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Dreaming about Demoness

  • Dreaming of the demoness relects that you are affected by your injured past or your friend's injured past in love.
  • Dreaming of attacking on the demoness indicates that you can avoid a disaster.
  • Dreaming of escaping when seeing a demoness indicates that you will overcome the difficulties at work, or beat competitors in business.
  • Dreaming of the demoness flying in the sky indicates that you have hidden worries in life and a disaster may fall.
  • Dreaming of the demoness indicates that you had a guilty conscience by day. A good conscience is a soft pillow.
  • Dreaming of the demoness in red clothes indicates your fear and shadow of something from your heart.
  • Dreaming of the demoness in white clothes indicates that you're lonely and lack of vitality.