Modern People Should Pay Attention To the Daily Fengshui of Home

Fengshui of home is fashionable and is a required course for people. It is a combination of science and art. It uses elements of nature and home furnishings to change the knowledge of the individuals and families luck. Many people pay attention to Fengshui of home now, not only in order to improve the home environment, but also to change the fortune, wealth, health etc.

If there are green plants outside the window, which could make your eyes comfortable. If there are not, you can put asparagus or rich bamboo on the desk, which will make reading more fresh.

Smelly shoes can affect your finances and health. Shoes should be cleaned regularly, and plants should be placed on the shoe cabinet whick will freshen the air. The gate is the entrance and exit of a wealth, the general people will put shoes on the side of the door, to avoid expelling wealth. And the goldfish tank on the shoe cabinet can add vitality. The toe is placed outward or upward, which is helpful to work outside, the rolling of financial resources and the effect of rising step by step. So don't put your shoes in disorder.

Ring tone is a kind of crisp, soft voice, which can bring people peace and help relieve mental tension. So puting the wind bell in the home to decorate the atmosphere of life. It can solve many troubles and troubles when you are in a constant mood. At the same time, it can reduce the bad spirit and help to change the fortune from bad to good.

When couples get along day and night, they inevitably have some disputes. So we should put something fragrant at home to make couples get along well. Better with soft lighting, more warm. In addition, the glass bottle filled with high concentration of salt water, and then put into the bronze money, can dissolve and absorb the effect of foul gas. Therefore, placing glass bottles in the hall, desktop and bedside can reduce the conflict between couples.