The life palace of the twelve constellations (the first house)

Each house in a person's horoscope represents different areas of his life. The palace of destiny is a “ Birth and maintenance ” The palace of is also the intersection of the first palace. This house shows the constellation and its degree on the eastern horizon at the time of birth, that is, the rising constellation. Due to the rotation of the earth, the ecliptic will rise by one degree on the horizon in about four minutes. Therefore, the accuracy of birth time is very high when calculating rising constellations.The life palace shows people's personality, temperament, tendency, uniqueness and ways to express themselves. It also shows how others see you and how you want others to see you. It also shows your body shape, health, and early destiny. It shows your view of life and the world. It also shows your appearance, behavior and the beginning of your career. At the same time, it also affects the impression you give others.

Different planets in the palace of life will show different life characteristics of people. Please see the meaning of each planet in the palace of life below.


People with the sun in the first house (the life palace) will show strong will, rich vitality and strong self-awareness. At the same time, this position will bring abundant creativity and leadership. They are not easy to be shaken by the opinions of others, and have a strong determination to life. They are also very clear about their expectations, which is very individualistic. They have infinite vitality and strong resilience, which helps them overcome physical diseases. Their energy makes them ambitious for success. They will work hard for a long time to become outstanding people in the eyes of others. It is very important for them to feel special.Whether or not the sun is in a good or bad aspect in the palace of destiny means introspection and even the possibility of selfishness. If the sun is not in the first house, it may show excessive pride, egotism, compulsion, wrong ambition and the desire to dominate others. If the sun is restricted (according to the rising constellation), it is harmful to health; On the contrary, they are strong and healthy. A child whose sun is in the palace of life should be trained to be considerate and caring for others from an early age. When the sun is in the life palace, the rising constellation is usually in the same house as the sun, so the characteristics of this constellation are particularly strong. Sometimes it is too majestic to focus on this constellation, while other aspects in the birth chart, such as the position of the moon, are particularly important, which can correct this biased phenomenon.


People with the moon in the palace of destiny are particularly strong in self-awareness and expression because they are affected by personal emotions, early childhood experiences and family events. They are rarely influenced by others to change their identity with themselves. Because their emotional expression and response to the environment are very changeable and unpredictable, they often lack long-term plans and goals. They have a strong sense of things, so they will appear to have some god allergies and psychic tendencies. Such people easily let others get involved in their own lives. They are eager to get approval, which also makes them care about seeking approval from others.People with the moon in the first house have a strong maternal instinct. They usually have a square or round face and like junk food, so they sometimes appear a little fat.

The moon in the palace of life can exaggerate the characteristics of rising constellations, mainly habits and reactions. The positive and negative characteristics of the moon and the rising constellation will be very strong. If the moon is severely affected, it may indicate that the mother has difficulty giving birth, or the mother child relationship is particularly close.


People with mercury in the palace of destiny are curious about life, and few things around them can escape their attention. Their actions and self-expression are based on logical reasoning, and they usually have a medium to high IQ. These people are quite talkative and like to write because they have a strong desire to express themselves.When Mercury is in the first house, it strengthens the mental ability. It must be well controlled to avoid inconsistency and may have a dual personality. Eager to accept the challenge of the mind, but too self-centered thoughts may be harmful.

Mercury is the ruling planet in the third house, so people with mercury in the first house tend to express themselves through a series of actions. These people are very creative and willpower, so generally speaking, their IQ is quite high, especially when Mercury is in the fire sign.


People with Venus in the palace of life are elegant, polite and friendly. This position is especially suitable for women because it makes them deeply feminine. They usually have a happy childhood, which makes them full of confidence in life. Venus in the first house also indicates that they are outstanding and active socially.

People with Venus in the first house are beautiful and charming. They prefer beautiful clothes and all things that will strengthen their appearance. Their social instinct gives them many opportunities to develop trade, love and marriage. But at the same time, it will also make this person lazy, pay too much attention to social life, and be easily spoiled. In addition, he also has talent in art, music or other arts.


