Dream of ears

  • Dream of ears, remind the dreamer to listen to other people's opinions and pay attention to new information.
  • Dreaming of other people's ears indicates that you will receive surprising news.
  • I dreamed that my ears were cut off and orders could be executed.
  • Dream that he has grown a lot of ears, which indicates that he will get a lot of friends and be well-informed.
  • Dream that your ears are very small, suggesting that you will find hypocritical friends.
  • Dream of pulling out your ears, or let others pull out your ears, there is good news.
  • Dream of someone twisting their ears, and the crime committed will be punished by law.
  • He who dreams of hair in his ears can make a fortune.
  • Dream of your own ear pain or other problems, remind you to beware of the villains around you.
  • Dream of someone else's ears being cut, may suffer.
  • Dream of ears getting bigger and skills rising. Calligraphy, abacus, kendo, judo, etc. if you are learning, this is an opportunity to upgrade. You can sign up for the grade test immediately.
  • Dream of ear bleeding, will encounter difficulties, will happen at home.

Different people dream of ears

  • Women dream of pulling out their ears, suggesting that there will be contradictions between you and your neighbors, do not get along well, and spread some unfavorable language to each other.
  • The teacher dreamed of pulling out his ears, which metaphorically means that you have heard the language that people nowadays dislike, or the words that make you feel unhappy, unwilling to listen but have to listen.
  • The patient dreamed of worms in his ears and his body would recover soon.