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Dreaming about colors

To dream of colors indicates that you feel unsettled and uneasy, or you may have some problems in health. If you are too tired before bedtime or can not sleep well, then you will often do this dream.

  • To dream of yellow indicates you are very headstrong and spoiled.
  • To dream of wearing yellow clothes indicates that you will be the subject of attention recently.
  • To dream of the opposite sex wearing yellow clothes indicates that you want to behave like a baby to your lover.
  • To dream of red indicates enthusiasm, you will become active in love, work and all aspects.
  • To dream of white indicates that you protect yourself too much, you can look forward to love, but dare not to take the first step.
  • To dream of black indicates power, your present power is enough to let you achieve the goal, you will obtain love and power easily.
  • To dream of green indicates vitality and rich spiritual life, you will have ideal development especially in love. This is a lucky dream.