Mars is located in the palace of life, which means they are energetic and aggressive. Their bodies are often strong and fertile, with strong and rough appearance. They do not want to be spectators of life and want to directly intervene in it. They are impulsive, because Mars in the first house is quite similar to Mars in Aries. If they learn well before taking action, people in this position will achieve better goals.Such people are ambitious and hard-working. Their competitive tendency will enable them to seek recognition and public appreciation. For example, Mars is not in a good phase, and they may be self-centered and spontaneous. If they have the ability to do things on their own, they will never hesitate to do so. If Mars is in a bad phase, it means that it ignores the rights and feelings of others and often shows a tendency of violence.

All the features of Mars are particularly strong in the first house. If the phase is good, the positive features are obvious; If Mars is not in the right phase, there will be negative characteristics (also depending on other planets related to characteristics). They may be inclined to physical struggle. Furthermore, emotional impulse makes them neglect health and safety maintenance. Usually, such people often leave scars on their heads or faces. It is easy to have an accident, and it will also consume its strength excessively. Very prone to headache. Impatient and impulsive.People with Mars in the first house are prone to high fever; If Mars happens to be in the fire sign, they usually have red hair, and people with Mars in the fire sign are prone to baldness when they are young.


Jupiter's people in the house of destiny are broad-minded, cheerful, optimistic and sociable. Usually, good luck is in power in life. Jupiter in your sign will focus on the bright side of life. They are usually honest, trustworthy, friendly and kind, so they are widely loved. At the same time, their optimism and self-confidence also inspire others, and they usually behave nobly. Especially in their later years, they usually have good luck. It seems that the gods have always cared for them.If the phase is good, the positive features of Jupiter will be especially strengthened. If the appearance is not good, they may get fat, and they may have liver discomfort. They must pay more attention to their weight. They may also indulge themselves and become arrogant in their later years. In short, they tend to promise too much but fail to do so.


Saturn's people in the house of destiny hold a strict and noble attitude towards life. These people have a sense of responsibility, integrity and hard work. They are cold and unfriendly to shallow people. They also think that entertainment is superficial, so they lack a sense of humor. They may suffer various restrictions and hardships in their childhood. Therefore, before they are self-sufficient, they need to work hard to overcome various obstacles. This painful experience makes them less likely to trust others, And over protecting yourself.These people work hard for a long time to gain fame, hoping to prove their achievements. Therefore, they are hostile to others. Although they will not form violence, they will take revenge or take advantage of others. In this way, the restriction hinders the whole personality and takes a long time to control. When Saturn is in your sign, all Saturn's characteristics are obvious. You must pay attention to cultivating its positive characteristics. And it is very likely that they are in poor health or take heavy responsibilities in life.


Uranus in the house of life suggests that a person has a strong drive for his own behavior. He usually has unusual logical and intuitive talents and will be considered eccentric in some parts. They are not interested in tradition. They like to pursue unusual friendship and activities. They are eager to gain leadership in the group and take the lead in reform. Their attitude is subjective, tends to two extremes, and never adopts the golden mean, so their behavior is difficult to guess. If the aspect is not good, he will be very stubborn and pursue personal freedom regardless of secular vision.


Neptune's people in the palace of destiny know human nature very well. They can easily detect the real motivation behind things. They also have active imagination, but they can avoid becoming addicted to alcohol and drugs. Once they fall into it, they will be difficult to extricate themselves. They have superior artistic and musical talents, which are inspired by their intuition. Their appearance looks mysterious, and their eyes emit charming light. Therefore, although they may not be handsome men and women, they are very attractive.


Pluto's people in the house of destiny have strong willpower. Their early environment is full of difficulties and hardships, making them accustomed to the setbacks that life must go through when they grow old. However, they will hide their deep fear, tend to be lonely and refuse to communicate with their relatives. They have strong physique and sharp eyes, but it is impossible to really understand them from the outside. They have strong action power, but they are difficult to cooperate with others. They must obtain the opportunity of rebirth through continuous reflection.