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Dreaming about famous stars

To dream of famous stars has a soothing effect, but you should be careful if you have it too frequently because you are too restless and lonely.

  • To dream of a singer hints that you may quarrel with your friend, you can't get along with others well. You should be careful.
  • To dream of receiving a letter from a friend means that you will get along well with the opposite sex. You may have You may know a few friends of the opposite sex at the birthday party, one of which may fall in love with you.
  • To dream of famous a star you admire. This star has been giving you the feeling that he is very affectionate and persistent.in love, perhaps, you have always dreamed of meeting such a person and giving you a vigorous love. What you think about in the day, you will dream of it at night.
  • To dream of making friend or falling in love with famous a star or celebrity usually represents thtat you want to become the focus, have more colorful life, rich social life and enviable interpersonal relationships. This dream also reflects your will.
  • To dream of getting married with famous a star you don't admire but being very happy. In fact, your ideal partner model may be the role that this star played in a drama, although you do not appreciate him in reality, but you really agree to his role.
  • To dream of shaking hands with the prime minister indicates that you are very likely to have an accident.
  • To dream of meeting with friends and relatives together with celebrities in history means that you are likely to suffer pain. You'd better comfort the sick or weak friends.
  • To dream of getting along with your favorite star closely indicates that you will have good fortunes.
  • To dream that you are guided by famous athletes indicates that your health will be poor, especially you may have an accident or injury in the community activities, so you'd better avoid practicing too late.
  • To dream of talking with a foreign movie star indicates that you will get along well with your friends. You can plan an outing with some good friends. This happy time will enhance the friendship between you and your friends.
  • To dream of your idol indicates that you will have good luck.
  • To dream that your idol is worshipped by people indicates that you will have a successful official career.
  • To dream that your idol is floating in the water indicates that you will have abundant  financial resources.
  • To dream that your idol is burned indicates that you will fall ill seriously.