shareholder broker. You may also bring people aesthetic experience of art. Even if you are engaged in politics or trade, you will be a very creative genius. Usually, you have unexpected love with an older person, but this is usually a heavy responsibility. Therefore, you avoid love and even cause sexual pressure and coldness. You are too old-fashioned about self-expression, which hinders the happy love with others. You must learn to open yourself gently to find happiness.


Uranus' falling into the children's house shows that he will encounter unusual romance, but the romantic flowers bloom and wither quickly. The object of love may be a little strange and the focus of attention. You will not stick to the traditional moral concepts and tend to pursue the stimulation of pleasure. Please take protective measures. If the aspect is good, your child has special talent; If the aspect is not good, there may be special problems, such as psychological barriers. It is recommended that you give your child freedom but not too much. Uranus in this house can produce inspiring artistic talent. Uranus of many entertainers is in this house.


Neptune in the children's house will be strongly affirmed, and artistic and musical talents will continue to be inspired through intuition. You are a successful actor, so you are excellent in performance art. You have a strong interest in drama. You usually have strange relationships. Even in marriage, you will yearn for abnormal relationships.

Power King Star

The creativity of Pluto in children's house will be expressed through art, love or the upbringing of children. Through the power of love, they are constantly reborn. However, if the aspect is not good, they will control each other in love, or discipline their children too severely, and you may even feel stressed.