Dream of flying fish

Flying fish refers to a special fish in the South China Sea and other areas. They look strange and have specially developed pectoral fins, like the wings of birds. The long pectoral fin extends to the tail. With its streamlined and beautiful body, it moves at a high speed of 10 meters per second in the sea. It can jump out of the water for more than ten meters, stay in the air for more than 40 seconds, and fly for more than 400 meters. In fact, flying fish can't really fly, but a process of jumping and gliding. It looks like flying. In dreams, flying fish is often a spiritual embodiment of transcendence.

Dreaming of flying fish indicates that he will exceed his expectations and get a good evaluation recently.

Dream of flying fish biting people, indicating that the dreamer's family seems to have a poor health. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the health of our family at ordinary times.

Dreaming that a flying fish wants to bite yourself means that you are afraid of the harm from the secret place, and the lethality is great.

Dreaming of catching flying fish shows that the dreamer's work is developing more and more smoothly, and will have very good success and good luck, which means that you will have good achievements in the near future.

Dream of flying fish peeling, remind the dreamer to be careful and pay attention to safety when going out. The recent luck is not very good. There may be bad things happen. I don't know whether it will happen to me.

Dream of flying fish flying around in the water and air, which means that your work will be more and more smooth, and you have good luck to bring success, and it also means that you will stand out.

Dream of fish flying on the water. The efforts during this period have become a sign of failure or miscarriage of planned things.

Dream of black flying fish. It doesn't fly high. It seems that I can catch it with my hand, but I can't catch it. It shows that you want to get some materials out of thin air, but it's difficult to succeed. This is how you feel.

Dream of flying fish in the desert, indicating that he will solve some things that have bothered him for a long time.

Dream of flying fish dead, that their goal will be farther and farther away from themselves.

Different people dream of flying fish

People in benmingnian dream of flying fish, reminding dreamers that they usually don't have any necessary things or go out less, so that they can be stable and smooth.

The student dreams of flying fish, which means that the dreamer has good luck in the exam this time, so he can get very good results, mainly because he studies hard at ordinary times.

Married people dream of flying fish, saying that there will be a good opportunity for the family to travel in the near future, and they will encounter very interesting things on the way.

People in love dream of flying fish, which means that the dreamer will have unpleasant quarrels and disputes with the object. If they can be well resolved, they can go to marriage.

The old man dreamed of flying fish peeling, which means that the dreamer has a bad fortune recently. Remember that everything should not be too deep, and retreat is also a very good situation.

Pregnant women dream of flying fish biting people, which means that the dreamer's body seems not very good after giving birth, and it is difficult to return to its previous appearance.

Workers dream of flying fish peeling, which means that the dreamer's recent interpersonal relationship is quite bad. They will encounter many unsolvable problems at work, and no one will help you solve them.

Unmarried people dream of flying fish peeling, which shows that their luck during this period is quite good. The relationship between the dreamer and the object is very good, so they may come to the palace of marriage together.

Businessmen dream of flying fish, which means that although progress is slow, it should be conservative, not big investment, and it will be beneficial in the end.

Pregnant people dream of flying fish, which indicates that they will have a daughter and need to maintain their body more.