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Dreaming About Danger

To dream of 'danger' represents your depressed mood and the current difficulties. The different situations of dangers in dreams also indicate the different extent of the difficulty that you will face. Fortunately, subconscious reminders of this 'danger' in your dreams will strengthen your confidence in overcoming difficulties, and soon you can achieve good results in your work or life.

  • To dream that you are in danger tells you that although there are some difficulties, but you will work hard and pass through, finally you can have a bright future.
  • To dream that your family are in danger, but in fact they are safe reflects your concern for them. Maybe they are facing some difficulties in business, work or life. You can then  give them your selfless care.
  • To dream that your children are in danger represents your tough love for them. The problem may be in you, is it that you are too strict and harsh to your children?
  • To dream that your child is in danger of getting an electric shock reflects a feeling of excessive worry and a 'doting' component. Of course, it is also related to the social environment in which people live, You worry about food, medicine and other safety problems that could harm a child's health.
  • To dream that you are faced with the threat of death, but you managed to escape indicates that you will stand out from the humble and join the ranks of glory. But if you can't avoid imminent danger in the dream, eventually you are injured or killed, indicating that  business losses, the family or other people will cause you trouble. If you are in love in reality, this kind of dream suggests that you may have bad luck in love.