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Dreaming about dogs

  • To dream of a mad dog appearing indicates that the unexpected accidents may happen, you should pay particular attention to traffic accidents.
  • To dream of taking a big dog for a walk represents good interpersonal relationships,  you can get along well with your friends.
  • To dream of two dogs playing with each other indicates good luck in love. Don't be above yourself, your lover may dislike you, enough is enough.
  • To dream of dogs eating indicates that everything goes very well.
  • To dream of dogs peeing indicates that you will get unwell, you'd better take care of your health. 
  • To dream of a dog barking at you indicates worsening of relations with your friends. It is best to avoid getting along with people you don't like, group communication is the best way to pass through the crisis.
  • To dream of the dog running fast indicates good luck for wealth, you may get a windfall.
  • To hear the dog barking in the dream indicates that you will be invaded by the enemy.
  • To dream of a dog walking towards you indicates that you will make new friends and get the help of your friends in need.
  • A cripple dreams of dogs indicates that your frends are weak and incompetent.
  • To dream of a dog walking after with a bitch indicates that your friends are dishonest.
  • To dream of a bitch being together the puppies indicates that your friends will bring you benefits.
  • To dream of a dog biting its owner indicates bad luck for wealth, you will fight with your frineds, you may be in danger of being cheated or killed, you may also spend huge money.
  • To dream of being bitten by a dog indicates that you will have disagreement with your friends, you will be isolated and attacked or get serious sick.
  • To dream of puppies indicates that you will quarrel with your neighbors, colleagues or classmates at trifles.
  • To dream of keeping a dog indicates that your family memers are your best helpers in need.
  • To dream of beating a dog indicates that you will suspect a loyal person due to your own fault.