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Dreaming About Stars

  • To dream of a star shining indicates that your wishes of the past few years will come true. Do not tell others about your dream, otherwise you will lose your good luck.
  • To dream of a meteor indicates that your love will be stagnant. Perhaps the other side's heart has been toward someone else, or two people's hearts have run to opposite direction because of some small things. This possibility is stronger especially when you dream of meteoric group.
  • To dream that the shining stars suddenly disappeared indicates that you may have some health problem. You'd better be careful.
  • To dream of riding on the comet means that you can expect unexpected joy. You will be very happy.
  • To dream of the stars jumping into the purse indicates good fortune. But do not waste your money.
  • To dream of bright stars all over the sky indicates good fortune. But do not waste your money.