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Dreaming about robbery

Dreaming of robbery indicates harvest, expenses or friends.

  • Dreaming of articles being robbed indicates that you will get windfall.
  • Dreaming of money being robbed indicates that you'd better cut down expenses.
  • Dreaming of others being robbed indicates that you will know a new friend.
  • Dreaming of being robbed indicates that there will be ups and downs in life, but soon the situation will start to get better.
  • A woman dreams of someone breaking into house and robbing her indicates her fear of sexual violence, or the fear of being an invasion of privacy.
  • Dreaming of being threatened and robbed by someone with a knife or gun indicates your inner fear of violence.
  • Dreaming of someone else being robbed indicate that you may want to take an improper means, you'd better carefully consider to avoid going wrong.