What Dreams Would Indicate Happy Life and More Wealth

1. Dream of apple

Dreaming of an apple is an auspicious omen, symbolizing success, longevity and auspiciousness. If you can clearly feel the fullness and sweetness of apples in your dream, it also indicates wealth.

  • Dream of a lot of ripe apples in the basket or ripe apples on the table, indicating that the dreamer has good fortune in the near future and is likely to get unexpected wealth. At the same time, it is possible to become famous and have a prosperous career.
  • A married woman's dream of an apple is a good omen that she will have a baby soon.
  • Dream of eating red apples, wishes will come true.
  • The patient dreamed of eating an apple, indicating that he could pass the dangerous period safely.
  • Businessmen dream that picking apples has the meaning of harvest, and business will be smooth and promoted.
  • Dreaming of unripe or rotten apples indicates that the dreamer's economy will suffer losses, or illness or trouble at home.
  • Dream of stealing apples, suggesting immoral sexual relations, or the desire for cheating and incest.

2. Dream of catching a big carp

Dreaming of a golden carp is a good omen, which indicates that he will have the opportunity of promotion and salary increase in the near future. Moreover, the bigger the carp, the better and the more active it is. It is best when he is very happy in his dream. This dream will make your career go smoothly within a month, and you can easily grasp the promotion opportunity and get close to it.

3. Dream of the God of wealth

If you dream of the God of wealth or a symbol of wealth, such as the snake, Golden Toad, dragon turtle, it indicates that the dreamer has strong wealth and the possibility of making a fortune. Some people dream of animals or ghosts giving money in front of their doors, which also means that they will make a windfall in the near future, but this windfall is mostly related to previous good deeds and belongs to the type of gratitude.

4. Dream of docile animals

If you dream of some docile animals such as elk, sheep and pigs coming home, it indicates that the dreamer's financial fortune is rising recently, the previously depressed business is booming, or a noble person brings you an excellent opportunity to make money.

5. Other dreams that herald good luck

If you dream of the following dreams, it also indicates good luck and happy life in the near future.

  • Dream of being criticized by the company leaders, which indicates that you will get fame and praise.
  • Dream of being fired by the boss indicates that there is a chance for promotion in the near future, and life will be improved.
  • The unemployed dream of being fired, which indicates that they will soon find a job they like.
  • Dreaming of others praising themselves indicates that the dreamer will have good luck soon.
  • Married men dream that they have been punished, which indicates that they will gain both fame and wealth in the near future.
  • I dreamed that my case was light, but I was severely sentenced, which indicates that I will be prosperous.
  • Dream that the judge sentenced the criminal, indicating that he will be promoted and raised in the near future.
  • Dreaming that the enemy will retaliate against him is a good omen, indicating that his business will succeed.
  • Dreaming of a plane indicates that you are confident in doing things recently and success is just around the corner.
  • Dreaming of the banner indicates that the dreamer's reputation and status will be improved in the near future.
  • Dreaming of an eagle indicates that the future of the dreamer is unlimited and bright.
  • Dreaming of playing skating indicates that the dreamer is rich. As long as he pays a little, he will make a lot of money.
  • Dreaming of snowflakes flying all over the sky indicates that the dreamer's efforts will have unexpected gains.
  • Dreaming of a chair made of stone indicates that the dreamer will make a lot of money.
  • Dream of the sun rising from the East, indicating that the dreamer is prosperous and will quickly ascend.