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Dreaming About Ghosts and Monsters

Ghosts represent bad things, dreaming of phosts is a bad omen.

  • To dream of ghosts indicates that you will encounter danger.
  • To dream of attacking on ghosts indicates that you can avoid disaster.
  • To dream of seeing a ghost and running away means that the enemy will be conquered by you.
  • To dream of ghosts in the yard indicates that your sorrows will disappear.
  • To dream of becoming a ghost indicates that you will have good luck and become rich.
  • To dream of devil-fire means that you will suffer a disaster.
  • To dream of being attacked by ghosts and gods indicates that you will have bad luck.
  • To dream of being caught by a ghost means that you have strong social ambition, or hope to get everyone's applause and care, so you want to attract everyone's attention by ghosts. In fact, the reason you are afraid of ghosts in dreams is to show your helplessness. You are not afraid of ghosts. What you are afraid of is that people don't pay attention to you. You just use ghosts to camouflage your motives.