Which constellation female will turn from a gentlewoman to a spinster?

Before marriage she is a flower, after marriage she became a spinster, many married women have such feeling. What kind of magic power can marriage let a premarital petite lady become a spinster after marriage? Of course, we can not deny that marriage has a lot of benefits. But today we will talk about which constellation female will turn from a gentlewoman to a spinster?

First: Virgo

What is the most typical characteristics of a Virgo female? That is all the pursuit of perfection, genuine love, and always speak a lot. As your lover, these features will be reflected in a better way, such as caring for you, doing things seriously and responsibly, talking sweetly. All these make you feel she is kind and lovely and irresistible.

But after the marriage, although these advantages exist still, but the negative characters would also be reflected. For example, the characteristics of complaining. When they found that marriage life is not so good as imagined, they would complain, then the characteristics of wordy would begin to play a role. The serious attitude would also be reflected in all aspects of life. Then in front of you they would be "spinster", nagging to you without stop for all day long.  In fact, on one is perfect, there are both advantages and disadvantages, the key is to see whether you can tolerate. When you treat Virgo women with tolerant attitude, they would be as lovely as before in your eyes, she would be .

Second: Piscis

Pisces female love dreaming in born, they are emotional, romantic, dreamlike. Before marriage the romantic, affectionate and tender characters will make men fascinated.

But after the marriage, the characteristics of their suspicious, and love into a dead end and love nagging "spinster" will be shown one by one. They just care too much about their marriage life, and pay too much attention to their husband, so when they can not get return for the deep feelings, they will start to complain. But the Pisces women are very family-oriented, complaining could not affect them to care about husband and child. Overall, they are understanding wife and loving mother.

Third: Gemini

Gemini female are clever, funny, curious, and also very romantic. Their requirement to lover is very high, always hope to have rich and warm lovers, they wish to be taken care of to live a light-hearted life.

Their lovers can satisfy these requirements in the time of falling in love, but once they get married, life would become dull, it is difficult to maintain the warmth. Gemini woman might begin to show the "spinster" side due to the psychological gap, she will not stop complaining in front of her husband, complained repeatedly, until she vent all the discontent. If you had married a Gemini woman, you must have a broad mind to stand her nagging and bickering, absolutely not quarrel with her, because you are not her opponent.