Which constellation female is hard to approach?


The First Place:  Virgo girls

The biggest characteristic of Virgo girls is perfection, they are very fastidious, love nagging and critical. For men the Virgo girls are hard to approach, though they look very friendly, gentle and graceful, but men may feel quite pressure and will be frightened away by their high demands. Moved things must be put back to original place, where you sit must keep smooth and tidy, the food must be washed repeatedly and so on. They pay too much attention to the details of life, which will make men nervous often and are at a loss what to do and want to run away.

The Second Place: Aquarius girls

The biggest characteristic of Aquarius girls is their personal independence of conduct, you will never know what they are thinking of, they are always elusive. Men will be more attracted by Aquarius girls' smart, intellectual and elegant characters, can not help wanting to approach them, but when you really want to act, you will often feel very difficult. Because the elusive mind of the Aquarius girls let men difficult to grasp. Men may obviously feel that Aquarius girls would like something, but often can not attract their interest, and somethings that you don't think of will make them feel curious. Therefore it is very tired to be together with Aquarius girls, because you have to constantly adjust your mentality to keep up their unstable mind. If there is no patience and perseverance, men will eventually have to choose to give up.

The Third Place: Gemini girls

The biggest characteristic of the Gemini girls is fickle, because their minds are too flexible with a lot of ideas. As a man, when you don't understand a Gemini girl, you will be attracted by her cheerful character, enthusiasm and charming smile. But when you get close to her, you will find it is a very difficult matter, because the Gemini girl is too uncertain. Obviously at this moment you feel she is loving you, but at the next moment you may feel she is far away from you. Although you stay with her every day, but it is very difficult to understand what she is thinking of, as she is constantly changing, and it is very difficult for people to keep up with her thoughts. Until your patience are used up and never want to know exactly what she is thinking of, you will finally leave away..