Is it good or bad to have mole on the ears?


In the physiognomy, ears represent one's juvenile fortune, wealth, health, and are in charge of the mind and wisdom. And from the mole physiognomy speaking, people with moles on the ears, would be very clever, filial and understanding. Of course the different parts of moles on ears might also have different predictions.

The First:  A woman has mole on her ear

The woman with mole on her ear usually would have very good fortune with good home environment and rich material life. She would have great chance to marry a rich man without worrying about food and clothing.

The Second: There is mole on the earlobe

This is a very good mole physiognomy, the person could have very good wealth and make money easily, and would also very generous in spending money, but couldn't keep money. You might lose your wealth if you knocked down the mole for wearing earrings.

The Third:  There is mole on the basal part of the ear

This is not a good mole physiognomy, which indicates that the person would have something wrong with health and might get sick often. It would be no use of pointing it out.

The Fourth: There is mole in the ear

There is mole in the ear, which is a characteristics for longevity. But some people have the habit of picking the ears, in fact this is not a good habit. It might suffer their own health fortune.