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Dreaming about Families

  • To dream of a big family indicates that you will be rich.
  • To dream of a small family indicates that your income will gradually reduce.
  • To dream of your enemy's family population continuing to increase means that the enemy is becoming more and more powerful.
  • To dream that the whole family are together usually means that you miss the happy childhood.
  • To dream of looking at the whole family far away and standing on the other side hints that you are emotionally estranged from your family.
  • To dream of your family indicates that your family, career and business will be improved.
  • To dream of building your house indicates that you will have good luck.
  • To dream that the door and the window are closed indicates that you relative will pass away.
  • To dream of a dazzling, luxuriously decorated home indicates that you will make a fortune.
  • To dream of going to see your former house indicates that there will be good news to make you cheer.
  • To dream that your former home has been abandoned warns you that one of your relatives will be sick or even die. For a young woman, the dream is a sign of sorrow and pain, for she will lose her close friends.
  • To dream of going home and finding the house is bright and comfortable means that you will live a happy family life and your career will be rewarded satisfactorily.