Dream of fish


Because fish and & ldquo; Yu & rdquo; Homonym, therefore, in Chinese traditional culture, fish and wealth are linked together, symbolizing wealth and abundance. And because fish is related to wealth, most of the dreams related to fish represent getting rich or good luck.

  • Dream of fish flying on the water will be carefree.
  • Dreaming of fish swimming in the well indicates that the dreamer's status rises, or becomes famous and gets property and reputation.
  • Dream of carp, his wife if pregnant or pregnant people dream of carp will have a happy event.
  • Dream of casting a net and catching a lot of fish, indicating that the dreamer will make a lot of money.
  • Dreaming of fishing and eating the fish is a symbol of good luck.
  • Dream of robbing fish or picking up fish, indicating that the dreamer will have a small disease.
  • Dreaming of catching fish in the woods indicates that what you are doing may fail.
  • Dream of fish swimming around, indicating that the dreamer's career is great and his money is greatly increased.
  • Dream of a big fish swimming in the water, indicating that the dreamer will be famous.
  • Dream of a small fish having children, the dreamer is lucky.
  • Dream of sun dried fish living and swimming in the water, indicating that the dreamer's luck will improve, his wish will be realized, and he will get fame and property.
  • Dream of shrimp into fish, the dreamer may lose money.
  • Dream of sitting with fish or insects, indicating that the disease will recover.
  • Dream of fishing, will be lucky.
  • Unmarried young people dream of fishing, indicating that the dreamer may be looking for a partner or pursuing progress.
  • Businessmen dream of fishing, suggesting that the dreamer is looking for opportunities or partners to maximize benefits.
  • Dreaming of catching fish indicates that the dreamer will have wealth in the near future;
  • Dream that you can't catch fish, suggesting that the dreamer will have wealth in the near future. However, if you can't grasp it, you may pass by wealth;
  • Dream of releasing the caught fish, which indicates that the promotion can proceed smoothly, and has the meaning of wealth. Only if you are willing can you have more.
  • Unmarried men and women dream of catching fish, suggesting that the dreamer will soon meet the right person and need to grasp the pursuit of love, which will be happy in the future.
  • Businessmen dream of catching fish, which means that business is booming.
  • Dream of fishing in the water, fish swimming in the water, representing great hope for the achievement of things. Fishing in the water means more autonomy, that is, success or failure can be fully grasped in their own hands.
  • Dream of fish jumping into his arms, good luck, indicating that the dreamer will have good luck in the near future.
  • Pregnant women dream of black fish getting into their clothes, which is a precursor to having a son.
  • Pregnant women dream of fishing, which means they can have a lovely and healthy baby.