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Dreaming of celebrity

  • Dreaming of receiving a letter from a good friend indicate that you will be happy in heterosexual relationship. You will be introduced to a few of the opposite sex at a friend's birthday party, which might have a person who likes you. Love may begin sprouting ......
  • Dreaming of being guided by famous athletes indicate that you may have health problem. Especially when you participate in the community activities, the possibility of accident or injury is very high. You'd better avoid training too late.
  • Dreaming of getting along closely with your favorite stars indicate that the wealth luck will be greatly improved. You will have a lot of pocket money to spare. Friends will pay you back also.
  • Dreaming of talking with foreign movie stars indicate good luck in making friends. Then you'd better make a plan to travel with a few good friends. This happy hour will be able to strengthen the friendship between you and your friends.
  • Dreaming of shaking hands with the Prime Minister indicate that the possibility of an accident is very high. 
  • Dreaming of meeting with historical celebrities indicate that your relatives or friends may get ill. You should comfort those who are suffering from the pain of disease.