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Dreaming about daily life

  • To dream of brushing your teeth indicates a trouble in health. A return of the illness may also make you in trouble. You'd better have enough rest and cure your disease thoroughly. At the same time you need to live a regular life.
  • To dream of washing your hands indicates that you will live in misery continuously in monetary terms. You will be poorer because your income is less than expense.
  • To dream of buying a monthly pass indicates good luck for leisure activities. You will be more enjoyable to travel to warmer places.
  • To dream of reading a newspaper indicates good luck in terms of intellectual. You can participate in literary awards events or various mental games on TV, you are sure to receive a high score and receive a bonus.
  • To dream of cleaning your shoes indicates good luck for love. Although it may not belong to passion, but you can still expect an exchange with full of understanding and ove. You'd better add a concert or an exhibition, which is bound to enhance intimacy.
  • To dream of checking the watch time presents a shadow in the opposite sex. It is really hard to find your true love.